JESS3 x Salesforce : The State of Cloud Computing
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JESS3 x Salesforce : The State of Cloud Computing

Ah, the virtual world. Sure has changed the
way we do things dramatically. The Internet has given us, well, freedom. It’s now easier
than ever to stay in touch with friends the world over. With new ways of storing and organizing
data, our stuff is always within arms reach. Aspiring filmmakers and pet owners alike have
the ability to share their creativity and entertain us all. We can educate ourselves,
and each other, about almost anything, from almost anywhere. J.C.R. Licklider dreamed
up the idea of an intergalactic computer network almost 50 years ago, but it wasn’t until
the rise of the Internet that such a thing was really able to take shape. He was talking
about cloud computing, and we’re finally on the cusp of its golden age. In the late
90s, companies began taking their software out of the box and into the cloud. Since then
cloud computing has come a long way, with help from a variety of players. Companies
like Amazon continue to redefine what’s possible in the cloud. With Web 2.0 becoming
an integral part of our online lives, the cloud’s adoption continues to grow. Every
day, more businesses of all shapes and sizes are joining the cloud. Unless you’ve been
living under a rock, you’re in the cloud. Every time you check your email online, you’re
in the cloud.
Every time you tend to your crops, you’re in the cloud. Every time you share your thoughts,
you’re in the cloud. How else are we using the cloud? Well, besides email, and catching
up with friends, we’re storing and editing photos, creating documents, backing up our
stuff, sharing videos, and doing it all from practically anywhere. There are an ever-growing
number of applications delivered through the cloud called, “Software as a Service,”
or SaaS, and a multitude of apps being built in the cloud using PaaS, or “Platform as
a Service.” Working together, they bring us Internet-based computing, allowing freedom
and mobility like never before. As cloud computing continues to grow, so does the realm of what’s
possible. We are living in an exciting time, so let’s embrace the freedom that cloud
computing gives us, and let’s use it to free our minds, and discover what’s to come.
Shall we?


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