Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler on Friendship, Adam Levine & Emergency Landing
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Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler on Friendship, Adam Levine & Emergency Landing

very good to see you. JENNIFER ANISTON:
Always good to see you. JIMMY KIMMEL: You
are quite a duo. I think you’re one of
the most unexpected duos in all of everything, you know? ADAM SANDLER: For sure. For sure, gorgeous, and then– no, you know I love you.
JENNIFER ANISTON: I love you. JIMMY KIMMEL: When did you meet? Did you– this is not the
first time you’re meeting, is it, right now? JENNIFER ANISTON:
Just now, yeah. Actually, we shoot on separate
soundstages on green screens. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, interesting. Amazing. JENNIFER ANISTON: No, we
made “Jerry’s Deli” in 19– ADAM SANDLER: Yeah, a while ago. Yeah. Yeah. JENNIFER ANISTON:
We were like 14. ADAM SANDLER: We
were very young. One my buddies and
Jennifer were dating. And we had breakfast. JENNIFER ANISTON: Yeah, let’s– ADAM SANDLER: You
guys, it was fun. And then we had
breakfast together. Was that when we met? At the Jerry’s Deli? JENNIFER ANISTON:
That’s where we met, at the Jerry’s–
at the Jerry’s Deli. JIMMY KIMMEL: Was it
just the three of you, or was it a big
group kind of thing. JENNIFER ANISTON:
yeah, a few of my friends, and Jen, and– Jen, was having– what
did you eat that morning? JENNIFER ANISTON: Let’s see. ADAM SANDLER: French
toast, I think. JENNIFER ANISTON: Yeah. Yes. Probably. ADAM SANDLER: Remember at the
very end you go, watch this. And you downed a
bottle of smart water. She really did. JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow,
even back then. JENNIFER ANISTON: Even
back then, loved it. JIMMY KIMMEL: That’s
really remarkable. So you were friends
before friends even. JENNIFER ANISTON: We were
friends before friends. ADAM SANDLER: Absolutely, yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: And you
guys love each other. Is that fair to say? JENNIFER ANISTON: For sure.
each of you individually talking about the other
in such fond terminology. ADAM SANDLER: Very. She’s the best. JENNIFER ANISTON:
We must have been real family in another life.
Absolutely. Very soul comfortable
with each other. And she knows my
family very well. And I know Jen’s family. JIMMY KIMMEL: Well,
for instance, there was a bat mitzvah this weekend.
Sadie had a bat mitzvah. ADAM SANDLER: Yes. Sadie got bat
mitzvah on Saturday. Yeah. Good job, [INAUDIBLE]. JIMMY KIMMEL: Now,
how does that work? Do dad’s friends
get invited to that? Is Jen invited to
that, or is it just– ADAM SANDLER: Jen was. She had stuff going
on, so she sent a gift, one of the
best gifts Sandy received out of everybody. JIMMY KIMMEL: What was it? ADAM SANDLER: $1.8 million. [LAUGHTER] We couldn’t believe it. And Sadie blew it. No, it took her two days too– a lot of cupcakes. JIMMY KIMMEL: Adam,
you did something that I feel like maybe you’re
going to regret at some point. Maybe you’ll regret
it in a few years when you’re younger daughter– JENNIFER ANISTON:
Where do you begin? JIMMY KIMMEL: Well,
you got Adam Levine to come to the bat mizvah. ADAM SANDLER: It
was unbelievable. It was the nicest thing. This guy– so it’s a big deal. The bat mitzvah is a big deal. And all our friends were coming. And I was like– I didn’t even know
why I did this. But I was like, I’d
love to do something special for my daughter. I love her so much,
and blah, blah, blah. So I text. You know what I mean.
Everybody loves their daughter. But whatever. But I texted. JENNIFER ANISTON: Show off. ADAM SANDLER: I was
driving in town. And for some reason, my
body, I started texting Adam Levine, who is a great guy. And I text him. I’m sorry to do this to you. My kid’s getting bat
mitzvahed Saturday night. Would you mind coming
and singing a few tunes? It would be incredible. But I don’t know why I did it. Then you see the dot,
dot, dot, immediately. I’m like, oh, he got it. He’s about to say something. And then and then he writes,
I can’t say no to you. Where? And I was like, oh– you
know, I tell him where. He goes, oh, I used to
go there growing up. I went to a bunch
of bat mitzvahs when I was a kid there. What songs do you want? And I was like, oh, god,
this is really happening. There it is. He came and sang. And look at that. That’s my daughter and
that’s [INAUDIBLE].. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah, that’s big. ADAM SANDLER: Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: That is big. [CROWD CHEERING] ADAM SANDLER: And his
buddy James Valentine from Maroon 5, yep, yep. They played three great songs. It was the coolest thing, man. JIMMY KIMMEL: That’s
pretty good, yeah. Did you get a lot of points,
I would hope, for that? ADAM SANDLER: Oh she hugged
me so much, my Sadie, after. But yeah. It was just the
whole bat mitzvah. That happened
earlier in the night. So the rest of the night– JENNIFER ANISTON: Where
did you go from there? ADAM SANDLER: It was
hard to follow that. But it was just great. The rest of the night, no matter
what, would look at each other and go, Adam Levine, that
was pretty huge, huh? And anyways, it was
a perfect night. JIMMY KIMMEL: Jen, you– JENNIFER ANISTON:
You’re a showoff. ADAM SANDLER: That
was a big one. Yes.
Thank you, Adam. I love you. JIMMY KIMMEL: I want
to mention this. I know Adam knows about this. But this is something
that you on your birthday you had a trip with some of your
girlfriends, one of those women being my wife.
guys went to Mexico. JENNIFER ANISTON: It was a
surprise trip they gifted– they gave– JIMMY KIMMEL: They
surprised you with a trip. JENNIFER ANISTON: They
surprised me, yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: You
guys got on a plane. You went to Mexico. JENNIFER ANISTON: Well, yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. And my wife was texting
me because at some point during the flight they
realized or you guys realized– JENNIFER ANISTON: Well, it
was one of those things where on the takeoff, on the taxi,
we heard an explosion, which it sounded like a pothole if
it was a car big enough to go over the Grand Canyon. It was that loud.
And then we were all– then everybody thought,
well, that’s weird. Courtney of all people,
because she’s never– I have a real fear of
flying and nobody else does. So Courtney’s–
everybody instantly– JIMMY KIMMEL: Courtney
Cox, of course. JENNIFER ANISTON:
Courtney Cox, whose father was a pilot,
never afraid, says, should we
have checked that? Is everything OK? We were like, no. It’s taxiing. It’s not going
[IMITATING SOUND].. It’s going smoothly. And we take off. And two hours in, the flight
attendant comes over to me and she says the pilots
would like to talk to you. And I turn to my
best friend Dre. And I said, will you please
go talk to the pilot, because there’s no way this is
going to go talk to the pilot. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, wow. ADAM SANDLER: And then 10
minutes later she comes out. And she says, yeah, well,
we’ve turned around. We’re actually going
back to California. They found some debris
from a wheel on the runway. They think it’s from our plane. So we would like to go–
bottom end of the story, long, long end of
the story, everybody starts texting all of
a sudden their spouses and their children. And I’m like, what’s going on? JIMMY KIMMEL: I was
one of them too. JENNIFER ANISTON:
You were one of them. JIMMY KIMMEL: I’m on
Google looking up things. Can you land without a tire? ADAM SANDLER: Oh, wow. JENNIFER ANISTON:
Yeah, literally. JIMMY KIMMEL: I was. I’m not kidding. JENNIFER ANISTON:
This is the loving response that Molly got when
she says, Jimmy, I love you. And I love Jade. And you’ve always been
an incredible husband. This is– I’m sorry. I just have to show– JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh,
oh, you have this. OK. All right. ADAM SANDLER: Oh,
this is so funny. JENNIFER ANISTON: So Jimmy– JIMMY KIMMEL: Here, do
you want me to hold it up so you can read it? JENNIFER ANISTON:
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You actually have
to read it because I don’t have my glasses. ADAM SANDLER: That’s
so funny, man. JIMMY KIMMEL: So, yeah. I just– I said, I just
signed up for Tinder, but I promise not to activate
it until we know what’s what. And this is my profile picture. ADAM SANDLER:
That’s funny, buddy. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, well, I
was trying to lighten the mood. Well, look at this plane. Show me the– that’s
what you guys landed in– no tire on a plane with
some of America’s most beloved national treasures on it. ADAM SANDLER: That’s not right.
JENNIFER ANISTON: There you go. JIMMY KIMMEL: Meanwhile,
I signed up for Tinder, and it’s going great.
Thank you. JENNIFER ANISTON: That’s great.


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