• Jens Larsen

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  • Holy Jukebox

    Great pieces of advice, but it is going waaaay too fast, even after having watched you video several times. Try to put yourself in the shoes of a beginner and maybe split the videos in sub-themes? Thanks for the great work, anyway 🙂

  • Jeremy Shirland

    Former dept head of Berklee told me “Whenever you have a b7th chord, and it’s not a true V chord… Lydian Dominant.” Haha.

  • Gary M. Celima

    I realize this lesson is a little old, but you offer the PDF. I would like this. I work off of sheet music. Like Louie Prima said," I read a little, but not enough to hurt me none"

  • Roger Francomb

    Great video. For non-guitarists watching this it should be pointed out that you still have to learn the 3 scales in all 12 keys! – due to the 'graphical' nature of a guitar fretboard C Major (and the 2 minor scales you mention) can easily be transposed to any of the other 11 keys, so one scale 'shape' fits all keys (you just need to know where the root notes are on the fretboard) – not so any other instrument

  • Michael D. Hockenberry

    I am overwhelmed by your structured ability and patience to instruct. I have lots of theory related questions, I know you could answer on the fly, do you offer Skype lessons?

  • boptillyouflop

    The way I've learned (from Mark Levine's Jazz Theory Book) used the diminished scale instead of minor harmonic for the 7b9 and dim family of chords, but yeah you only need 3 or 4 diatonic scales really.

  • Felipe Jaramillo

    This video is amazing, the real meaning of youtube overhere. You encorage me to learn the basis of jazz after long time running away from the music theory behind it, you know, there are lots of people like me that havent studied ever the musical theory, it would be years of learning and you just give all of us a 13 min video with a solid basis to start a concrete learning to the magic behind music 🙂
    Thank you so much

  • roel

    Hey, what books would you recommend to learn about music theory. Ive been learning chords now for a while but it's time that I should learn the stuff behind it and try to create my own stuff

  • Jehndo

    Why are people being butts, this video was great. Thanks for the explanations and chords man, I’m really having a blast exploring jazz.

  • Galaxy Luv

    very useful, thank you Jens, you are a humble and generous guy who is willing to share your experience with us all, truly appreciated your efforts, learning music should be like this, thank you

  • Matt Slavik

    I tried to watch this video some time ago and became frustrated quickly. I decided to try it again. No change. This lesson is what is sometimes referred to as a "dog's breakfast." The guy starts out talking about the need to master three fundamental scales. Great. But then, like a bat out of hell (my second cliche in this post) he starts blowing through everything except the three foundation scales. Still confusing. Still frustrating. Still very poorly organized.

  • tmitz73

    Awesome Video Jens super thorough!! Pentatonics ….where do they fit in? Sometimes I can see any of 3-4 pentatonic choices for a given chord just by altering a note here or there. It's a mental thing for me as I had started out on rock and blues….. hard for me to get away from the blues in general, and I struggle mostly on the V chord to come up with something interesting. For some reason I'm humming Wes… 4 on 6…it must be a sign!! Thanks for the excellent content!!!

  • marg0049

    For some strange reason, I find it much easier to think in terms of Ionian, dorian, phrygian etc, rather than C major with the chord tones of the former scales emphasized. Your method is way simpler, yet somehow more difficult for me. I wonder if i my way is doing me harm in the long run though, forcing myself to process more information.

  • Travis Lee

    I’ll just stick with my usual chromatic scale with lots of fast made up symmetrical runs and atonal wanking, and claim that my music is far too advanced for the unwashed, uncouth masses to understand 🤪

  • Skidders

    Thanks for this. I saw on another video, to use four scales: Lydian over maj7; Dorian over min7; Lydian-Dominant over ‘7’; and Half-Diminished over min7 b5. Is that a different use case or just another approach? Thanks

  • csharpminorseven

    Thank you very much Jens. My first visit to your channel and I've copied out the captions from this fantastically useful video, and being new to Jazz guitar will work away at these scales and my understanding of how they work with the chords…it might take me a little while! THANK YOU!!

  • Hector Rascon

    Mr Larsen,could I please have the tabs for this lesson,you are a great teacher,thank you so much for these lessons!!.

  • rick landers

    This is super helpful! I've been kind of "stuck" on just using the modes of the major scale for everything, which at least works pretty reliably over a basic ii V I, if not a little bland or basic. But it's hard to know where to go from there, aside from working on arpeggios more. This not only gives a good direction to take the next step, but provides the assurance that you won't be wasting your time in doing so. Thank you, Jens! Can't wait to start diving into these minor scales.

  • idontimagineyouandi

    that Bø E7(b9) Am6 is so good… like, people don't understand there are different voicings to play the same series of notes, but that one is especially nice… i also love how we both love harmonic minor, (b)9 of all the altered 7 chords, & minor6 chords.. which i figured out myself recently, then have been noticing you making the same kind of choices in your writing as i do in mine, & i'm like "hmm, maybe i'm( or should i say /we're) really actually onto something here…" ha.

  • Steve Adams - Composer/Guitarist

    Excellent explanation, you cut right to what's applicable in the real world of performance.

  • baardeven1

    Veldig glad for at jeg fant kanalen din Jens. Startet å se videoene dine denne uken og føler allerede (for første gang på flere år) at jeg forbedrer ferdighetene mine. Har abonnert på kanalen din. Hilser fra Norge!

  • Sergio Flores

    Sir, you are some kind of alchemist or wizard or something! I'll come back when I learn some of them magic spells you are reciting! Great informative video tho.

  • Justin Wu

    I tried watching this a year ago and couldn’t really follow along…now after a year of learning theory with you and beyond, I’ve come to rewatch and I can understand a bit more now! 😀

  • Dontgive ashit

    I really like to learn from a guy that tells you "all you have to do if you" and then unfolds material I will need two lives to integrate completely. Respect man!

  • vitornisk

    So just for clarifiyng, cadence is strictly for ending the harmonic phrase, so at the end of an A, or a B etc. You can have a ii-V7-I that isn't a cadence.

  • kim burley

    you play guitar for a living? not jazz guitar in america. why do i bother jamming you up… because your students need to know they arent learning bop from you. i dont know what you call your music. its not jazz. its close but you cant bop with your method. they need theory.

  • Taborlin

    What an amazing video! I specially like the fact that you aren't "dumbing down" your lessons, there is plenty of beginner material here on YouTube and only a few touch more complex topics. I'm not a jazz genius, but I'm saying all of this because of all the complains and jokes in the comments.

    I am currently binge-watching your videos because I've just found you, so… thank you very much!

  • Dontgive ashit

    Also. I have an issue with "jazz guitar" "blues…" etc. I mean that's what you come from when creating… but creating is mixing it up right?

  • Dean C.

    Wow! I know pop/rock chords and id love to learn jazz but it seems very complicated. I don't think I'll study for years and years, I might, but id be nice to just have some fun playing some easier jazz! Thank you, your lessons & knowledge is most appreciated. Cheers.

  • Jonny B

    I need everything. All the scales, chords and arpeggios because i play everything. Jazz, Rock, Salsa, Batchata, Heavy Metal, Funk, etc. etc. etc. So i have to work on everything !!!! 😌😆😊👍

  • Sree Devdeep

    Hello Jens, could you explain, sometimes, about the whole half diminished scale, and the half whole diminished one? It's bogging my mind, in what regards do they differ?

  • Bohne Forsberg

    Hi jens, I would love to know more about altered chords, how to use them, when? Thanks again for your dedication to getting it right!

  • June June

    Im reading the comments and a lot of them complain because they dont understand. There are only two reasons as to why the complain. 1. You don’t know yet how all the chords works and its depth. 2. The teacher is ineffective.

  • Lee Gesmer

    I'm a beginner/advanced beginner on jazz guitar, and I'm trying to figure out what scales to focus on. Yes, there seem to be a million options! So, my question is, are you suggesting that someone in my position start with the major, harmonic and melodic minor scales? The title indicates this, but I'm not sure you specifically state that in this lesson. My apologies if you do. T'hanks in advance.

  • Gorga Simbolon

    With all due respect, I expected a more intuitive and simpler explanation. This is way above my head. Question : Why the term "melodic" ? Isn't everything in music supposed to be melodic ? ( lol )

  • Mike Miller

    There are good ideas here. Nice video. If we look for "jazz scales" in Wikipedia, we see these, of course — 7 diatonic modes, 7 ascending melodic minor modes, at least 2 harmonic minor modes (1 and 5), but also the diminished scale, the whole-tone scale, the pentatonic (major and minor), and the blues scale. Maybe it's possible to get by without some of those, and maybe the pentatonics were taken for granted (or we say they are just major scales with some notes left off). Of course there are all sorts of arpeggios of all these chords. In addition, if we're going to play well, I think we also should have the melody so thoroughly studied that we can start playing the relevant part of it at any point in the progression. Multiply all of that times 12 keys. Jazz is very hard!

  • Karl Wilson

    Hi Jens, when you mention the ii V i to Em you say to use G major over the F#m7b5 and then E harmonic minor over the B7 and Em. Would you not just use E harmonic minor over the whole thing as F#m7b5 is the ii chord in E harmonic minor?

  • Britmysta

    I feel like I've free roamed into the area of the map where the enemies are like 5 levels higher than me, but I can't go back because I need the gear I came for.

  • lambdashift aka David Heikkila

    I accidentally learned through math rock. maj 7 maj 9 mi 7 mi 9 mi 11 sus2 sus4 add9 maj 6 6/9 m7and M7 were all the chords I learned through mathrock. But now I wanna learn some even jazzier chords.

  • brad

    Jens, I'm confused about what tonic minor chord(s) you're referring to at 8:35 for using melodic minor. The 1 (m6) of a minor 2-5-1, ivm6, m/ma7, all of these, others? If you get a chance …. . Thanks!

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