Jay Leno Gives David Spade Talk Show Hosting Advice – Lights Out with David Spade

All three of you
have hosted talk shows. Jay did Tonight Show.
Norm did Norm… Norm, you did it.
You were host of a show. Do you want to look at a clip? Natasha did Tubbin’ with Tash. I think I-I’m living the clip. And, uh, any pointers for me?
Here we go. I’m six weeks in.
I’m out of ideas. -Any pointers?
-LENO: Um… -Let’s start with…
-Well, you’re not overdressing. That’s good. (laughter) Here we go. That is true.
Look at my fresh kicks, though. -What’s up?
-Yeah. -This…
-(cheering and applause) What’s up? What’s up? This whole show is kind of like
a poorly planned barbecue. You know, it smells like…
smells like meat, all your old friends are here, you’re almost too drunk
to attend. -Think you’re doing a great job.
-SPADE: I like that. I like that. Norm, anything? -Uh… Jay is the king of…
-SPADE: Yeah. -Uh…
-Maybe the best to ever do it. -SPADE: That’s true.
-No, no, no, not-not… -Jay Leno! -SPADE: Yeah.
-(cheering and applause) -Thank you.
-Jay Leno. You’re very kind.
You’re very kind. I would probably start off
with a normal-sized watch. (laughter) This way you’re…
You keep going like this. That’s ’cause my-my traps
can’t hold it up. -I have to rest it over here.
-MACDONALD: Yeah. ♪ Bling, bling, bling
goes the Rollie. ♪

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