Japanese beer loses top position in S. Korea’s imported beer market to Belgium and U.S.
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Japanese beer loses top position in S. Korea’s imported beer market to Belgium and U.S.

and Japanese beer has been among the
hardest hit from the ongoing boycott of Japanese goods here in South Korea once
extremely popular in Korea they’ve seen sales plunge over the past several weeks
as the anti tricker Boyka started to pick up steam ah reasons it tells us
more since 2009 japanese beer has been deleting imported beer in south korea
but new data from cree customs service shows sales have significantly dropped
since South Koreans began a mass boycott of Japanese goods amid the ongoing trade
row between Seoul and Tokyo according to Korea Customs Service South Korea
imported just 4.3 million US dollars worth of Japanese beer products in July
down a staggering 45 percent from the previous month’s set point nine million
dollars Japanese beer now ranks a lowly third in South Korea’s imported beer
market after Belgium and the United States in July Belgium beer recorded
over 4.5 million dollars in sales an increase of nearly 50 percent from the
month before while American beer products saw sales of over 4.4 million
dollars almost doubling from the previous month once the most popular
imported beer in the nation Japanese beer products have already seen a sales
decrease of 98 point eight percent in the first ten days of August compared to
the previous year with fewer Koreans seeking to quench their thirst with a
can of Japanese beer amid the trade dispute between their two countries
easing J Arirang news


  • leepakim

    i am in my second Sushi Boycott week…I am so hungry by now but my will to continue and hit Japan hard for the unjust trade restrictions and wrong claim of Takeshima is much stronger!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SK SK

    Japanese people support their evil government. They never repented and have no remorse for horrible crimes (murder, torture, rape and human experiment) they committed. They claim 13 year old girls volunteered to be sex slaves for Japanese military. They allow people to make such claims on TV and distort the history. Boycott Japan forever so that the history doesn't repeat itself! Never trust Japan. Do German government officials pay respect to Hitler?

  • G Carmel

    I know you hate Japan. So, please do not use Canon, Nikon and Sony for filming and taking pictures. Not only Japanese beer!!!

  • major ursa

    I am Japanese , but when i go to Yakiniku house (korean barbecue) in Tokyo , i always order korean Makgeolli as well as japanese beer.

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