IS Website: Upload/Manage Files and Folders
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IS Website: Upload/Manage Files and Folders

SPEAKER 1: One very powerful
feature for course tools is the ability to share
files with your students. Again, we select the
course that we want to use to share files
with our students and we go to the content tools
area of the left navigation, and we want to click
on Manage Files. In this area, up here it indicates
how many folders are there. Initially, you will
have one root folder, which you can store files to. Over here, we’re indicating there
are no files in this folder. So let’s send up our
first file and you’ll see just how easy and
effective this can be. So we click on Browse
to add a new folder. So let’s put our syllabus up there. So our syllabus is entered
here and we’ll click Add. Again, we’ll click OK to come back. Here is the ceramicsyllabus.doc. We can add as many
files as we want here. It’s best to choose
only four or five files because this whole area
is about this size when the students view it. If you wanted to make a subfolder
underneath of the course name we would have put
the information here. We’ll title this folder
Handouts and we’ll add that. We’ll click OK to return. Now there are no
files in this folder. If we click on the root folder,
here is our original document. So let’s click on Handouts. And now we’re going to
browse for another file, and we’ll put this in there. We’ll add that. We can add another. So as you can see, you can
add several files at a time. Now, let’s take a look and
see what the student sees. They’ll click on Files. You will instruct them that
files can be located there. So we’ll view it, and here is
what the student will have. They’ll have their main folder. They can click on
this Word document. It will initiate Word. They’ll want to open
it or save it to disk. And here we go. So let’s go back and
go into the Handouts and we’ll take a look
at this file here. Again, it’s another Word. And here is that handout. It’s a marvelous way to share
information and handouts. Certainly, you can hand out
hard copies in the classroom, but this is a way to
save duplication costs and also your time for duplicating. If a student loses theirs they
can get a duplicate copy here on the website. So again, a very powerful tool that
can save time and, of course, cost.

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