Is the time left before your domain registration expires an SEO factor?
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Is the time left before your domain registration expires an SEO factor?

Today’s question comes
from Erwin in Amsterdam. Erwin asks, Is the time left
before your domain registration expires an SEO factor? I was told that this is and
domains with less than one year left are seen as spam. But if this is correct, how
does Google manage auto renewal of domains that get
renewed on expiration day? Good question. I’m glad somebody asked
about this because it gives me a chance to clarify. There is a patent, and I think
my name’s on it along with a bunch of other people, that
talks about different signals that we could use in terms of
search quality related to time. So how long has a domain
been around, how long is it registered for? All sorts of factors
around time. Definitely if we viewed domains
as spammy if they had less than one year left, that would
be a ton of domains. So that’s not true. We don’t view anybody who
doesn’t register three years at a time as some sort
of spammy you domain. The thing is, whenever you’re
filing a patent, you want to make sure that you try to cover
all of the implementations of that particular idea, but that
doesn’t mean that that particular signal is used
within search quality or within Google’s rankings. So I happen to, often, renew my
domain for two or three years at a time, but I do it mainly
for the convenience because I don’t ever want to lose or any domain that’s important to me. So I wouldn’t really worry
about this as a factor. I know that there are at least
a few domain name registrars that would love you to think
register for 10 years and they’ll get a boost
in search quality. And that’s not really
the way that it works. So consider all those factors. If you can renew it because
it’s really easy and it’s convenient and you’re worried
you might forget about it. Fine, go ahead. But I don’t think you’re going
to see yourself drop in the search results if you let
yourself get down to less than a year left on your expiration
date or anything like that. Definitely just because
something appears in a patent doesn’t mean that it’s
necessarily used within a search engine or some
other company’s results. Thanks.


  • sfussenegger

    that's why patents are so great. just write down some thoughts, file them as a patent and nobody will ever be able to do what you don't even consider doing.

  • Marc Witteveen

    @sfussenegger I agree, soon every normal and crazy blurp will be written down and patented and we can't do anything anymore. But then again if you're patent / idea get used you have law suites, etc. all great and so but in the long run patents will kill innovation. Think of Bell inventing the telephone, before he could put it on the market he had to get patents settled for speaker,mic,dial pad,etc.All owners want money.Result better drop the idea because you will go broke.

  • דבורה עוזיאל

    I'd love to know How to register my YouTube channel to the google webmaster If I have 2 google accounts ( User :mytomkag, debiuziel ).I tried but …Thanks Debi

  • Toby Clements

    Renewing your domains over longer periods of time protects you from potential loss should you forget to renew and it offers convienance when you own more than one domain. Your renewal time frames are not a factor for SEO, but age is. Age of a domain is taken into consideration by search engines for ranking purposes.

  • Website Hosting

    Those registrars that send out those emails encouraging you to register for 10 years are doing it just to get more money out of you.

    It won't help you rank better. But if you have the money it doesn't hurt to register for 10 years if you plan to keep the domain. It helps to prevent you from losing it.

  • Eliot Auteberry

    You have a point there, I find this specific video very informative thanks. I also want to mention that I use youtube to bring visitors to my website since I'm a marketer. Want to learn how? Please go to my youtube profile to learn more information on how to become an top video marketer and dominate your niche. Good luck!

  • Rizwan

    Great ,

    But I am little bit confused on one thing.

    Is it possible to have several links of sub domain on every page of main domain?
    E.g If a user searches any query on main domain a link to sub domain is also there for his query Is it possible? And dose it make any affect on SEO.

    Thank you

  • Firebrand VOCALS

    My business Domain Name fully Expired two months before I finally got round to renewing it. Will this effect my google rating? and if so for how long?

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