• FuranDuron

    Imagine that in a future you can make these kind of light illusions and having a "hard light" option to make them feel physical. So imagine living a any movie/game that you can live trough (Halo/Mass effect games or starwars/lotr movies etc) or having a hot alien babe harem to fulfill your EVERY need with a push of a button.

  • Lord Drethin

    if anyone here is into anime and has seen Accel World then you understand why i'm saying this already.
    The use of AR in that show is amazing and practical to some extent, minus the gaming portion at this point, cause granted we're advancing fast but no where near the pace we would need to be to get that portion down right. I will attach a link for anyone curious about what i'm talking about. This can also be related to Sword Art Online for anyone who has seen that and if gaming were to go in that direction without the getting trapped part that would be sweet! Plus the AR used in SAO is also quite practical, and is more like the Hololens… Before you log into the game of course    
    Accel world will introduce you to the AR really quick and so will SAO. So if you want, sit back, relax and enjoy the shows 🙂
    ^ Points of interest ^

  • Prince Demiterios

    To be able to use the tools to build a rocket or make a medic or make an experiment as if we are in a real lab and all the tools you need exists to use them and build anything you think about experience it and if it works u execute with a 3d printer.

  • Griffin Erwin

    I think a cool thing is if its a rainy Saturday, the internet is down, and you are bored to tears, you could get your friend/sibling to wear one, and you wear one, and you could play holographic Ping-Pong.

  • GroomingSpyke

    I mean just imagine gaming with augmented reality. Mechwarrior, any FPS, a game where you become a godzilla-like creature where the objective is to survive and destroy. Perhaps that's just the gamer in me, but this just screams "next-gen gaming" with the possibilities it presents. 10 years from now, assuming the world hasn't crumbled by then, I can only imagine how easily accessible such hardware would be and how massively manufactured it would become. Synchronization with other users and actually "meeting" the people you meet online in games or those you've known for years. This gets me super excited for the future, and I have real hope that this concept will only bloom into a more fluid representation. Sim City, any real time strategy game, or any FPS.. I can only imagine where such devices will take us next and where gaming will head next.

  • wishmasterbrazen

    i have a feeling that this is never going to actually be mainstream. Yes it sound cool and such. But it also sounds like people would get bored of it quick, or it would end up sitting on a desk somewhere. Laws would be passed that you couldnt where them at work/at certain places. And they would get taken off the shelves for some lawsuit or stupid people and privacy issues.

  • André Pereira

    Really didn´t like the idea of a dumb puppet performing a task with all instructions pointed to the actual object that the dumb is watching. No room for errors means no room for learning. On the other hand, the all search the web for anything a person is observing means a lot of zombies in the street. Our brain still does not have the multitask needed for having that much info stuffed in it.


    Imagine being able to Skype by having a 3D model of the person sitting next to you like in a real conversation…playing sports with a 3D interface around you like baseball on a baseball field with no real players or playing bowling with your family in the backyard. Or even possibly integrating it with massive 3D printers and then 3D designing, editing and printing houses , furniture and many more…

  • Jonathan

    Im thinking at a Home Office.
    Not pretty cool but really practically.
    Think about an imaginary and global Office, where you work with your workmates from the whole country/world. Something like a visual Chat Room.

  • Bishop Jackson

    Just imagine if you are a cop and you use one of these to see position of other cops and what not…

  • XtReMe DiY

    Get some for your kids and put some fps and minecraft on there, then send them in the woods. Obviously you'd have to supervise them.

  • MrTroy2003

    Coolest use for augmented reality?  Gaming and the medical field two that come to mind. Also engineering and entertainment. Mix this tech with Virtuix Omni would be great.

  • KGP4Life

    re-writing world so material things no longer are worth anything……i mean why buy a big tv or a painting or even a "nice" expensive table when you can make it look like a gold table covered in diamonds with you initials engraved in it…..I am hoping this tech will the solve the worlds problems and bring everyone closer to there personal heaven on earth (what ever that might include).

  • Misak Ghazaryan

    hololens doesn't project onto a display in front of you, it projects directly into your eye, the same way that light naturally does when we see things around us, this removes any possible eye strain caused by looking at a display

  • TheBWE

    tish will be cool game rever Yu gi OH will be epic with turnaments i will se real hologram :D! will bi epic cards game ever and will be back in 2005 😀 play in game 😀

  • aaron wilder

    dude this changes everything no more tvs  play video games on those glasses plus go shopping interact in a virtual world instead of texting on facebook you can meet them in the facebook virtual world the possibilities are endless

  • In Five Years

    HP's moonshot idea for The Machine is for a computer so powerful and so efficient it could replace a huge data center and yet be only the size of a refrigerator. The same computer architecture could deliver a smartphone with 100TB of storage and weeks of battery life.  https://youtu.be/0MvqEu13sJw

  • togethergutlesss

    i think for safety reasons you would need a password protected treadmill for unlocking and playing video games

  • Hobba Hobba

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  • Reaper

    for military usage…….. drones would a poop load more deadly!!!!! first person shooters would be way more fun too! hand to hand combat training would be way easyer!!!!

  • Sammie Watts

    it seems that in this version of the many different realities this is the one where human become fully integrated with the internet in the future exciting or scary?

  • Sara Beiro

    YES! XD I'm so glad this will exist in my time period! Yu-Gi-Oh duels and pokemon battles here I come. thou the lens is a bad idea. I see future eye injuries. 🙁

  • Matthew Knight

    I don't think this would be a good idea to use in vehicles. people are already distracted enough from what cars have now. Buttons and touchscreens everywhere. Texting is still a problem too. a holographic image in your face is the last thing we need. I admit that I think it would be pretty awesome to have and if used responsibly could help a lot. But i have seen how some people drive and they don't need any more distractions. But from how idiot proof cars are being made now that might not be a problem since cars are slowly starting to control themselves.

  • Ioan Katalin

    Girls are going to be the first who buy them. Just so they know how many friends and likes you have on your facebook account before you even say anything.

  • od077

    Microsoft HoloLens  very hour u'd have to spend 8 hours charging it up…….and if your not connected to the internet it won't let to turn it on…….. know ms that what they do  no thanks

  • Red Templar

    Awesome Sex offenders are gonna be identified on sight!! That aside the gaming prospects are endless. School and job training are going to be revolutionized overnight.

  • abrahammorkos

    imagine having the contact lenses with a computer, you'll be able to find all the answers on a rest and no one will ever know you're using a computer lol

  • Jormungand13324

    AR has military applications as well. Shrink the size of vitals-monitoring tech to be carried on your person with little to no issue and with a subtle AR rig built into your helmet you can know if you or one of your squad-mates is in trouble and if so, have a rudimentary understanding on how bad it's gotten.

    There is also firearms training applications for Augmented reality as well.

  • Ryan Jollimore

    when i hear virtual reality, i think of sword art online… sao is an anime with its storyline based around the virtual reality concept. it would be awesome if we could put our conscious in a virtual world

  • Necrikus

    Maybe not the "coolest" use, but the nerdiest use would be to make games more exciting by putting them in 3D space for stronger visual elements. Imagine playing a competitive card or video game where the action isn't contained in the mind or a small 2D screen.

    In fact, maybe we could even use this to play something like a card game while moving around since all the elements we would need would be visible through AR. That would give us the chance to do something crazy like play card games while driving a vehicle, like a motorcycle perhaps.

  • Alex Salvador

    I think the coolest way to use AR is for engineering and various types of mechanics (automotive for example). Perhaps also medical?

  • John Doe

    I don't know if GM still uses a head up display but Pontiac is one brand I have heard uses it. It is not that fancy of a technology when you think about it. It was really just a projector.

  • Phillip Du Plooy

    Hi, I would like to see this used to re pair cars and in the future I think it could be used to help DR's do operations in remote locations like on the space station. I would also like to see more and more people use it to do many different things like install programs or write code.

  • Ike Quasar

    I should think the coolest part of AR, is it's use for Science Fiction Artists and Writers. I don't think most people in Star Wars other than Droids use AR, and that's kinda' wasteful from my point of view.

  • Wu - lay Unysoul

    this is pure madness…people will became ROBOTS… nobody will go to work and all the people will live a unnatural life

  • Dustywitch

    AR would best be used in medical practice. Imagine being able to take a MRI CAT scan and X-ray, merge them with anatomical models producing a real 3D look into a patient and being able to diagnose and prepare treatment which would reduce possible surgical times and complications by being able to explore the best rout to follow before and even during surgery

  • James Hall

    Than I could take her out to dinner .( we would fly of course without a plane ) to a place i have never been to . than return home . For only the cost of the electricity .

  • itzNSTnga bear

    I dont want a contact lens.. it is horrible to hold contact lens on eyes… better thing would be an computer in you head that displays thing into you eye without any lens or something 🙂

  • Eddie Haskell

    Is AR projecting that gigantic booger in his nose or is it just me here? I literally cannot hear a word he's saying. Microsoft, please project a box of Kleenex for this chap!

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