• dumbcreaknuller

    the math was already there. we discovered math we didn't invent it. without math our universe could not exist. anyone that disagree is a liar but who wrote the math. it didn't make itself because the equations that make the universe work is to solid to allow itself to be created from accident. that means the math must have had a creator. a programmer, mathematician must have created the universe. if people have a problem with this, they are simply not on the same level as i and function as simpletons and are lacking a great deal of consciousness.

  • jacob stevens

    Look at statistics, we are trying to determine the probability that something will happen and that's just not an exact science. This is being taught to your children in school, grading them on their guessing skills lol.

  • jacob stevens

    Mathematics doesn't exist and is a way to shape the perception of reality in the minds of billions of people.

  • Mad Hatter

    You don't need time and space for Maths to exist
    They are present in Nature, Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Ratio the Mandelbrot set and it's fractals.
    They are an inevitable part of reality.
    Alien maths should not be different than ours


    Quantity can’t be alternated no matter how you approach it. You can give it a different name or a different value, but this value simplified would have the worth of “x” unit

  • Chris Anthony

    This is postmodern nonsense. 2+2 can never equal 5 unless you corrupt the mind into believing lies. We didn't create these objective truths with our consciousnes; we merely created symbols to represent them. The symbols may be relative from culture to culture, but there is a definite universality at the core of math that has to be respected if you want successful real-world applications. Theoretical astrophysics flirts with subjective realms, because it abstracts abstractions, and then abstracts it again, departing more and more from reality. Those branches of math inspire suspicion; but engineering is all the proof you need that math is truly objective. If math was actually just an invention of our minds, why haven't the top mathematicians figured out a way to rewrite the laws of inertia and entropy? We'd have endless energy, none of our creations would ever break down, and we'd probably be able to live forever. If you assume that math was invented by a few smarty-pants, you are implying that mathematicians have the power of God– yet they don't use their omnipotence in the most benevolent ways… because they're assholes? Newton didn't invent gravity, and no one really knows what it is, but his mathematical formulas still work to describe it. Math has the ability to give us a working explanation of things that are still mostly a mystery, which means math has a level of objectivity that transcends even our own understanding of reality.

  • Dominic Fu

    Does math exist in the universe or does it come from the human brain?

    Here is my take on this question:

    All things that are brought to existence will come to interact with all things in existence regardless of whether they have physical forms or are intangible concepts. Objects will interact with objects. Objects will interact with concepts. Concepts will interact with concepts. The interactions are infinite and ever self-interacting. Interactions are therefore permutation of objects and concepts that one considers to be part of its reality.

    Math is itself an interaction that results between our minds and the universe.

  • at1with0

    What is your definition of maths because you use several definitions of the word mathematics and math.

    A number is an adjective and a noun. You're stuck on it being a noun. Do adjectives "exist"? What are your definitions for the word exist? It seems you are using "exist" in several senses.

    There are two things the word maths can refer to.

    1. the nomenclature
    2. what the nomenclature points (i.e., refers to).

    Which of the two above senses of math do you think are invented?

    1 is invented.
    2 is discovered.

    If you can invent and discover something, then it exists.

  • at1with0

    Humans cannot see X-Rays, does that mean they do not exist? The leaves on a tree sway. Does that not prove wind exists?

  • Erasmus Kwenge

    Mathematics is a feature of universe that is why it is found even where man has never been before. If mathematics has not been a feature of universe, man would not have sent the space ships to distant places and be able to communicate and see beyond what naked eyes can see. It is mathematics that facilitates the movement of man made objects and that is why it is found in all the languages be a spiritual or language that man uses. Mathematics is found every where and man only discovers it. Because of mathematics, man is able to discover distant universes.

  • farshid

    It's more to be on stake than math.it's the reality.!
    Let's say you and your friends are watching a tree. You assume that anight object that looks like the other trees that you have seen before is out there. So all of you would be agreed that this object is a tree. But the conclusion that the brain does is completely mathematical!
    So I think it does not make sense to say if math exist. Cause our brain concludes the reality by math.
    So it would be like asking is reality real!

  • Mario Alavez

    If humans made math, what took its place before us and what will take its place after our species is gone?

  • jxjxjxjxjxjxjxjxuxjjxjxjxjjxjxjxuxjxjxjxjxjxixjxi

    We don't need math much. Just the 1. – 4. Grade. Why do we learn things we don't use.

  • Jason Niehoff

    Wow, so interesting, when talking with my friends late at night while intoxicated, we had the same conversation. With math, we are just answering our own questions, it is a human construct. Would an alien race come up with the same system, or would they have different questions & answers? Another thought was that language is just an approximation or a tool. The answer is bigger than language or words, how do you really express an emotion, piece of music, or work of art in words? We think in terms of language, but it is not the end all be all.

  • the breadman

    If a planet exists without human awareness, and it does in my opinion, then it is real. Its mass is real. Its gravitational pull on other bodies in space is real. A black hole has a greater gravitational pull than a large planet A large planet has a greater pull than a small planet. The gravitational force is dependent on the mass of the body in question. The more massive body has more stuff. It is a matter of quantity. If the small planet has k number of atoms, then the larger planet has k + n atoms, where both k and n are non-negative numbers. If the effects of quantities are real, and they are, then the quantities are real. Or better yet, the concept of quantity is real.

    Another example is found in chemistry. The quantity of protons and neutrons and electrons in atoms is what gives different elements their chemical and atomic properties. Is there a real difference between hydrogen and carbon? Is there a real difference between uranium-235 and uranium-238? Yes and yes. To argue that these quantitative effects do not exist without human awareness is absurd. Are you going to argue that dinosaurs roamed an earth in which hydrogen was actually no different than neon or gold?

    Mathematics is, in part, a blend of science & philosophy that develops and applies logical reasoning to quantitative concepts. (I think you could make a strong case that is actually entirely a branch of philosophy, which the sciences find to be very useful.) Certainly an alien race would have its own way of doing mathematics, and perhaps they would have fully explored some topic which we have not, or vice versa, but if they have evolved enough to recognize the difference between 2 and 3, then they will agree that 2 x 3 = 6, even if their syntax and nomenclature are different from ours.

  • Anastasis K

    @4:18 What about the math that does not explain or model anything (at least not yet).

    Ex.: Most of this: https://youtu.be/Ro8KoFFdtS4 is just math for the sake of math. So in this respect, isn't much of modern math more like art?

  • Joe OConnor

    All energy is in distribution and transformation the rest comes from energy in distribution and transformation and so on

  • Torrriate

    In McLuhan's words – sort of: Is the medium the message or the message the medium (assuming anything is real at all…)?
    An 8 min video boiled down to one phrase – you're welcome!

  • Jupp Soetebier

    Simmer down. Did you come up with your breath-edited ADHD delivery for millennials? I can't even watch shit like this without wanting to pull my hair out.

  • Saor Rombe

    Knowledge of math has real world impacts, So are we really going to say that math isn't real?

    The video is not so good, the presenter makes everything to show that he doesn't operate on "faith" as if that makes one look cool (as if being cool was "useful")

    It is awful to see anyone that benefits from the products of math and still manages to conclude that math is just man made. If it is man made then we it would be fair to come to the conclusion that man created the universe.

  • Emilio Savinni

    I thinks it is an evolution of language, that is an ability and a tool that evolves like any other thing. If it "comes form" within it is still a part of the universe, even if we discovered it "out side", or became aware of this ability, since then we have developed in order to carry on living better and better all the time… Like our lips they weren't exactly made to kiss but we discovered we could do it and then developed something beautiful and pleasant out of it.

  • Dc Whitehall

    Thank god this video was made, clear and informative.

    I think "numbering" exists… 1 rock, 2 rocks, 3… a million rocks.

    Addition, subtraction, division, you name it.

    But at a certain point, it is hypothetical beyond reality. The line is what is in question.

    I can make a square which is one unit by one unit square (perfectly) and cut it diagonally (perfectly) from one corner to the other… why does math say it is impossible to measure that hypotenuse? (as in, the square root of two). It must have a physical answer, as close as you wish to measure in those units, though math escapes it.

  • Nathaniel Hellerstein

    Math doesn't "exist", it "applies". Maybe the numbers 2 and 4 don't exist, but if they do, and plus and equals do too, then 2+2=4 by definition.

  • Intelligent Knowledge

    It’s crazy because a while ago I had this weird thesis about math and physics that I wrote about. I suggested that half – if not all, physics and math was abstract and could very well be not true universally and only to US since we created it for US to understand things better. Little did I know this was an actual thing that geniuses have already came up with.. ?

  • John Reid

    I think the human brain extracted it from the universe just like we extracted language. Putting labels on shit to suit our needs.

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