Is Hannah Brown Ready to Date Again?
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Is Hannah Brown Ready to Date Again?

You do it. We can both do it together. You do whatever you want. There we go. Yeah. Perfect. I wanted to do that so bad. I know that you know that
move because I hear you’re a huge, huge fan of Ellen. Yeah. So I’m so sorry she’s not here. Yeah, I know. I’m like, all right. Well, I’m on The Ellen Show. Yeah. You’re here and you’re great. You’re second best. We’ll send you– I’ll take it. I’ll take it. We’ll send you home with a mug. Oh, perfect. Thank you. Yeah. So you had quite a year
with relationships– You don’t say. –and all this stuff. It’s all happening sort
of in the public eye. How is that? Just out of curiosity,
how are you holding up? And be honest. Go ahead. We have time. I’m here. No. It’s been such an amazing year. I cannot believe
this is my life. But man, oh, man. I mean– A lot of exciting stuff. –there’s been a
lot of things, huh? But you’re currently–
and forgive me. You’re currently
single, correct? Yeah. No, that’s it. I’m going to ask you a question. Have you tried a dating app? Do you know– are you
familiar with those? You know what those are? OK, I barely have time
to get paper towels. I’m out of paper
towels right now. I should probably get some. I don’t have time
to date right now. You don’t have time
to date right now. All right. Well, breaking America’s heart. I tried that. Yeah, I tried that. I actually dated 30
guys at one time. I don’t know if you know this. Wow. I spent a whole year of
my life trying to date, and it still didn’t work out. Yeah. To shift gears a
little bit, you were nominated for your first
People’s Choice Award. I know. Yeah. That’s exciting. [APPLAUSE] That’s wonderful. That’s great. That means they really like you. They love you. They love my drama. But you’re– yeah. Yeah. But you’re up against
two of your exes. Is that true? Is that the way
this is working out? Yeah, that’s how it seems to be. So do you– OK. All right. Well, that’s a tough–
that’s a tough pickle to– It is. I am so honored to be
nominated for this. Yeah. It would be really
weird if I had to sit in between them at the show. Wouldn’t that be cool? Like, hey. I think that’d be awesome. I would watch that. Yeah. It would be good TV. Yeah. Yeah. Of course. So the show– it’s
not a big surprise. The show, it didn’t
end the way that you had hoped that it would end. No. But would you do the show–
here’s a better question. What advice would
you give someone that was to do the show? Maybe something
that you wish you hadn’t done that you
did that you were like, I wish I wouldn’t
have done that. Well, I don’t know if we
have time for all that. But I don’t know. I think trying to date
30 guys at one time– It’s tough, right? It’s a tough thing to do. I would imagine. And maybe just– well,
I’m just going to– I think you did great. –keep everything quiet. I think you did– yeah. I think you did great. It was great. But– Moving on. Moving on. And how are things with
Tyler C. before we move on? [LAUGHTER] Do you talk to him at all? No. I have been so busy, and
I think he’s been so busy. Wish him well. Yeah. And I’m just focusing
on me right now– You’re busy. –because that’s
really important. [APPLAUSE] And Dancing with the
Stars, sometimes it’s like just as dramatic as
The Bachelorette, actually. You’ve got people falling down
breaking bones in their body. What’s going on over there? I really feel like– I’m like, is it me? Because I feel like drama
follows me wherever I go. Speaking of drama, are you
dating your dance partner? Is that happening? No, I’m not. You’re not. I’m not. You’re officially not. OK. Yeah, no. We’re great friends. He kind of has to
be my best friend. Sure. So I make him be. He cries about it. No. But it has been an
amazing experience. But– You’re all business. –like I said, I
have just been– trauma from dating. So we’re not going
to do that right now. We’re going to dance. Dancing with the Stars is
more physical than anything. It’s physical exhaustion, right? I mean, I can only
imagine the shape that you have to be in to
do that kind of dancing. Oh, my gosh. I have had so much physical
pain from all of it. I’m sure. But it’s emotional too. And I have a lot
of baggage as well. You’re fine. So going from one show to
the next, that’s been a lot. It’s been a lot. But I really can’t complain– You’re loving it. –because I am living
this dream life too with a lot of blisters. But it’s fine. You’re fine. You’re loving it. You’re loving it. Dancing with the Stars airs
Mondays at 8:00 PM on ABC.


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