ipage vs godaddy vs hostgator vs justhost vs bluehost – who is number #1
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ipage vs godaddy vs hostgator vs justhost vs bluehost – who is number #1

hello everybody how are you feeling
today welcome to creatingwebsite.org where our mission is to teach you how to
create a website today what we want to do is help you make a choice in deciding
where you can host your website we’re going to give you the top 10 best
web hosting companies from a website that we got this from
which is called top 10 best webhosting.com and we’re going to start with number ten
number ten GoDaddy it gets a 6.1 rating number nine HostGator get the 6.3 rating hub gets the 6.9 rating number seven IX webhosting gets a 7.5
number six in motion business hosting gets a 7.8 number 5 fatcow gets 8.1 number four Bluehost gets an 8.4 number 3 justhost.com gets
8.7 number two web dot webdot.com gets a 9.1 and ladies and gentlemen number one according
to top 10 bed best web hosting companies.com is iPage gets a 9.8 rating what does it include Free Domain Registration unlimited emails 500 hundred dollars free advertising credits anytime money back guarantee so if you want to sign up with ipage today we are an affiliate if you sign up using our link we get a small commission here at creating web site.org no only do we host websites but we also have a video tutorial so once you sign up for ipage just come to our website here
click where it says free video tutorial it will walk you
through step-by-step process up getting your website up and running
thank you for stopping by creatingwebsite.org


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