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iPage Review – My Honest Review

Hi guys, John here. In this video I’m going
to review iPage.com. We’re going to test their support, talk about the features they offer,
and I’m going to tell you some things about iPage that you really need to know about,
before you sign up. The first thing I want to do is talk about iPage’s features. You
get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and you can host as many websites as you want. Now, I’m sure most of you are aware of this,
but there is no such thing as unlimited web hosting. If you look at iPage’s terms of service,
you’ll see that it’s not truly unlimited. If you use too many resources, they’ll give
you a warning and ask you to reduce your usage. And this isn’t limited to just iPage, it applies
to every company that offers unlimited web hosting. This won’t be a problem for most people. But
I just thought everyone should be aware of what unlimited web hosting really means. iPage
also offers you a free domain name for the first year, but I actually recommend that
you buy your domain name through Namecheap or GoDaddy. It’s cheaper in the long run,
and you’ll have a lot more control over your domain name. You’ll also get a free website
builder, free advertising credits with Bing and Facebook, unlimited e-mail addresses,
and a money back guarantee. There’s one more thing you should be aware
of, and iPage doesn’t make it very obvious. But the promotional price that you see on
iPage’s website only applies to your first term. After the first year or after two years,
depending on which plan you chose, you then start paying their regular rate, and their
regular rate is currently $9.49 a month if you pay yearly. iPage has special promotions
all the time, I’ve seen their prices as low as $1 a month if you prepay for two years.
So I definitely recommend buying two years upfront if you can afford it, that way you
get locked into that really low price. I wanted to give you guys a quick look at
iPage’s control panel, because they don’t use CPanel, which is what most people are
familiar with. So if you’re like me and you are accustomed to using CPanel, it’s going
to take some getting used to. And their control panel is really easy to use, it’s just different,
so I thought it was worth mentioning. Now we’re going to test iPage’s support. The
first thing I’m going to do is see how long it takes iPage to respond to support tickets.
I’ve already sent iPage two support tickets. The first ticket I sent on July 17th, and
I asked “How can I see what version of PHP my webpage is using?”. I submitted this ticket
at 10:46 p.m., and they responded at 11:04 p.m. So for this ticket it took them 18 minutes
to respond. The second ticket I sent on July 18th, and
I asked “How do I create a new e-mail account?” I submitted this ticket at 2:23 a.m. and they
responded at 2:29 a.m. So for this support ticket it took them six minutes to respond. iPage also has 24/7 American phone support,
and to me, that’s a big deal. I don’t know about you but I hate it when companies outsource
their phone support to India or some other country. And I’ve called iPage before, and
it literally took less than a minute before I was on the phone with a real person. I actually
wanted to let you guys listen in while I called their phone support, but for legal reasons
I wasn’t able to do that. However, if you are thinking about signing up for iPage, or
any web host for that matter, I’d encourage you to call their technical support yourself,
just to test them out. It’s always a good thing to do before signing up for a new web
host. Before I finish this review, I want to test
iPage’s support one more time. I’m actually going to break my website on purpose, and
then we’re going to contact iPage and ask them for help. So this is what my website
looks like right now. It’s basically just the default WordPress installation. I’m going
to log in in to my WordPress admin panel, and then I’m going to go to settings and then
general. Now, I’m going to add an extra character to
both my WordPress address and my site address. Now, I’m going to save the changes. It’s now
giving us a “Server Not Found” error because of that extra character we added. And if you
go to my website’s homepage, this is what it looks like now. As you can see, it doesn’t
look nearly as nice as it did a minute ago. So now that I’ve successfully broken my website,
I’m going to submit a support ticket to iPage asking for help. We’re going to see how long
it takes them to fix my website. Here’s the support ticket I sent. I just told them that
I was making changes to my website, and now it’s messed up. I don’t know how long it’s
going to take them to respond so I’m going to pause the video and I’ll be right back. Okay, guys. I’m back. So I submitted the support
ticket at 6:36 p.m. and as of 9:20 p.m., they still hadn’t responded. I got tired of waiting
so I’m going to contact them on live chat instead. So it took less than 30 seconds before
my live chat was answered and I’m telling them the same thing. I was making changes
to my website and now it’s messed up. I don’t know how long this is going to take so I’m
going to pause the video again and I’ll be right back. Okay, guys. I’m back. So the entire chat took
about 23 minutes. Most of the time, I was just waiting because they had to put me on
hold a few times. They told me that my website is fixed now so I’m about to check it out.
Just let me refresh the page. And it’s fixed. Here’s the full transcript of the chat for
those of you that are interested. If you look at the duration the entire chat was 22 minutes
and 57 seconds. And if you’re having a hard time reading it.
I’ll also posted a copy of the transcript on my website. Alright, guys. Thanks for watching,
I hope you enjoyed my review. Please comment below and let me know what you think. Before
you sign up for iPage, make sure you check out the links in the about section below my


  • Greg Parks

    Great review. Very informative, little worthless filler. I personally hate the always-used "hi guys" at the beginning. This phrase sounds like we just got to high school and are greeting our "buds" and in my opinion alienates women.

  • Tim Carroll

    Thank you. Very very helpful. I am launching a new business. I know nothing about web design, hosting etc. Very helpful video, thanks!

  • Darin Martin

    I've been with Ipage for 5-6 months now.  I also have a hosting account with HostGator.  I went to Ipage first definitely because of the price.. I'm a Unix admin by trade and have done my own hosting in the past so I thought the cheapest would be best and I'd be able to work my way around any limitations they might have.. Boy was  I wrong.

     First, they're slow.. I mean really really slow.  I had 5 or 6 WordPress blogs to migrate.  All of them had problems of one kind or another.   One of them I needed their tech support to help me.  It took 18 hours for them to respond and fix the issue.  

    Email is another issue.  They only allow each email account up to 250 megabytes.  Anyone thats had an email account knows that email archives can take up a lot of space.  Also, they had no way to move archived email onto their servers.  They barely acknowledge that they have IMAP support.. Apparently they want everyone on POP3 so that space for email is kept at a minimum.  Another issue with their email is they don't give you access to the email files in your filemanager.  It's off somewhere that you don't have access to.

    They also seem to have lots of MySQL problems.  Every few weeks they have slow SQL servers.. It could just be a heavy user on my server, but it happens more than I'd expect it to.

    Backups are a problem.  They have something called the backup gateway that allows you to do a backup, but they aren't automated.  If you want automated backups, you have to pay for it.

    And the last and most frustrating thing is that they are constantly trying to sell me other services.. I constantly get calls from them trying to upsell things to me.  

    Again, they're slow.  The WordPress blogs I host there are small, some of them only with a handful of pages, yet it can take 20-30 seconds for the main page or the dashboard to render.  They really need to work on that.

    Since then I've obtained a HostGator account.. Sure they're more expensive, and like Ipage, when you're done  with the first year or two of lower prices, the full year cost is around $120, or about the same as Ipage.  But for me, their services are a lot more in line with what I feel a hosting company should be offering.  Is HostGator perfect?  No, but they're a lot better than Ipage.

  • macke3

    I really liked your iPage review, John.  I learned a lot.  I had already signed up with iPage and I'm working getting my site ready to publish and some things you pointed out in your video will be very helpful to me.  Thanks.

  • arik6330

    So at the bottom line.. what is ur recommend?
    i really try to think wich is better.. ipage or go daddy :
    u think ipage is a good choice? 

  • Elsif

    Damn you are more thorough than Henry David.  I guess that only really works when spoken out loud. Thanks for the info.

  • Daniel Busch

    This was the most informative, thorough, start-to-the-point video I have ever seen. I along with the rest of the world want you to be my go-to guy for reviews on everything. Excellent job my friend. I seriously believe you would have a MAJOR following if you did reviews for a living. I was very disappointed to see you only had one video!, lol. Thanks again though for this professional video review.

  • Vinod Pareek

    I had my website on ipage and I lost my data & apps and support was worst nightmare. I was very disappointed with data & apps. They always play like they wanna help you but not true.  DONT GO TO IPAGE HOSTING!

  • Christian Galiana Acosta

    I page sucks! They have a horrible indian customer support service! Their hosting plans are not up to date, for instance they are not running the latest versions of Ioncube, also many other scripts are not up to date. I strongly recommend you not to use the hosting company. Just read the reviews and you will see the reviews from users…

  • Jose Balboa

    iPage SUCKS!  The slowest servers. It takes forever to do anything when you host there.  very ssssllllllloooooowwwwww…..

  • by far the best review I come with, pliz pliz make more review.. inmotion, hostgator, site5, webhostinghub, greengeek, arvixe .. subcribe!

  • Thuan Doan Van

    Fuck Ipage. Slowest. idiot Supporter. Long time to get the answer. Dont pay the commission. I have VPS but  loading like shared hosting

  • Briana Benson

    I'm interested in using iPage for hosting my preschool website and one feature I would like is a blog page or forum post page so that teachers and parents can discuss curriculum activities and events, etc.  Is this something that iPage can do? If not, does anyone know of a website hosting company that has this feature?

  • Mike King

    I found out if you want cool features from weebly and you upgrade to premium you only get a few things for instance adding more than 6 pages (something they don't tell you up front)if you want weebly pro they do not offer this as an upgrade I'm very disappointed also when you are updating your site it has time out refresh errors constantly I do not recommend this service  

  • pulchritudo occidere potest

    I really don't know, but someone ask me to sign up using his referral link and he gave me his email address to sign up for iPage. I do have doubts because I will put my details like credit card number and so forth. And I am the one who should pay for the plan. 

  • Prasad Saxena

    iPage does suck… I would say….. Every company under Endurance International Group sucks…. Slowest Hosting… Lot of problems… Most of the times the websites are down…. I hate them…. Move to a better provider guys…. 

  • Salam PK

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  • Abusive Potential

    I say bullshit, I am on hold right now with ipage support. I have been trying to get them for several days, I have been on hold 1:55 hours and nothing. I tried live chat and spent 44 minutes with no help. Fuck Ipage….

  • Jua Carr

    yes you are right Ipage has the worst support in the net, I have an account (hosting with free domain) and everything that you say is true. and I am looking for different hosting is ok if I loose my money, I am tired of Ipage.

  • Sheridan Thorn

    Thank you. Absolutely the best review on hosting I've found so far (and I've spent hours!). Thank you – please give us more reviews! Real reviews like yours are just not out there!

  • x D3G3N3R8 NATION x

    does this BzzFly guy just troll every video with iPage in the title and copy/paste that exact same comment everywhere?   ( time on your hands at Hostgator then is it?  LOL )

  • evie120478

    have the bad luck to have purchased VPS hosting with iPage, however my website is down for several days a month. Every time I try to contact them, I make the experience of a very bad customer service. Poor english , countless hours to communicate properly.Furthermore, bad excuses which cause a lot of frustration, like "oh, we are from another company, you have reached us by mistake"- or, trying to blame the registrar for the problems, just to find out after some minutes that it was "100% their mistake", as they said. The company is a big waste of time and money, I wouldn't recommend iPage at all.

  • Reg

    totally deceptive practices.  I was offered $1 for 3 months.  When i went to check out i was being charged $35.  NO WHERE in the literature offering me the $3 intro deal did they say about the other offers which were ticked by default.  What? they want customers to not read it and let it go through at $35. So then i unticked the boxes and the order wouldnt process.  Im not that desperate ipage.
    message was The following error was detected: Issue setting up account. Please contact Support ; after i unticked the boxes and went to pay with just $3 
    many complaints about this company.  slow speed is one.  what do you expect from such a cheap service.  do yourself a favour and look for another company and theres another company FATCOW they are the same organisation.

  • Julie Shigetomi

    I agree iPage stinks. I have made support tickets because I can't FTP into my website and sometimes I try to log into my website and it says it doesn't exist. When I open a support ticket, no one contacts me and then I find the ticket is closed because they say they fixed the issue… when they haven't. I'm looking for a new host!

  • Peter Jung

    ipage sucks. My site is down every time there are a lot of traffic. Had virus problems, support gets back to you but sometimes it takes forever.

  • Kuda Bhejana

    Don't be fooled, they are terrible!!! They just want your money, but no service. Their support team doesn't know how to fix your issues

  • Ribo Flavin

    iPAGE is HORRIBLE!!! When I tried to get some customer service they refused and just tried selling me an additional service. Real nice, guys.

  • Elizabeth

    iPage is constantly adding charges and then acting like it was my fault for not ticking the right box.
    You get the occasional great/helpful tech person but more and more this is a 50/50 proposition
    I have 3 small sites up I created with Weebly Drag and Drop…
    Can't figure our where to move everything!
    This was not an accurate review!

  • root

    This company is owned by EIG the same company that owns HostGator, Bluehost, and many other mid level hosts. Stay very far away from any company associated with EIG (endurance international group). You are guaranteed you continue to see what EIG calls "value added services", otherwise known to the customer as getting nickel and dime'd.

  • Darryl Stevens

    Horrible company!
    Regardless of their offerings, I just want reliable service which they do not provide.
    Stay far away from this company.

  • Theodor Reich

    I was using auto billing with iPage and the card expired. So because I paid December 18th instead of December 9, iPage wants an additional $160.00 and 16.99 to cover their redemption retrieval fee. No refund is available to get back the 131.88 or any credit.

  • Benny Bees

    HORRIFIC COMPANY – all brands in the EIG group are TERRIBLE beyond comprehension. I have ebeen with other hosts for 14+years and NEVER had such crap service. You want a real host? Go to Go Daddy.

  • Pawan Jaiswal




  • Liberty Joseph

    They will not permit you to back -up your website to host with other hosting company.
    these are few of our conversations:
    Saravana P
    For WordPress to work in your computer you will have to set-up server like set-up with LAMP running on the background.
    2:19:35 PM
    Saravana P
    You will have to set-up MySQL database and configure your desktop work like a server to run WordPress.
    2:20:17 PM
    That is to say, i can't retrieve my content from ipage when i don't want host my site with ipage?

  • Mrmoldremoval

    I am Unhappy with Ipage..  Please America Don't use Them. Don't Trust them with your Credit Card.  Boycott Ipage. Cancel your Service with Ipage..


    Your video have released from many confusion. Thanks for that.
    Would you please let me know about creating wordpress e-commerce site using ipage hosting?

  • Recipe30

    I've a had a bad user experience with ipage, they seem to have some sort of DNS errors making my website appear as offline. This has caused extensive damage to my brand let alone loss of revenue. I would no longer recommend this ISP due to their lack of support. They have 24/7 chat but don't act on requests. After speaking to five different people, still nothing has been done, yet they see the error. They claim their technicians will fix the issue but weeks later, I'm still waiting. I'm losing hundreds of dollars of lost revenue and the best they could offer me was two months free hosting. What a joke! The problem is still not fixed, I'm over it! Stay away!

  • Without Prejudice

    ipage want your ipage name on the sign up page. once they have the name if you don't sign up they to try and blackmail you with the threat of loosing it your name to someone else. Be advised ipage my name has a tread make on it- ELITE MATRIX PLAYERS and i have more time than you to spread the word- People … Don't use ipage. I'm convinced this is a scam. Without Prejudice.

  • David Gavin Voice Over

    Good work John!
    I know a lot of others have complaints about iPage, but I've had nothing but good experiences with them through the years… and you've done a great job of outlining why.

  • M L

    ipage used to the No 1 choice for me as web hosting company before 2014, but now it's got worse. This year I signed up in ipage again for a new online store, I found things have been changed, the site was always down and slow, not responsive, the tech support tend to be not that positive and effective, quality obviously has been dropped down a lot comparing with 3 years ago. Plus Weebly also has reduced some feature and function, which made me especially disappointed. I asked for refund because when I signed up I saw the full money back guarantee there, but I was told what I could get back was only small portion of payment ( I remember it seems like around $15 ). So, what a trick is for them to give guarantee! Now I still have to keep going this hosting plan because I could not get back most of what i have paid, although I heard ipage would not easy to let you easily switch to another host. I am planning just try one year, after that, I will go away.

  • Eva Rider

    I have had ipage for years without issues until 2016. However, now that all customer service is entirely outsourced to the Philippines, their customer service is atrocious and almost non-existent. Hold times are on average about a half hour, their technical support is mostly untrained. After losing access to my email account, I discovered that they have been purchased by EIG Group.

  • Chad Morris

    iPage will RIP you OFF.! Hosted them for a while in 2015 then they auto re-newed my account, which was disabled, with no credit card info stored on my account. I guess they found the credit number from my original purchase and billed it! Not only that they also bill my credit card every month for a service that I am not using and not enabled. Plus, get this I have no service with them, no web hosting, no domain name – nothing. I have been fighting with them for over 2 months while I keep getting billed!!! WHAT A HORROR STORY!!!!!!!

  • Kamadev888

    Hosted first year at 2$ a month. This is how they pull you in. Then all of a sudden they charge you $155 for the following year when the year is up. They don't make this clear and evident when you sign up. I am trying to get my money back. Check things out VERY carefully, be careful – otherwise stay clear of them.

  • Autoprotegete Comunidad

    No contraten con IPage, te renueva antes de la fecha, y después no te devuelve el dinero, en mi caso han sido 215$, que me cobraron 17 días antes de que terminara el año de contrato, cuando dicen que te van a cobrar 15 dias antes, y después no contestan a tus email, ni te devuelven el dinero. Es una estafa

  • Artur Poghosyan

    ipage offers shared,virtual and dedicated hosting plans.
    I really love support of ipage , it's very good https://goo.gl/8lTZ1q
    There is no better person to write an iPage review than me. I have my hosting account for 6 years and there is a good reason for that. check here : https://goo.gl/8lTZ1q

  • Psv Ramanakumar

    ipage affiliate program is one of the best scams in the world. They never pay affiliate commission, they never respond to queries. promoting ipage is sheer waste of money, instead of making money you will lose money. becareful

  • askagg2008

    01:35 This control panel is exactly is the same as netfirms'.
    I think ipage and netfirms are one.
    Indians play games here.

  • Maxx Reverie

    Thanks! Very thorough. You have an excellent (and non-irritating) voice thats perfect for tech reviews like this. You gave the information, without adding your "feelings" to it. Well done and again, thanks!

  • Vickie Johnson

    I've been considering IPage for my website hosting, so I was so happy to find this video review. You went to great lengths to get a lot of information for us to consider. I appreciate that. Great job and it looks like I may be using IPage in the near future. Thanks!

  • ExplorerJamaica Tours

    They shut down my site for month because of virus they said. They scan my sites and it never came back up. Very, Very poor service and a bush of thief. Also, they partner with Sitelock to over charge people for security scan.

  • Elizabeth Taylor

    One of the best hosting services available on the market is GetLark. For a period of 3 months you can test it for free, then a year in the cheapest package you have to pay 60 USD. The package includes free SSL, automatic backups, FTP, SSH, MySQL, WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal. etc. https://goo.gl/Q1o5BJ

  • Hemant Bhardwaj

    Sir I respected you as an ideal but after watching this video I felt bad being an Indian ….. I know it may not matter to you but I felt u r courteous enough to respect any country like India trying there best to serve u …..my appologies if i said anything Offensive……. but I feel with so many views and followers comes sort of responsibility too . Thanks one of ur old lost fan

  • Jeff Foster

    well now their phone support is in Phillipines. hAve waited over 40 days now for them to fix my site, ridiculous. it is a simple problem and last word from them was not to contact them any more, they would fix it when they can. just great !!!! hurting my business

  • Michael Stern

    This company is THE worst. My website has been down for 2 weeks. A bug, they said. I told them I wanted compensation and they gave me $3.50. OMG! Do not use them.

  • Mozatic Enterprises & Entertainment

    I am using ipage.com hosting plan. Their server is not fully secured because someone altered my index, htaccess, robots, even sitemap files. Because there are promoting SiteLock. That's the reason they massed with my site and forcing me to buy SiteLock packages sucker. They are massing to everyone who don't buy SiteLock packages from them until your site will be massed every time they want to do they will do.

  • Stanley Chivasa

    I was just about to pay for a 3 year hosting term with Ipage but decided to read some reviews first. Now I'm not so sure. Any recommendations for a more reliable but affordable service, anyone?

  • Elysium

    DO NOT GET I PAGE after a few years they’ll start fucking you over with money, even though you did not authorize any money being taken out after the first payment.

  • Otis Davis

    Unlimited Web Hosting $35.88 for 1 year and 60 days trial! Free migration service, 436 1-click install scripts, 1-click backup and restore, 100% SSD storage, SSD cloud hosting, Price Lock on the same price you bought first time. $395 in Advertising Credits!? 5 stars user reviews on Google. bit.ly/2FNcsj8

  • NanoWebs

    Hey John! Thanks for review. Do you still use iPage? I see you uploaded this video in 2013, so it is kind of outdated. I've just uploaded a fresh review about iPage on my channel.

  • Mcjane Lopez

    Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Ipage on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/ipage-review/ Thanks, Jimmie.

  • Angry Girl

    Their control panel doesn't look like that anymore…it really doesn't. Those are easy questions to answer fast. Some cs is good most is not I have had many problems with IPAGE, I have been here for two months I am leaving to Site Ground, they have many times, messed up my plugins, my cache was disabled to many problems!!!! Don't waste your money!! don't buy from IPAGE, TRUST ME YOU WILL GET SCREWED AND A BIG FUCKING HEADACHE!!!

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