• D Media

    Adding mouse support, file app and USB C to connect hard drives were great improvements. I am ready to receive my keyboard 🙂 thanks

  • JRodriguez

    I’m a med student , actually I’m doing lots of docx and power point presentations, little bit of excel for financial control. My concerns about getting an iPad Pro 11” or a MacBook Air is that if I’m gonna be able to do-edit docx and power point presentations in an iPad, I had the 2018 IPad and ended up selling it because it didn’t help me with those tasks I just mentioned. Do you think Office 365 could come in full MAC/Pc version for iPadOS ?

  • Ultradeath Machine

    As someone who uses ipad for music production the ability to have several webpages open in slideover while i am working will really slow down my productivity as I end up browsing more weird stuff rather than working on music.

  • Ar Shing

    The Brydge pro keyboard is fantastic, I love how it has unlimited viewing angles and turns ipad to a mac, though more protection like rubber on four sides would be great!

  • Chris Brown

    As a classroom instructor, I can now use the multitasking feature to have simultaneous access to control my slides from anywhere in the classroom using NearPod, access to my lesson plan, and have my resource materials on the screen at the same time. This is a game changer!

  • Leonard0o5

    I’m a graphic designer and the iPad has been a good addition to my workflow, now with the iPadOS I expect great improvements in my workflow!

  • Richard Wallach

    This has changed the way I run my classroom. Connection through an Apple TV makes everything flawless. Just looking to enhance the experience with a rad keyboard!

  • Caleb Alvarado

    This is the best video I've seen of this type, very clear and helpful, you pointed out all the things I wanted to know how to do on this new update, I'm new to iOS anf I really appreciate this. Thanks!

  • Repulse theMonkey

    Mouse support is poor. It needs to be like it is on a Mac. As for external drives, very poor, as major formats such as FAT32 are unsupported.

  • Tim Federwitz

    Really well done and I LOVE when people put timestamps for reference videos like this, because I know I WILL be coming back to watch this later when I forget to do something. You have a new subscriber because of the video and attention to detail, but I would also love to win that Brydge! Even if I don't, I will probably be buying one shortly. I just wish someone (the makers of Brydge maybe) would create a keyboard like this with a bluetooth trackpad built in!!! Can you imagine?? I know it will happen soon.

  • Dan Dattilo

    Really appreciated the real-life use cases for using the mouse function, and how to use iPadOS in many uses cases that used to require a laptop. Here comes the cliche; it is truly life changing! Thank you!

  • Brad Whalen

    I don’t really see the point. The majority of the comments here have been about mouse support and usb file transfer support which could have been added with a simple update for all iOS devices. Also if you think about it, the end game here is really going to be just a very expensive and simple laptop computer.

  • Ikechukwu Nwanze

    MacBook Air is already a desktop now. My 12.9 Inch iPad Pro is so capable now after iPad OS. I go to my iMac when at home because I still love using the desktop but when on the go, iPad Pro is my choice now. I seldom use my MacBook Air in cases where I need to use my qualitative research software that does not have iPad support. So, with the iPad Pro, I have my note taking tool, computer, mouse support, light and of cause my USB along with it all. Mobile office on the go.

  • Brett Aronowitz

    I AGREE that the future of all computing is toward the ipad. Sorry Steve, but you were wrong, Apple Pencil has been a game changer.

  • Bill-Lee Vertrees

    Very well done. At age 83, I need all the help I can get to keep up with with this fast changing world. This new iOS will super charge my old iPad, my new iPad Pro 12.9 and my iPhone SE. You are on the top of my list of Apple gurus.

  • Nějaký Muž

    Hi, for me personally iPadOS changed the whole way how I used my iPad. It has never been so much fun! Im really enjoyin movies from external storage and download manager is also a huge change. The way I use my iPad is media consumption, e-mail work and photo editing (main reason, why I wanted iPad Pro). And now? New doors are opened a I am ready to use my new keyboard?

  • Tyus Durant

    I am so looking forward to this. I’m a programmer and I already use codesandbox so I can do some work and push to git. Now I can add external storage?! I will be able to get so much work done away from my desk.

  • Giuzu

    The potential of such a powerful device paired with it’s portability is MIND BLOWING!!! I am mainly using mine to take notes and categorize all of my ideas with audios and visual clues through notability but seeing where this is headed I might be able to use this instead of my mac for finalcut and photoshop… can’t wait to see where Ipad will be 5 years from now

  • Marcus Manderson

    iPadOS is great. I really want to replace my “Documents” app with the Safari downloads option. To do that, I need to be able to share between the downloads folder and DropBox. That does not seem to work for me right now. Any ideas?

  • Mohamed Nasser El Saka

    More than anything, it's the file manager and external drive support that make it a game changer for me. I haven't used my laptop since I installed the iPadOS beta more than a month ago!

  • Jean-Michel Fuentes

    Hey man, awesome video! Could i ask what stand you are using? You think maybe that could carey the ipad plus its keyboard case? Thanks

  • RJasonKlein

    Great video, with really informative content! Just an FYI…you misspelled ‘Timestamps’ in the housekeeping section – I wanted to let you know, because with such great production quality, you may want to correct it.

  • Eric Soto

    The enhanced multitasking is the biggest game changer for me but I have to admit that I am still very confused every time I go to use it. I definitely have to read up and watch some videos on that feature. 🙂

  • ku ro

    With IpadOS, now I can do my work a lot easier. I won’t need to use a pc anymore cuz I don’t have a laptop to bring around. I can do my school work directly on my ipad when I’m at school (because I spend most of my times over there)!

  • Howard Skeivys

    Excellent review. A man who obviously appreciates Apples innovative hardware and software and the way they make them work seamlessly and smoothly together whilst constantly striving to improve the end user experience.

    I sit at a state of the art windows desktop at work for 45 hours a week. Away from the office I have my 2018 12.9 512gb iPad Pro paired with the Brydge pro keyboard. In harmony with my iPhone 10S max and the Apple eco system and unsurpassed after sales service and customer support my personal computing needs are fully catered for, and them some!

    I once watched a review of the original 2015 iPad Pro. The reviewer described it as the most versatile computing device on the market. That must make the 2018 device with iPad OX extremely difficult to argue with.

  • Johnatan Perez

    Looking forward to testing new MacOS on iPad Pro. Seemed pretty seamless but could you share what nuances you experienced in the past couple of months? Mainly things we can wait until next update if not stable in your opinion. Thanks!

  • TechneutNet

    Amazing this new multitasking! Also using external storage is absolutely a killer feature (at least with the most recent iPads with usb-c). Both are improving my life fore sure. What file systems are supported on the storage?
    Please also make a video about the new pen note taking features!

  • Roberto Isca

    Great video on the new OS!
    I’m using iPadOS on my iPad Air 2 with a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and a Logitech Bluetooth mouse and it works really good for everything

  • Pavel Mikula

    I am testing iPadOS for about two months and there is a lot of things I like. But many things bothers me and force me to use my Macbook, f.e. “mobile” version of an Excel or disability to search files and folders on cloud service different than iCloud in Files.

  • Ikechukwu Nwanze

    Honestly if I get the bridge keyboard, am going to sell it. The keyboard folio is just very functional and when I listen to music as I work, I just get to music from slide over and make any changes or I double tap on my earPods. True, if it had music controls, that would help. I had bought AirPods twice but could not use them as they gave me headaches so I just stick to EarPods. I thought using the Trackpad 2 would be my mouse because it's flat and fits well into my iPad Pro sleeve but it's just not a great experience. Magic Mouse does it well. I like flipping the iPad with Keyboard folio upside down, grab my pencil, and using split view, look at an app such as VNC, connected to my iMac for an app with no iPad support on the one side, and on the other side of the split view, use notability and I take notes. iPad Pro is truly the future of computing and that future is now. It allows me to take the whole office with me on the go. Notability also allows signing any document and sending it back to colleagues on the go. I mean I was really tired of printing documents, plus, it's friendlier to the environment. Feels prehistoric when am handed paper to write on but there are instances where that is needed.

  • flipmacyt

    Ipados really gives a big impuls to my usage of my ipad regarding video editing, music composing, information gathering etc ! Really thankful i am for this video… i went thru it a few times..!! And such a nice keyboard would enhance everything even more ! Thanks !!!

  • David Weihs

    Well, iPadOS closed the gap between android tablets and iPads. For me the best innovation is using external storages, because that enables me to use my iPad as real work station

  • Gustavo Arce

    Great informative video, I can not wait to get an iPad so I can use some of the videos shown on this video. Maybe I could retire my old Mac Book Pro from 2011. You are doing a great job with this videos keep them coming. Thanks

  • JoeyIsHome

    Wow! Love the tips and love the bridge keyboard!
    I wish someone would explain the 4 things that everyone needs to know when they buy a new iPad. 1) what is apple activate, how do I use it and when would I? 2) how to set up and use “find my… “ if I turn off iCloud and cellular will it still work? 3) I don’t like iCloud, I want to turn it off completely, how do I do that and what are the disadvantages? 4) I found almost no info on setting up cellular, even Apple support just said to choose your plan with a carrier. That doesn’t make sense to me they all want $30-$50 a month. I only need a few 100 megs are so, after all it will mostly be hooked to WiFi. Very rarely will I use cellular so how do I get a simple cheap plan? Like $5 a month.

  • Fausto Ruiz

    Finally! The update I was waiting for! Thanks for the tips, I'm pretty sure these will help us to keep improving our workflow. I'm an illustrator, but now to be able to work on my iPad as I do on my laptop would be a game changer ?

  • John Buettner

    Wow, so many cool features. I can’t wait to master the multiple window stuff and this floating keyboard with the drag and write is amazing!

  • Thomas Meltofte

    No right-click function makes use on certain pages impossible, where a dropdown menu is present, meaning you cant really use it as a real computer. I want to work on a webpage where I have to work in a text box and then select options from a dropdown menu…can’t be done…so back to the computer!!


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  • Daniel Hernandez

    iPadOS is awesome! Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller support are great. I take my iPad Air 3 everywhere with me. At work to do some school work. Even at home, I'm on my iPad more and more every day instead of my desktop. With all these changes I will only be using my iPad from now on.

  • Official Angelis AntDawg Oblivian

    It’s going to be better especially as a 2-in-1. I think it has all the best qualities compared to a 2-in-1 computer and more.

  • عبدالله المالكي

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    هذا يجلب مزيد من المتابعين في المستقبل.

    شكراً لك .??

  • jay radcliffe

    It’s been a breath of fresh air with the new update it was a struggle the first month of college with no way to access certain sites because the lack there of internet and the inability to save and transfer files to and from the iPad I’m all in on the iPadOS update

  • QCCanales

    watsaap web is very nice in the new safari. The only missing from ipad os ir the posibility of formating media, multi user sccounts and final cut pro for ipad

  • Darrell Lewis

    ipad os is going to allow me to use for my personal use and business especially now allowing ssd drives to connect. The upcoming full Photoshop for iPad hopefully be a game changer.

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