iOS 8.1.3 vs. iOS 4.3.3 – Porównanie prędkości – Speed comparison (CC English)
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iOS 8.1.3 vs. iOS 4.3.3 – Porównanie prędkości – Speed comparison (CC English)

Hey, Maks here. Speed comparison Today I’m going to show you speed comparison because i have these 2 devices: iPhone 6, released in this year Wait! Last year! 2015 so much 😉 I have the iPhone 6 with dual-core A8 chip 1 GB of RAM and iPod Touch 4th gen. released in 2010, with single-core A4 chip, 256 MB of RAM And today i do the speed comparison between these two devices, because this iPod Touch have the oldest *the oldest for this iPod iOS version, because this iPod was jailbroken and I have SHSH files. So, this iPod have iOS 4.3.3. For the beginning, I’m clear the multitasking. On this iPod multitasking is clear, but on iPhone I have a lot of running apps. OK, multitasking on iPhone is also clear. Let’s do this! I will opening apps according the orientation on iPod because I don’t want open apps which is on iPhone but isn’t on iPod. Eg. iMessage on 4.3.3 is a dream. What is first? FaceTime. So, results? As you can see, big numer of apps on iPhone runs a little bit faster than iPod Touch! but I’m remind, these 2 devices have the the fastest iOS versions. That’s the iOS 8 for iPhone 6 because iPhone 6 don’t have older iOS version than 8. and iOS 4.3.3, because this is the oldest version on which I’m did the jailbreak. That’s like I say before. iPhone runs apps faster. But We have 2 exceptions. Eg. Maps runs so faster on iPod! I leave you the interpret. Tell me what you think on comments! Thanks for watching! See you soon!


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