Inviting 100k people to a Discord server
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Inviting 100k people to a Discord server

(Echoey) (D) Uhh, there’s also the Discord servers that I promised in the Half Life 1 video so I guess… (Garbled mess of DeSinc saying “Discord”) “OH MY GOD IT’S DESINC” “OH MY GOD” “Holy shit, how many people? “DESINC I LOVE YOU” “OOOHH the bitrate! Please change the bitrate higher!” *screaming* (D) Alright lemme… put it up. Just a little bit. *low quality coughing* *many people talking in low resolution* (Someone talking VERY deeply) *mic blow* “Oh. My. God.” “IT’S DESINC BOOIIIIIS” (REEEEEEEE) (cough) *channel switch* “Bro, that was a bad idea.” (D) Agh, they’re starting to add me! “Oh no…” “You done fucked up sir.” “OH NO! I’M GETTING ADDED TOO!” “‘Play more PUBG dickhead'” [Questionable slapping noises]
“O-ar DeSincs back-” (Many people screaming) “Why did I join this.” “What’s brown… and sticky?” “my mum.”
“A stick.” “NI-” “Can we please make the bitrate zero.” (D) Yeah I can do that. (low quality coughing) (D) Aight I gotta go to the confidential chat hang on one sec one sec. “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” (D) One sec one sec one sec…
“SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” *garbled mess of screaming and hissing* *channel switch* “Ohh god… What have you…” “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?” “Dean.” “Dean-.. De-.. wha… what is…” “What is this?” “Have you stepped into the above channel!?” “I don’t wanna-I don’t even want to-” (D) I’m gonna go up there right now. (C) yeah I’ll come with you (D) Hey guys, DeSinc here. (garbled mess) “help me” “I HAVE CANCER” “THERE ARE THREE HUNDRED PEOPLE ONLINE IN YOUR DISCORD WHAT THE F-” “THIS IS GONNA BREAK THE DISCORD SERVER” “Dean just… by the way there’s a mob out there.. they’re getting mad.” “I think you should’ve uhh… tested this before you…” “Alright there’s 2 ten people limits.” (D) Oh good, I reckon 10 peoples alright… (D) How’s it going guys. “What the fuck is your problem?” “This is insane!” “It’s better than PyroCynicals, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt there.” “This is ten times better than his I’ll tell you that much.” “Oh it’s DeSinc!” “DESINC I LOVE YOU DAD” [shittyflute]
Are we allowed to create our own government [shittyflute]
and sign a declaration of independence? (D) What. [garbled mess]
“OH MY GOD IS THAT THE DEEEESINC” I wanna have desinc in my ass “Did you just throw the Discord server together-” “YES” “- and then invite… put the invite link-” (D) You know that’s a really good question that I’m not gonna… “WHAT THE FUCK” *screaming* *screaming*
[hellish noises from the dark dimension] “DeSinc I feel bad for your DMs… bro.” (D) Yeah I didn’t know how to turn that off so now I’ve got about 10 pages of DMs. *COUGH* *COUGH* *slam* [laughing] “What the fuck is THAT?” “WHAT?!” “Mr Australia.” “Did you just call DeSinc ‘Mr Australia’?” *gargling screaming noises* “DeSinc when you gonna give me that copy of Half Life 3?” “When are you gonna release the PUBG video?” “WHEN ARE YOU GONNA RELEASE THE BLACK SLAVES IN YOUR BASEM-” (D) And we’re back with DeSinc radio. (D)”TE Josh” you’re on the air, what’s your question? “It wasn’t a question but… can you please accept the friend request.” (D) Ohhhhh yeah that’s…… (D) “SlenderFox”, what’s your… (D) Alright so now you’re infront of all these people you want to say anything before I mute you again? “d-ohh…” “Um…” “Uh…” (D) Alright you’re getting muted. (D) Next person… Is your mic not working? (D) Oh jeez- (D) Yeah okay buddy. “Um…” “I was gonna – I was – okay so I was contemplating if I should say When’s the next Half Life 2 video, or something like that, but I just wanna-” (D) …seems like Chiken was assassinated so we’ll just go to the next person. “I bet you can guess why my right arm is so big.” “What else is really big?” “…my right arm.” “Well I guess it’s time to google ROBLOX aimbot.” “Free Softonic download. Why are you not playing roblox?” “Why are you playing Civ 6?” “Because I’m a girl.” “They have a girl character models on –” (I can literally never understand what he says at this part) “But it’s not like they have tits.” “I have an issue where I can’t play a game unless I can play as a female.” “You should play RUST it randomly assigns you a-” “Yeah my RUST character has a huge black-” “DeSinc. Have you ever seen snow in October?” “Have you ever seen snow in October?” “Shut up Revolver, you rich oiled Norwegian kid.” “WE’RE NOT NORWEGIAN” “WE’RE ESTONIAN” (D) Oh hold on one second… (D) Did you guys just say you were Estonian? (D) I got a question for you. How do you say Nine Months in Estonian? “üheksa kuud” (D) And how do you say Ten Months? “kümme kuud” (D) And how do you say 12 months? “kaksteist kuud” (this sounds like “cocks taste good”) [laughter] “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?” “Do you actually not know?” “No!” “Wait a minute, I…” “I REALLY HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT NOW.” “I mean.. the only thing I find is that kaksteist kuud sounds kinda like ‘Hey that’s pretty good'” “Is that it?” “No.” “OoooooOOHHH OKAY. Hah Hah.” [laughter] “Holy… okay. Please tell me- wait wait ok- Why is it funny?” “Why is it funny?” “I forgot.” “Also… voice 7 wants to fuckin…” (D) Oh yeah those guys want… independence. “DeSinc, voice 3 are taking over this discord sever. You can’t do anything to stop us.” (DeSinc groaning) (Questionable slapping noises) (D) Oh you wanna hear fast fapping? (Very loud and fast questionable slapping noises.) “Lets please keep it to PG.” “DeSinc how you do accelerated backhops?” (Many DeSincs talking at once)
(D) So what you gotta do is… (D) …is go and jump forwards… (D) …and then hop in the air and spin round 180 degrees… (getting louder)
(D) …and then, you basically crouch, then let go of your- *classical music* “Like, I don’t wanna brag but…” “…one… I have two friends…” “Wanna be my friend DeSinc?” (D) no? “Well then I still have two friends.” “The Nazis are…” “preeetty terrible. “Okay, question time is oper.” (over*) “Now, you can just listen to me…” “scream.” (demonic screaming) *breath* (even more demonic screaming)


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