Investment Website Gave Me $165.50 in Free Stock [3 Ways to Get More]
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Investment Website Gave Me $165.50 in Free Stock [3 Ways to Get More]

I just got over $165 in free stock from one
of my favorite investment websites. In this video, I’ll reveal my free stock
on Robinhood and three ways you can get more. We’re talking free investing apps today
on Let’s Talk Money! Beat debt. Make money. Make your money work for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let’s Talk Money. Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel
here on YouTube. I want to send a special shout out to everyone
in the community, thank you for taking a little of your time to be here today. If you’re not part of the community yet,
just click that little red subscribe button. It’s free and you’ll never miss an episode. So wow, I just started on the Robinhood investment
app a couple months ago in a review of free investing apps and I have been absolutely
amazed at this website. In just two months, I’ve collected over
$165 in free stock and have paid zero in investing fees. I’ve collected six shares of free stock
on the platform with one share alone worth $133! For this video, I want to show you how easy
it is to get started on the Robinhood app. I’ll reveal those six shares of stock and
then show you three ways to get even more free money. We recently reviewed Robinhood and two other
free investment websites here on the channel and these are so important folks. Fidelity reports the average investor makes
88 trades a year. That’s more than $400 in fees even on some
of the cheapest investing platforms and adds up to tens of thousands in lost money over
a lifetime of investing. Not only does Robinhood let you invest totally
free, you’ll never pay a commission to buy or sell stocks, it has this program that gives
you a free share of stock. The free stock program works a couple of ways. You get a free share when you sign up on the
website and I’ve left a link in the video description below to get your first free share. Then you get your own link that you can share
and whenever someone uses your link to join, you get another free share. It’s that easy and after revealing that
$165 in free stock I’ve collected, I’m going to show you three ways to get as much
as possible on the app. So here we are on the Robinhood investment
app and anytime you get a free stock, the site is going to notify you by email. You click up here on Free Stocks in the menu
and you’ll go to this page where you can claim your free shares. I’ve got five of these I need to claim so
let’s click on each to see which free stock I get. Besides just getting free money…which is
pretty awesome, is Robinhood kind of makes it a game. So it’s going to pick at random a stock
worth between $3 to $175 in this kind of pick a card game. Seriously, using the three tips I’ll share
below, you’re going to be checking your account every day just to see which free stock
you get. It’s that much fun. So clicking on the first reward and then I
pick one of these spinning cards and…a free share of Ford, ticker F, worth $8.81! Ford’s been a tough investment for a couple
of years but I really like this one for a long-term play. I actually did a complete stock analysis on
the company a couple of months ago and I still believe in the long-term upside here. Ford pays a very attractive 6.7% dividend
yield and it’s really the entire car industry that has been struggling, not necessarily
any major missteps from Ford management. That cash for clunkers program and super-low
rates after the recession boosted new car sales and now the auto makers are paying for
it. We have to work through that huge supply of
cars in the used market and then people will start buying new again. Management has made the tough decisions, cutting
to just nine platforms on which it makes cars and had a stellar first-quarter report on
the restructuring program. The company is well ahead on electric and
autonomous vehicles than the market is giving it credit and I’ll take that free share
any day! We go back to the Free Stocks page on Robinhood
and click on our next reward…a free share of General Electric, ticker GE worth $7.80! GE is another stock that’s had its trouble
lately with the shares plunging in August on accusations of an accounting scandal. Now as I’m making this video, there’s
no proof to the accusations and it’s a little suspicious because the guy making the call
has been hired by a company shorting the stock. Is everything perfect at the company? Clearly not or it wouldn’t be here in the
first place but there are some questions about the motives behind the accusations as well. As for the company, past management made some
really bad moves taking on debt and putting too much in the power business. Shares are down 74% from 2016 and management
cut the dividend last year to protect cash flow. Full disclosure, I also own the shares in
a personal portfolio. What I will say is that the new CEO, Larry
Culp, has made some solid decisions in where to cut and what to sell. The company has paid down a net $29 billion
in debt over the last two years and still has some great assets. Will the stock rebound fast? Hell no! This one will probably be painful for investors
for at least another year but I do think it will rebound and I’m holding it for the
long-term. Back to the Free Stocks page on Robinhood
and click on our next reward…a free share of Tronox, ticker TROX, worth $7.41! To be honest, I had never heard of the company
until I got the free stock. It’s a $1.3 billion specialty chemical and
miner based out of Stamford, Connecticut, paying a 1.7% dividend yield. The shares surged out of the gate to April
this year, almost doubling, but then just tanked and are down 2.9% so far against a
gain of 14% on the S&P 500. What kind of surprises me about Tronox is
that it runs both the mining operations for its feedstock as well as the chemical production
side for paints and coatings. It helps the company control costs throughout
the supply chain but can also lead to less efficiency in the segments. Both segments, chemicals and mining, have
taken a hit since the trade war reignited this year so I think that explains a lot of
the weakness here. The company has a fairly strong balance sheet
with net debt of about a billion after removing current assets so I wouldn’t mind holding
on to this one for a while. Three more stocks left so back to the Free
Stocks page on Robinhood and click on our next reward…a free share of Sirius XM, ticker
SIRI, worth $5.97! Sirius is probably my least favorite of the
group so far. It’s actually beat the market by about 20%
over the five-year period but has fallen pretty hard since mid-2018. The radio service has a nice advantage in
its partnership with car makers for installation in new cars but I think the Pandora acquisition
was a bad move. Streaming music is a competitive industry
with Spotify and Apple both in the field. I do like the fixed royalty agreement Sirius
has with music providers which gives it a slight cost advantage over other streaming
services. Churn on customers is very low under 2% so
the company should be able to add subscribers and the shares could see their highs again
eventually. My first free stock on Robinhood when I opened
the account was a share of Groupon for $2.32…and yeah, this was another one that didn’t really
trip my trigger. Groupon plunged immediately following its
2011 IPO and really hasn’t done much since. On the other hand, the company has a rock-solid
balance sheet with about a third of its market cap in net cash. That’s balance sheet cash of $600 million
versus long-term debt of just $210 million and a market value of the company at $1.3
billion. Is this a company with a huge defensible advantage
in its business? No but it does have some size advantages over
smaller daily deal websites and is still cash flow positive. Shares are at an all-time low right now but
have been at double that within the last year. I’m putting this one on my lottery-ticket
stock list and will hold on for the ride. Now for our last free stock on Robinhood,
click on the reward and…a free share of Microsoft, ticker MSFT, worth $133.10! Wow, not only did I just get a stock worth
$133 free but this one’s on fire with a 225% return over the past five years. I just published a complete analysis of Microsoft
shares as well, looking at those Wall Street price targets that put the shares as high
as $163 each over the next year. The company’s cloud business has been booming
posting 64% year-over-year growth and earnings are expected 10% higher this year on 9.8%
growth in sales. Not only is this a trillion-dollar company
with very strong growth but it’s increasing profitability as well, reporting an operating
profit margin of 32% recently over margins of 25% in 2017. Now in my own analysis, which I did before
I got this free stock, I said those price targets of $163 were a little high. My own target for the shares is closer to
$150 each but that’s still about 13% higher on top of the 1.4% dividend yield. That’s over $165 in free stock on Robinhood
and some of these are solid dividend payers so that portfolio will cash flow every few
months. Now I want to reveal three ways you can get
more free stock on the Robinhood app, three hacks to get more free money. First is just to open an account. That’s it. Use that link in the video description below
and you’ll get a free share of stock just for opening an account. I use the Robinhood app because of that no-fee
investing and it’s one of the easiest investment websites to use. You can buy or sell stocks, ETFs, options
and mutual funds, you can even buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on the app. Next you go to the Free Stocks page and get
your special referral link. This is going to be the link you use when
you tell someone about the investment app. And here’s my second trick, you’re going
to want to share this on social media so in Facebook and Twitter, whatever social media
profiles you have. But just sharing your link on Facebook isn’t
going to work. You have to personally tell people about it
and why they should sign up. So what works best is doing a direct message
to your contacts, your friends and family. Now this doesn’t have to be a pushy thing. Just ask if they’re using an investing website
and if they’ve heard about Robinhood. You tell them about the free stock program
and ask them to use your link if they sign up. It’s so easy because who doesn’t want
free money? This next hack is going to be a little harder
but is definitely one you want to check out and it could become an income source even
beyond the Robinhood free stock program. Share your experience with Robinhood on a
blog or YouTube channel just like I’m doing here. It costs nothing to start on YouTube and that
mini-video recording studio you call a smartphone is all the equipment you need. Even if you don’t feel like you know enough
about investing yet, it’s sharing your personal story, your experience learning about it,
that will be powerful and will draw people to your channel. Click on the video to the right to see this
review of my favorite free investing apps; M1 Finance, Robinhood and the Acorns app. I talk pros and cons of each and which are
best for different investor types, it’s not which is best but which is best for you. Don’t forget to click on that link in the
video description to get your free stock on Robinhood and join us in the Let’s Talk
Money community by tapping the subscribe button.


  • GenXDividendInvestor

    My favorite way to get free stock is with the Bumped app 🙂 I'm not affiliated with them, and you first need to get on their waitlist on their website. Once you get in (they are still in beta), you start getting fractional shares of stock as you spend $ on brands you are loyal to (grocery stores, ride sharing, pizza places, coffee places, online ecommerce, etc), and these rewards are literally free and are in addition to normal rewards you get from your credit cards. Very few people know about Bumped, but once it goes live I think literally everyone in the US will sign up. It's awesome!

  • Acorn Oakland

    I use to use the robinhood app but, it wasn't for me besides trying other brokers. So instead i started using M1 Finance and started sharing my personal journey here on YouTube despite it being mobile uploads from my smartphone.

  • Snafu2346

    I use Robinhood for trading, I use M1 for investing.
    I hate M1 "trade window" its slow
    I love M1's fractional shares
    I hate that M1 is setup where if you don't set your trade BEFORe the market opens, you're SOL till the next trade day.
    I wish M1 would have 2 windows, say 1 during morning, and at least another during afternoon.

  • Snafu2346

    how do you feel about ABBV Abbvie?
    I know its a huge company that has seen its up and downs. More downs lately as it has lost a lot a value.
    Is it a good time NOW to buy it? Its dividends seem good if the company is able to sustain itself.

  • Snafu2346

    All the shares I have gotten from Robinhood are
    Chesapeake bay,
    Chesapeake bay,

    All pretty much worthless.

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