Invading furry discord servers, but its like going through border patrol
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Invading furry discord servers, but its like going through border patrol

We’re gonna be infiltrating furry servers, are you ready? yea What’s a good furry name? Woofles what? Uh, maybe woofles? O-ok, your mic is kind of-
(Orkle?) Your mic is- (Orkle?) Your microphone’s being a bit poopy right now not gonna lie I know Alright, so I’m gonna change mine to… Uh, x3, underscore, nuzzles Alright, now we’ve gotta-(yea, i’ve changed it) Oh my fucking god (chuckles) yea (Oh no) Just the name furry chad delight matched with the picture Ohh no. What’s your name what’s your name? Furry Chad Delight UwUUUUUUUUU Furry profile picture, yes Alright um… (I started looking for some discord servers) Oh my god there’s so many, I’ll pick the first one, sure it looks good. Oh wait are we going to be girls or boys? (I’m a girl) Alright, I’ll be… I’ll be whatever this is It can be both a girl or a boy, you can’t really fucking tell *laughing noises* Furry profile picture, I swear I’m not weird. Alright! Ohh, nooohoho…. Oh nooo Yes! It’s brilliant! Oh no… I’m scared already… How….. How messed up do we want it to be? Pretty right? Oh, I’ve found one, yup. Furry trash, I’m joining it This is already going south, so fast Judging by the fact the description is 18 plus Eigh-? Oh noo… this is bad… Wait- where the fuck did he go? Oh, oh… I- I- I guess I’m alone now Ok Yes please- oh thank god you’re back I have no idea what happened I- oh shit-… I thought you left me No, i would never leave you Alright, invite me to the server Invite me already! Invit- *claps continously* No im trying- bro im fucking excited please just invite me please im begging you Ok, my name is going to be Jacob cuz thats a good furry name I’ll do 18, im 18 Species? Fine, what even am i, what is my species, wha- what would you call this? fine, species, ill put wolf yea yea yea wolf makes more sense Your name is moon, you’re 25, sexy beast. Canadian part time tyran- You do realize you literally copy pasted the thing that the robot gave you right? yea, no im gonna change it UK sex researcher, see my work here, and then theres a link! UK sex researcher? yea no, i think we should find a new one yea, this one kind of sucks alright ill find the next one, dont worry Oh no. I just looked up furry discord servers and these already look disgusting Oh no! Dude dude dude dude, this one’s called furry feet… (*chuckles*) dude we’re joini- we’re joining furry- no no no, we’re joining furry feet You dont have a choice in this we’re joining furry feet *laughs* no I dont wanna join we are joining furry feet wait wait, note it can take the next day… Are you serious? oh, nooo. Alright, leave this one. Furry feet, no, no furry feet The fox den. no i- i- i’ve seen thi- ive seen this in a youtube video this one is really popular we are already connected, we can already access everything, oh yea this is it. inv- invite me we gotta be a member for at least 10 minutes to send messages then what do we do Alright lets find another one in the meantime cuz we have to wait 10 minutes for this one *music* what just happened… Bro i just got invited to furry central Im in, im in im in. Im in dude theres so many rules to enter a furry server, what the hell oh my god, thi- this sucks. ok. not furry central this one sucks as well yea im looking for one *shit whistling* this is giving me aids dont say that you might actually get it from this i opened a furry invitation and it already has NSFW in- in the fucking… thing this is aids… this is aids *earrape music* ok im literally texting every single staff member at this point dude we suck at infiltrating discord servers… *notification* *gasps* Dude! I just got a, i got a, i got a, reply *loud typing noises* okokok i think hes letting me in, i think hes letting me in no way *gasps* oh, yes! Im no longer muted. dude im in im in! What is dominant, submissive or switch? there is a chat called cUdDlE wArS oh, oh god! I just saw something i didnt want to see *repeated disgusted “oh no’s”* B Y E bro im going in im going in i dont know, i dont know HOW im going to censor this but ok im going in ohhhhhhh, oh nooooooo its in the art corner and theres a little place called NSFW art and JESUS CHRIST I found it! the roleplay! no way… oh, OH WHAT THE- OH NO, NO NO NO NO *continuously shouts no at the speed of light in disgust* i just clicked on some things i did NOT want to click on, jesus christ my eyes need bleach right now (bring bleach) I need bleach i need bleach, please give me bleach I got in!! *dissapointedly* I just saw animal porn… i love how thats the first thing you say DUDE I got someone im 18, single, and ready to mingle I like hardcore but im the dominant one in the relationship no your the submissive one he will do shit to you then oh, oh god how do you know so much? dont ask me we just gotta get a little bit into the roleplay, reveal the truth to him, say gotem and then leave WHATS THAT? AND WHY IS IT CURVED??? WHY IS HIS TONGUE BIGGER??? this guy has been typing for hours, hours and its not even an exaggeration, he just keeps typing this is the last one im doing, i give up after this hE sToPpEd TyPiNg ok cmon, i gotta push him to do it uh, laughing! *fake chuckles* hahahahha ugh, dude, someone sent a friend request no! do not accep- did you accept it? yes dude look how long he took to type THIS I begin to walk over to you, I take one praw? one praw. I take one paw and bring you closer to me I give you a kiss after staring into your eyes for a sec wha- what do i answer to this i reach for the bulge below… *unintelligible* look what i just said! im gonna break it to him, im gonna break it to him, i cant do this anymore aaaand 3, 2, 1, GOTEM aaaaaHHHHH i think he went to report me im not gonna lie he probably is this was fun, but now i gotta go mourn about my sins and uh, pour holy water into my eyes can i interest you in supreme bleach? yes i would love tha- (it will delete your memories) you will forget about… the whole thing an- and everything else in your life you will likely die yes please im begging you, i need bleacb alright, so im gonna go to the priest real quick tell him about what i’ve done… (a confession dial) yea, a confession basically alright well this has been fun, thank you so very much and uh… and um, um, um, i hope the bleach will work tonight thank you (no problem, bye) you are a great man your a great soldier *relief sounds* good job, the video is over. You made it to the end. congrats. you didnt get to watch furporn without obama in the way, but at least your eyes will stay clean and with dignity


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