Invading Discord Servers
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Invading Discord Servers

So I was working the other day, right and I was working *discord join bell* with a Crane. *Crane noise” Nope, not that, not that type of crane nonono Nonono, not that type of crane. You’re working with this crane? No not that crane definately not that kind of crane. No, not that crane. *Discord join noise* *Crane noise in the background* This kind of crane. This kind of crane, Oh that, that crane, alright. I see. I see, I understand now. You understand now? yes, god… ♫ Rare Discord ringtone plays ♫ We have a request, all right *Laughing in background* Oh god what the fuck. I’m currently recording a video called invading discord service now. That sounds bad I know it sounds bad, BUT IT GETS WORSE. *Laughing* His profile pictures a puzzle. Theres only two pieces. Hey, what’s up, have you ever seen Top Gun? Do you guys like Tom Cruise? What conversation did you guys have in– Get to this point HO HO. ITS TOM CRUISE WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT HE’S HERE! ITS HIM Look at his — Look at his profile picture Hey uh. CLOUT_GOD35 Hey uh. Hey Clout God. Now everyone change your name to Don Cheadle Who? Alright so for a little quick context, this is Don Cheadle, he’s an American actor that nobody knows despite being everywhere It’s really funny. So we made fun of it Hi, I’m Don Cheadle. How are you guys? Hi Don Cheetos how are you? I’m doing grand How have your guys days been? We’ve been good how ha– It has been superb. Wait… Hold on a second. How’s it going Don Cheadle Hey Don Cheadle hows it going?– I’m doing pretty okay. O– Oh hey Don Cheadle. Hey I’m Don Cheadle How are you today? Oh wow three Don Cheadles Hi I’m Don Cheadle Hey hows it going Don Cheadle Hey Don Cheadle Hi I’m Don Cheadle Don Cheadle how-ho — Hey, hey, its Terrance Howard, hey get out of here this is Iron Man 2 Get outta town Inaudible You’re washed up Get out Leave Terrance… Leave Terrance, this is iron Man 2 Was it youuu? Was it you? it was Don Cheadle You there? *Speaking some other language* Im sorry? He is foreign, uhmmm, I have never seen any of you before Which means did you guys all just join here? That’s true Smoke. Do you guys smell that? Yes smell I’d say that Smoke? I smell smoke. SMOKE?! I smell smoke guys. Guys I made some toast You made toast? Yeahhh! Did you take it out? Am I supposed to?! Y- Yeah. Haven’t you taken it out? It’s getting worse. D-do you guys smell that? Yeah. I’m gonna have to open a window. I’m gonna open a window What the fuck are you guys doing? Its really fucking smoky. Its getting really bad. I can’t I can’t even see my computer monitor B-bad news. Might need a fire department. Then pull the fucking alarm Pull the alarm Altrive Whats the alarm?! *distantly* I pulled it. It’s not making any noise Was the handle supposed to come off?! *a really loud, dry cough* *Beeping* Get the kids We need to evacuate Get outta here. Get outta here. Everyone out. Daddy Meyer you first Alright, everyone get out. Oh. ohh thats awful. Altrive. oh my, what an idiot. Are you guys doing okay? I heard you– Heard you were a little upset River *Banging* All My FUCKING LIFE River, River, you gotta calm down. River, River are you okay. River please. River come on. OH MY GOD ITS DON CHEADLE *Wheezing intensifies* You know I was the war machine before he was.


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