Introduction to Snipcart v3.0 – Discover our New Cart!
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Introduction to Snipcart v3.0 – Discover our New Cart!

Three goals have driven
us at Snipcart since 2013. First, offer next level cart
and checkout customization. Second, let developers work
with the tools that they love. And third, create a kick-ass e-commerce development user experience. The third version of our shopping cart fully embraces all of these goals. Let’s take a closer look. First off, here’s the new design for our default shopping cart theme. It’s more sober and more modern. We wanted something less opinionated. Hence the new universal
style which is perfect for most websites. It’s also responsive, obviously. We built it with a mobile-first approach. If your a developer who needs a quick shopping cart integration that
still boasts neat visuals, this new default theme
has everything you need. The new design is UX driven. We really wanted to improve our
checkout flow with the v3.0. We’ve made sure to include
all the best practices for a quick on-page checkout flow that is sure to boost conversions. Order summary always follows the user, no hidden shipping or tax fees. Steps are clearly
indicated and flow linearly in a single column layout. Auto completion and auto focus are used wherever they’re useful. Completed steps summary
stays visible at all times, and visual cues help the user
navigate the check out flow. Security, payment options,
promo code details, card detection, and more. We’re also using much more real estate for the checkout experience,
instead of cramming everything in a small modal. And voila! Customization has always
been easy with Snipcart, but we pushed things further here. With the V3, developers can craft on-brand experiences more quickly. Visually and functionally, Snipcart is now easier to customize. There’s practically no limit to how far you can push the theme’s customization. Simple CSS and HTML
tweaks can go a long way. You can now create and eliminate fields to suite your needs. Think company, phone number, allergies, street address 2, special
instructions, et cetera. The default template of our new cart will feature a very
simple, framework-agnostic, template overriding syntax. This allows developers to customize components on the fly,
directly in their HTML markup. One thing we’ve heard
a lot from developers in the last few years is
jQuery dependency, really? Well, no more. This new cart doesn’t
depend on any third party libraries in the global scope. We’ve used modern technologies like VueJS, Redux, and TypeScript to build it. But we’ve worked hard so you don’t have to deal with them while
integrating Snipcart. JavaScript and HTML is all you
need to know to get started. The card V3 means a lot of
new features for Snipcart, but not everything has changed. You still get: the same fast
and easy product definition as HTML attributes directly
in your website’s code base. That’s true whether
you sell subscriptions, physical or digital products. The same fully featured merchant dashboard with advanced e-commerce functionality such as inventory
management, tax management, abandoned cart recovery, and more. I invite you all to try
Snipcart v3.0 right now. It’s completely free to sign up and will stay that way as long
as you’re in test mode. For anymore technical info,
visit our documentation. Thank you for watching and happy coding.

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