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Introduction to Cloud Computing | IEEEx on edX | About Video

Hi I’m Phil Laplante, Professor of Software
and Systems Engineering at Penn State. I’m the author and instructor of the introduction
to Cloud Computing course produced by IEEE (that’s the Institute of Electrical and
Electronics Engineers) and edX. You know, there’s a lot of confusion
and hype surrounding cloud computing. But the truth is that the basic principles and
technologies of cloud have been around for almost 50 years – it’s just that these
technologies have matured and become more prevalent, and people are finding new ways
to utilize cloud computing to solve all kinds of real problems.
I’ll be your guide as you explore various cloud computing service and deployment models,
cloud infrastructure, cloud scenarios and various applications.
The course is vendor and technology agnostic, so you’ll find no sales pitches, though
I will mention various commonly used cloud services to make the presentation practical.
I think after taking this course you will have a solid understanding of the issues
surrounding cloud implementation and be able to make smart decisions around cloud computing. I’m excited to be your guide in this journey, which I hope you will really enjoy.
Good luck and thanks for taking this course.


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    Starting next week, get your start in cloud computing with this introductory course from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (@IEEE), the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology:
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    Introduction to Cloud Computing from @IEEE starts today. Learn the basics of #cloudcomputing from @Penn State University Professor Phil Laplante: #technology  

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