Introduction to Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances
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Introduction to Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances

many compute workloads vary over time making it difficult to predict and optimize for the capacity you need with Amazon ec2 on-demand pricing you don’t need to plan around spikes you simply pay one low price for the computing capacity you use for other workloads utilization may be more predictable Amazon ec2 reserved instances allow you to make capacity reservations for workloads like these by using reserved instances for these workloads you can save up to 75% when compared to ec2 on-demand hourly rates reserved instance pricing is calculated using three key variables the instance attributes term commitment and payment options that you select instance attributes that determine pricing include instance type availability zone tenancy and platform for example purchasing a reserved instance with instance type m3x large availability zone US East one a default tenancy and Linux platform would allow you to automatically receive the discounted reserved instance rate anytime you run an instance with these attributes another attribute that determines price is term commitment reserved instances can be purchased in either one-year or three-year commitments with a three-year commitment offering a larger discount there are also three flexible payment plan options you can pay everything upfront make a partial payment upfront or pay nothing upfront the more you pay upfront the more you save and whatever you don’t pay upfront will be due in monthly installments now maybe you’re thinking the savings are great but what if my application workload requirements change or go away before the end of my commitment for changing workloads you have the flexibility to modify the availability zone within the region where your reserved instance is located the networking type or for Linux reserved instances you can modify the instance type to another size in the same family at no extra cost and if you no longer need your reserved instance you can become a third-party seller and sell it on the reserved instance marketplace regardless of your application size and maturity or whether you’re a startup or enterprise customer Amazon ec2 reserved instances can help you save up to 75% on your Amazon ec2 bill while ensuring you have the computing capacity to power your application to purchase go-to reserved instances in the ec2 dashboard of the AWS management console reserved instances are sold by AWS and by third-party sellers who occasionally offer even deeper discounts at shorter terms remember there’s no physical difference between a reserved instance sold by a third party and AWS so you can buy from third-party sellers with confidence to learn more visit our website today


  • Gustavo ChiHam

    I have about 8 EC2 Windows t2.small instances iam paying about $0.03 (on-demand) Total is about 5840 hrs/month.
    If I buy 1 reserve instance for 1 year is a total of about 8760 hrs

    Will the bill for this reserve instance be applied to all my 8 EC2 pricing ?
    Or will it be only applied to 1 of them ?

    I ask these because I am not sure I will have all 8 instances for 1 year, but I am sure I will have them for at least 3 months. So I can pay upfront for 17520 hrs of EC2 t2.small Windows.

  • kartik

    statements that are correct about s3
    1] you can host a simple webpage inside s3
    2] you can point a route53 resource to an s3 file
    3] you can download any kind of file from s3
    4] none are correct

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