Introduction to Amazon EC2 – Elastic Cloud Server & Hosting with AWS
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Introduction to Amazon EC2 – Elastic Cloud Server & Hosting with AWS

Whatever kind of application you run, it’s pretty certain
that you’re going to need servers. Sometimes you might need
larger ones and sometimes
you might need smaller ones. Sometimes you might not need many and other times you might need
tens or hundreds. Whatever your requirements, wouldn’t it be great
to be able to obtain servers quickly and inexpensively? Traditionally, obtaining servers
could be quite time-consuming and typically something that
could take weeks or even months. You have to do research into
the right kind of hardware to buy, maybe get budget approval and then purchase the hardware,
have it racked and stacked and eventually get access
to your servers. and once you’d purchased
the servers, you are stuck with them. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2 makes it easy for you
to obtain virtual servers also known as
compute instances in the cloud quickly and inexpensively. You simply choose
the instance type you want, the template you would like to use which could be based on
Windows or Linux and launch the quantity you need. You can do this with a few clicks
from the AWS Management Console or automate the process via an API
using SDK in your choice of language. Within minutes your instances
will be running and you will have access
with full administrative control just like any other server. And with Amazon EC2 you pay only
for what you use. When you’re done using
your instances you stop them
and you stop paying for them. Amazon EC2 provides
a range of instance types designed for different use cases. These range from small
and economical instances that are a great choice for low
volume applications all the way up to cluster
compute instances designed for high performance
computing workloads and could-based supercomputing
on demand. Amazon EC2 provides instances
optimized for compute, memory, storage and GPU processing to enable you to find the right price
and performance combination for whatever workloads
you want to run. It’s also really easy
to resize your instances if your business or application
requirements change. Amazon EC2 offers a choice
of flexible pricing options. With on demand pricing you pay only
for what you use. When you stop your instances,
you stop paying, there are no long-term commitments
or upfront fees. Reserved instance pricing lets you
obtain a significant discount over the on demand price in return
for a low one-time payment. Spot instance pricing lets you name
the price you want to pay for instances using
market-based pricing and can allow you to obtain
compute capacity at a significant discount
to the on demand price. We know that security is very
important for your applications and Amazon EC2 provides a number
of built-in security features. Your instances are located
in a Virtual Private Cloud or VPC that is a logically isolated
network that you control. Amazon VPC provides you with
a number of network security tools you can use to control
who can access your instances. You can also connect securely
to your on-premises network with a hardware-based VPN device. Amazon EC2 instances provide you with various amounts of directly
attached temporary storage depending on instance type and you can also use
Amazon Elastic Block Store or EBS to provide persistent block storage
for your Amazon EC2 instances. Amazon EBS also offers you
the ability to provision storage with a specific
level of performance to meet the needs
of you application. It can be difficult
to predict the demand that your applications
might experience and Amazon EC2
provides auto-scaling to help ensure that your
applications demands are met. Auto-scaling lets you
define metrics to increase or decrease the number
of instances that you are running. You can choose standard metrics, such as network bandwidth
or CPU utilization or a custom metric that you define. This helps you ensure that you
can meet your applications demands without manual intervention
and pay only for what you need. You can sign up
for an AWS account today and get started
with Amazon EC2 in minutes. And with the AWS Free Tier, you can try
cloud computing for free.


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  • لاإله إلا الله رب العالمين

    استضافه امازون تتيح لك استضافه مشاريعه على الcloud سوا (مشاريع SDKs.) او. (مشاريع CMS انظمة اداره المحتوى)
    يقصد ب sdks هي الحقايب المتكامله لانشاظ مشروع معين وتحتوي كل الادوات وال framwork و ال library لانشاء المشروع.
    بالنسبه لاستضافه امازون ، توفر طريقتان للدفع اما ب قيمة ثابته شهريه. او الدفع مقابل الاستخدام بالساعه. اي عندما يعمل السيرفر يبداءيحسب التكلفه وعندما تتوقف عن استخدام السيرفر. يتوقف حساب التكاليف.
    وتوفر امازون مميزات عدة. أهمها:
    1- data center. تستطيع الوصول لملفاتك من اي مكان
    2- الدفع حسب الاستخدام
    3- زيادة وتقليص حجم ال resource حسب الحاجه لها
    4- عدة فئات للاستضافه حسب الاحتياج:-
    أ- simple hosting. للمشاريع الصغيرة. ويدعم ال SDKs and CMS project
    ب-static host
    لمشاريع ال front end only. with out back end
    هناك اداه يوفرها امازون تسمىS3 كواجهه لعمل تخزين للبيانات رفع وتنزيل. وتستخدم مع ال الاستضافه الثابته. static
    ج-interpress hosting
    تستخدم مصطلح ال zone تتكون من عدة aws service وتستخدم مع المشاريع الكبير كموقع بايبال ولامبرغيني وتوفر اداره عالية للاستضافه.

    د-Elastic Cloud Computing ( EC2).
    استضافه تدعم مشاريع sdk and cms ولديها طريقتان للدفع اما شهري او بالساعه حسب الاستخدام

    وامازون توفر استضافه لمدة سنه مجانا للمطورين

  • Surabhi Mishra

    This tutorial was good. I attend one demo of AWS EC2 which was good and informative with hands-on if anybody wants so can see here:
    This AWS EC2 tutorial will help you to understand what is EC2, Concepts & terminologies with hands-on.

  • Yousef Ahmad

    I'm trying to study for the solutions architect exam. These well animated videos are the best thing for me to study. Does anyone know where all these videos are in their playlist? I don't see any separation from the long boring videos

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