–Introduction for website design starters– | Computing
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–Introduction for website design starters– | Computing

[Music] welcome – hi – today we are going to talk about the introduction for website developing starters we’re going to talk about what is a website what programming language do we use in creating websites and what is the function for each programming languages firstly when you talk about the website a website is a collection of pages that have specific information and can be input in different functions it is on with what web and the information on website can trace back to a uniform resource locator a website can be built up by serve programming languages these programming languages are HTML CSS and JavaScript HTML is a programming language that build up basic structure of the website it is them for hypertext markup language this using text to identify different types of content CSS is a programming language that build up the layout of the website it is described the presentation of website include colors layout and font it is independent of HTML javascript is a logic basic programming language that makes a simple task at functions it make response to user’s actions and allows creators to give dynamic context it can be used to create like confirmation box or to turning values there’s an example of a website that only has HTML this is an example with only HTML and CSS and finally this is an example of website with a kml CSS in JavaScript and that’s it don’t forget to subscribe my channel like the video and comment down below see you next time bye

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