Introducing the HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen10 Small Scale Server
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Introducing the HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen10 Small Scale Server

Introducing the new HPE ProLiant MicroServer
Gen10, perfect for small businesses and professionals looking for
powerful processing capabilities. This compact but robust microserver is
designed to fit in any home or work space, and at this price even the smallest startup can have enough bandwidth to
compete with the big guys. I HATE TO INTERRUPT. Oh, are you talking to me? YES. YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE. Oh, well, thank you. NOT TO BRAG… BUT MY AMD APU CAN MAKE
GORGEOUS GRAPHICS FOR YOU IN NO TIME. That’s true. Artwork, imaging and multimedia are all easy. AND I CAN DISPLAY ON TWO 4K
SCREENS, AT THE SAME TIME. That is impressive I must admit. I CAN BE THE SERVER YOU NEED. You mean how you can easily and quickly
install hard drives, upgrade memory, add an ODD or SATA SSDs with extra
PCIe slots for graphic cards, networking cards or serial port cards? AND WITH MY CLEAROS, I’M REALLY EASY TO SET UP. Oh wow, an OS that lets me select all the apps on
the marketplace that I want and nothing I don’t. There are so many apps to choose from: Remote Data Backup, Gateway Antivirus,
Dynamic VPN, Plex Media Server… I can’t keep up. Microserver, are you still there? SHHH! I’M SHOWING OFF ONE OF MY
BEST FEATURES… HOW QUIET I AM. Oh, the strong silent type. The new HPE ProLiant MicroServer
Gen10, available now.


  • theshadowduke

    Give home users a way to buy it directly and not make us buy a service contract to get the driver updates and lots of people will.

  • Jorge Escobar

    If you give me an HP link to purchase it directly from HP and send to Mexico, I'll gladly buy it, if not I rather build my own server purchasing parts at amazon.

  • techvigator

    2x 4K display capable APU seems that HPE has perfectly understood that there is a big target of these machines: those who want to build small workstation environments. I've got two microserver gen8 in my home, the first one runs as an home server with HPE ESXi environment installed and a second one fitted with an Nvidia Quadro P400 VGA board that I use as a Linux workstation. In both cases the capabilities of these two machines are simply stunning. Both have been upgraded with a XEON E3 1265L v2 Processor which is the best compromise between power and current drain. But only in one case I really need the presence of the iLO. Maybe, I hope, HP will permit an iLO upgrade thru a separate expansion card possibily fitted in one of the two PCIe slots. In the other cases you should have, really for the first time, a ready to run system with no need for immediate upgrades of CPU nor VGA respectively if you want a small home server or a medium power workstation. By me, the real question is: how do the Opteron X3000 performs compared with an E3 xeon?

  • Hoder Jensen

    Was about to pull the trigger on this for a fair bit of our remote locations, but the lack of ILO is a huge mistake. Guess I'm going with Lenovo.

  • aktlys

    I'm so disappointed there is no iLO… have 3 G8 micros since they are extremely practical. Will not get the G10. SAD!

  • burnzy3210

    things nobody wanted;
    4k support
    display port (especially two of them)
    an AMD APU/CPU

    what you should have done;
    change the optical drive slot for a 2.5" drive slot
    added an nvme M.2 slot
    hot swappable 3.5" drives
    kept iLO
    stayed with intel (maybe a CPU with an IGPU)
    add ONE HDMI port

  • PincoPalla

    What every user wants to have on his server (even if it is cheap) is to run 2x4k display (on a server!) but…
    iLO, the onboard microSD slot, and the possibility to upgrade the cpu, is what every user doesn't need on his server and every Gen8 entusiast wanted to lose!
    According to HPE people should go back to keyboard, video (fortunately 2x4k), mouse, cd, dvd and pendrive.
    Congratulation to HPE, my best wishes for your new generation MicroServer!

  • Sergei Lupenkov

    This is not the server is some kind of crap incomprehensible that it is better to buy already the older generation. G6,7.8.9 ML 350
    I have an older version of the server. HP ML 350 G6 / 200$ It cost me

  • Juan Melas

    What a piece of junk, soldered processor so you can't upgrade + remove of iLO, I'm not buying any of your products anymore, greedy bastards.

  • Marty McCafferty

    HPE totally missed the boat with this system. Not so good for business without a ILO. This is just an expensive toy, maybe good for some home uses…

  • Kojak Durham

    I have been running an N54L Gen7 for almost 10 years in my home office. I don't need an ILO, which is something that a lot of folks dislike. Other than that, this looks like a great replacement for my existing box. I have started estimating how much I'm going to have to save for it, but the L2 and L3 models are not available yet, as far as I can tell. The L1, the model with the X3216 (2 x86 cores/4 GPU cores, @1.6-3.0GHz, 12-15W, 1MB) processor/GPU might be a bit underpowered for me, as I intend to use this as a VMWare ESXi host. I'd love to find someone who has one so that I can play with it, but so far, no one I know has made the purchase yet.

  • Jesper Kiaer

    I have bought several HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 x3421 for a customer and myself. They are very nice, silent and faster than any previous HPE Microservers. Yes they do lack ILO, but if you can live with out it, it is a great server.

  • TheGrantourismo

    Microserver Gen 8 prices have skyrocketed. It is now priced higher (used) than Gen 10 (new). Market tells us the truth. Microserver Gen 10 is a crap.

  • Cram Barrabajaele

    you can still manage this remotely using remote desktop but its not 100% the same than having iLO. Still gonna buy it for my needs but I hope the next server includes iLO

  • Karl Mathias Moberg

    Wait… Who needs 2x 4k displays on a server? Give me 800×400 any day. It's going to be stuck in a networking closet anyway.

  • Professor Moriarty

    HP Proliant Microserver gen8 nice square cube. I have been running it for so many years and it sits in the background just working and working and working. It just works I have left it to just work for so long that I have even forgotten one of my passwords! I even have a desktop running on it Linux mint. It has hundreds of feature films on it. It as external USB 3 about 16 of them. It also feeds data to my workstations. I do not like HP, but this system has been fantastic so reliable! It never stops working…. I have owned a lot of powerful systems large workstations and I am typing this on a large graphic workstation and everything goes to the Microserver gen8.. If it ever died on me I would be heartbroken I love it.

  • Mark Sherwin

    HP.. Should you not be calling this a gaming server or something similar.
    Why would I need 2x 4K display ports and an APU..
    AMD is fine but an Opteron or a Xeon after all this is intended to be a lowend/entry level server..
    OH and no ilo..
    You've build an expensive PC..
    Nice work. I won't be buying them.. Hello Dell

  • Phoenix

    Actually, it is a great configuration for e-business and engineering at the same time.
    Most engineering apps only use one core and need Radeon Pro.
    You may use spare cores to do ERP, firewall, RDSH, VOIP and so many more.
    Also, iLO remote management is wonderful in case a small business cannot afford an IT guy.

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