Introducing Firebase Hosting
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Introducing Firebase Hosting

man: We are in the era
of progressive Web apps. Browsers are more performant
and capable than ever, and front-end
JavaScript frameworks, like Angular and Polymer, have simplified development
of rich app-like Websites. You can now build
an entire application purely with static files, like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Firebase Hosting is tailored
for front-end Web applications. Firebase Hosting
is a developer-focused, static Web-hosting provider that is fast, secure,
and reliable. No matter where a user is,
the content is delivered fast. Files deployed
to Firebase Hosting are cached on SSDs at CDN edge servers
around the world.>From San Francisco
to Stockholm to Seoul, your users get a reliable,
low-latency experience. And every site is served
over a secure connection. Firebase Hosting automatically
provisions and configures an SSL certificate
for each site deployed, so you can get that green lock
of confidence. Deploying your app from
a local directory to the Web only takes one command. So, whether you’re building
a single-page Web app, a mobile-app landing page, or a progressive Web app, Firebase Hosting
has you covered. To get started
with Firebase Hosting, check out Quickstart to get you
up and running in minutes. Happy deploying.


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