Interview with HostDime’s VP of Business Development Usman
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Interview with HostDime’s VP of Business Development Usman

Welcome back to the HostDime Channel. Once again my name is Vikki Fraser, Director of Marketing for HostDime HostDime offers VPS, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation all over the globe including the United States, Brazil Mexico the United Kingdom Columbia India Latin America the Netherlands and Hong Kong today we
have the pleasure of speaking with Usman Arshad, Vice President of Business Development. Today Mr. Arshad is going to let us know what is going on with HostDime Worldwide all over the globe.
HostDime Has successfully and consistently branched out globally in recent years. and consistently branched out globally in recent years. Well, global expansion has always been central to our business model. Recently we have expanded into Latin America by opening our own data center in Guadalajara Mexico. Along with that, we are currently undergoing a network upgrade in India, which is going to help with reliability and performance in the region. We are also looking at expanding our colocation offerings in the Netherlands and Hong Kong. Both are very unique markets and we are going to continue to expand on that front and in other parts of the world. Brazil was the first datacenter for HostDime outside of the US. What is the market currently looking like there? Well, Brazil has always been one of the strongest markets for us and we first started there back
in 2006. It remains one of the fastest growing emerging markets that we have. Business is going very well, and more customers and businesses are
starting to come online as Internet connectivity expands and it’s always going to be one the best
opportunities for data centers out there to look at despite the fact that there are some barriers to entry and challenges that are going to be taken on when looking at that region. It’s one of our strongest markets and continues to be one that is in demand and will for the foreseeable future. The HostDime Mexico branch in Guadalajara recently opened a datacenter. can you give us some details? Well, one of our biggest accomplishments in recent years was to go ahead and open up our own facility in Guadalajara Mexico. We are one of the very few providers that owns and operates its own
facility it was designed in such a way be as efficient as possible, enabling on demand scalability. It allows us to go ahead and provide various platforms such as public and private cloud hosting, dedicated
server hosting, and colocation. The market itself, just like our other markets has seen a very fast rise in demand, and it has help us greatly, and having control over our own
facility in our network. It’s something that we have taken advantage of, and are very proud to be one of the very
few data center providers in such an
important region for us. With Asia being the largest, most populated continent on the planet, it makes sense that HostDime and other hosting companies would enter the Indian market What is HostDime’s differentiation in the area?
Well, HostDime is one of the very first us-based companies to go ahead and expand into the Indian data center
market. When we first started over there, the infrastructure was still growing. When I look at that markets very
similar to how it was when we first started in Brazil. There are quite a few similarities and similar challenges. Its very unique when you are trying to serve a market with you know over over a billion people and it represents a a great opportunity for
us and we decided to go ahead and I expand into Asia by offering hosting in India One of the things we have always looked at when it comes to our business is our superior customer service and support. What we
try to do that differentiates us is to make sure that that is offered
in in that region and not just that region but in any
location that were actually in. Does HostDime have any plans to expand their presence in the United Kingdom? Well, the United Kingdom was one of our very first markets that that we looked at after Brazil. There is always going to be demand in that region, because it is the center of Europe for us as a company. We have another location in the Netherlands, but the UK is where our infrastructure focus has has been
and it will continue to be the center of Europe for us, so we always have customers that are located in the US that are looking for hosting that is closer to their location in in the UK. We are going to continue to look at our products that we offer there, continue to refine them, make sure that we remain competitive, and its always going to be a region that is in demand. We are going to work on continuing to increase our infrastructure, improve our product offerings, and and remain one of the leaders in not only the UK, but all of Europe. Back to the US, what are some of the changes we’re seeing in this market? Well, the market in the US has always been saturated. There are so many different hosting providers out there, but one of the things that has happened in the past few years is you’re seeing a lot of data centers that offer managed hosting services. Fortunately for us we have been one of the first providers, and it’s been
something that has been a core part of our business that we
offer managed services and you’re starting to see a lot more
hosting providers offer something like that for
for an extra charge or just a new service that they’re starting to offer. That’s one of the things that is going to continue to increase as some companies look to lower their costs by relying on other providers for the management of their business. That’s something that has increased over the past few years, along with more of a focus on your cloud hosting, and your dedicated servers, especially colocation. When you own and operate your own facility, which is definitely something that is going to be in demand. Fill us in on the future of HostDime. Any truth to the rumors of ventures in South Africa and Australia? Any other interesting developments on the horizon? Well I can’t quite say where we are going to venture into next, but we are always evaluating new markets and looking at new opportunities for us. We’ve been very fortunate to expand into the regions that we have. The emerging markets are something that has been very important to our business and we have been very successful at it despite all the
challenges that come with taking on such ambitious growth plans. We’re going to continue to look at different markets. 2013 has been a very big year for us, and we’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of a resources into expanding
our infrastructure in our existing locations.
We are going to continue to do that while evaluating new markets. Before the end of this year, going into 2014, we may have some other views on different markets that we are going to go ahead and expand into, so its not just going to be looking at south Africa or Australia, which are both great regions. We continue to see demand and in those regions but as long as the infrastructure continues to expand all over the globe, it means that we move one step closer to
offering HostDime in those regions.

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