Interview: Cloud Computing Trends and Misconceptions
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Interview: Cloud Computing Trends and Misconceptions

Hi, my name is Javier Nino. I am a senior product marketing
manager on Microsoft Azure. I’m here with Barry Briggs, one of the authors of
Enterprise Cloud Strategy. We have just released the second
edition of this ebook. Welcome, Barry, and thanks for joining us to chat
about the new book.>>Thanks, Javier,
it’s good to be here.>>So, Barry, you originally wrote this book
back in late 2015, early 2016, and now you’re here with
the new and updated version. What has changed in cloud
technology in that time that made you excited about
coming out with this new edition of the book?>>A lot’s changed, Javier. When we first wrote the book
a couple of years ago, companies were really thinking
about the cloud in a very simplistic sense, on moving
their VMs from their on-premises data center into the cloud. Now we’re seeing
an explosion of services and capabilities in the cloud that
companies can take advantage of. Which enable all sorts of new
capabilities and functionalities in their applications, allowing
them to reach new customers, to predict the future
with machine learning and advanced analytics, and so on. And so we wanted to spend some
time talking about that in a new edition of the book.>>Great, you spent a lot
of time working in IT, and have managed cloud
migrations yourself. With all the potential that is
there, why do you think some businesses are hesitant
about moving to the cloud?>>Well, I think there are some
misconceptions about the cloud. One of them is security. And what we’ve learned is that
because we have hundreds of world-class cybersecurity
experts focused on the cloud, the security of your
applications and of your data is
actually enhanced. It’s actually better in
cloud datacenters, often, than it is in local
on-premises datacenters. Secondly, some companies
think that it’s an all or nothing thing, that they have to
move all of their applications at one time from their
datacenters into the cloud. And that’s not true. And we talk in the book a lot
about how you can maintain some of your applications on-premises
while putting applications in the cloud, and having that
ecosystem be essentially transparent to all
of your users. We call that the hybrid cloud,
and there’s a lot of great technology that we
discuss to enable that. And finally,
the last thing is cost. A lot of companies
are worried about, well, how much is it all gonna
cost to move to the cloud? And we provide a lot of
information in our book about how to think about cost, how to think about
subscription management, and how to optimize your deployment,
so you can actually reduce your costs significantly over
your on-premises deployment.>>Great, and you cover
all that in the book, and the book is available for
free now, right?>>You bet, and anybody can
download it from the link that you see on your screen.>>Sounds good, thanks for
talking with me today.>>You’re welcome, thank you.

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