International Women’s Day 2019 #balanceforbetter – Hyve Managed Hosting
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International Women’s Day 2019 #balanceforbetter – Hyve Managed Hosting

On International Women’s Day, not only is Hyve championing equality within our own workforce, but we are also addressing the wider issue of the lack of diversity within the IT industry. Women make up 50% of the UK workforce, but only 18% are part of the IT industry. IT companies need to strive to be fully inclusive and this change comes from within. Age-old stereotypes in our industry do not reflect the progressive fast-paced nature in tech. This year’s theme of #BalanceForBetter reinforces the need of diversity in our industry. Projects that encourage women into STEM careers, coding workshops such as “codebar” and “Girls Who Code” and mentoring programs are all fantastic initiatives that encourage women into careers in technology. Diverse teams work better. They bring different perspectives to the table and make employees challenge their own thinking, and that’s a really good thing.

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