Intermediate German #32: Guests & Hosting – Antrim’s Etiquette
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Intermediate German #32: Guests & Hosting – Antrim’s Etiquette

What should you do if you are invited to dinner? What should you do if you invite someone to dinner? What should you know and do if you stay longer as a guest or you host a guest for longer? Today Mr. Hasselhoff and Mr. Antrim explain everything that one should know. Cool music. Mr. Hasselhoff was invited to dinner at Mr. Antrim’s house. Because he wants to be a good guest, he got all dolled up and bought the host a bouquet of flowers. He parks his car next to the house and walks to the door. Because there is a doorbell, he rings the doorbell. If there were no doorbell, he could of course knock on the door. Mr. Antrim opens the door. Mr. Antrim greets his guest, shakes his hand and takes the flowers from him. Mr. Antrim takes Mr. Hasselhoff’s coat and hangs it in the closet. Then he leads Mr. Hasselhoff to the table. The table is already set and the food is already on the table. The food could have been on the plates already, but Mr. Antrim left it in bowls. Then you can take as much or as little food as you wish. During the meal, they converse about life, work and their interests. They don’t talk about politics or religion, however. These kinds of conversations can escalate quickly. The conversation remains friendly and polite. When they are finished with the meal, Mr. Antrim clears the table. Mr. Antrim offers Mr. Hasselhoff a coffee, which he gladly drinks. They sit a while and converse further. After the coffee, Mr. Hasselhoff bids farewell to Mr. Antrim. Mr. Antrim leads Mr. Hasselhoff to the door, brings him his coat, and helps him put his coat on. Mr. Antrim stands in front of the door and waves at Mr. Hasselhoff as he gets into his car and drives away. Mr. Hasselhoff is coming to Edwardsville in order to visit Mr. Antrim. He is staying with Mr. Antrim a few days. In order to be properly prepared for the trip and the visit, Mr. Hasselhoff has to know what is planned during the trip. Mr. Antrim speaks with Mr. Hasselhoff on the phone and tells him what they will do and how the weather is supposed to be. Then Mr. Hasselhoff can pack the correct clothing articles. It would be a shame if they went to a fancy restaurant and Mr. Hasselhoff didn’t have his tuxedo or they went hiking in the mountains and Mr. Hasselhoff didn’t bring his hiking boots along. Mr. Antrim has cleaned the house and prepared the guest room, before Mr. Hasselhoff comes. Because Mr. Hasselhoff is arriving with the car, Mr. Antrim is simply waiting at home. When Mr. Hasselhoff pulls up, Mr. Antrim comes out of the house and helps him with the luggage from the car into the house. If Mr. Hasselhoff came in with the plane, Mr. Antrim would have driven to the airport and waited on Mr. Hasselhoff there. He would have then taken the luggage and brought it to the car and later into the house. Mr. Antrim shows Mr. Hasselhoff the guest room and where his bathroom is, meaning the bathroom that he is allowed to use. Mr. Antrim allows Mr. Hasselhoff some time to freshen up and then shows him the rest of the house. Mr. Hasselhoff gives Mr. Antrim a book as a thank you. They sit in the living room and talk about the plan for the days of the visit. Mr. Antrim also explains when and what will be eaten. When the visit comes to an end, Mr. Antrim helps Mr. Antrim with his luggage to the car. They shake hands or hug and Mr. Hasselhoff drives away. Thank you for choosing to learn German with me. If you are looking to take your learning to the next level, subscribe to this channel and get two videos each week from me. If you support this channel on Patreon, you can also get a copy of the script for every video I upload along with a worksheet and answer key. If you are just starting to learn German, check out my German for Beginners playlist on the left. If you have been learning German for a while, but you are still looking to learn more check out my Intermediate German playlist on the right. Danke fürs Zuschauen. Bis zum nächsten Mal. Tschüss.


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