Intel’s incredible NUC…go small or go home??
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Intel’s incredible NUC…go small or go home??

Hi guys and welcome to another bespoke
build from us here at RockApe. Now we’re really excited today because what we
have in the palm of our hands quite literally is one of Intel’s awesome
little NUC’s. Now if you’re not familiar with the NUC series then let me bring
you up to speed. NUC or the Next Unit of Computing is
Intel’s flagship mini PC range they’re essentially built around their
processors and they aim to offer the power of a big cumbersome desktop in
a small form-factor. Now there’s lots of reasons why we love them: they’re energy
optimised, so consume a lot less power than a full sized PC. They’re very easy
to operate and they are reliable too but above all is the performance they offer
in such a small little unit. Now this is a sixth generation NUC but a RockApe we feature a range of NUC’s all the way up to the spectacular 8th gen i7 which really delivers a huge
jump in performance, but even in this perhaps more entry level system still
offers an extremely capable quad-core Intel Celeron processor which combined
with Windows 10 is perfect for productivity tasks like web and
spreadsheets, content creation with photos and video and entertainment, like
4k Ultra HD videos. Now if I just take a quick spin around and point out some of
the key features you can see just how much it offers from a connectivity
perspective. First of all we’ve got an SD slot, a Kensington lock so no one can stick it in their pocket and knick the thing. There’s an Intel Gigabit LAN port, VGA connector,
two USB 3.0 ports to go with the two at the front, a DC connector and a full
size HDMI 2.0 port which really helps deliver that 4k visual and 7.1 surround
sound Plus it’s got integrated Bluetooth,
wireless AC internet and a consumer infrared so you can use a remote control
to change channels, crank up the volume and even switch it on and off from the
comfort of your armchair. Another little cool feature is that it comes
with a VESA mount which means you can fix it security and discreetly on the back
of your monitor or perhaps under your desk but in our opinion it
looks so good why would you want to hide it away? Now Intel describes the NUC as a connectivity powerhouse and they would
be absolutely spot-on and on the inside is so cleverly and efficiently designed
there’s room to add a 2.5 inch SSD or HDD with room for up to 2 terabytes.
In this build we’ve added a 480 GB SanDisk SSD but combined with 32 gig
onboard storage, you can go bonkers and really store all your favorite movies,
music, photos and documents without any problem at all. And here, placing it next to a controller or
a USB stick you can really get a feel for how small it’s footprint really is. So there you are guys the Intel NUC. A truly awesome mini PC for the home or the office.
As always, guys, if you have any questions at all or would like some advice on your
computing needs, please do feel free to give us a shout at the usual channels. Until next time.

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