Installing WORDPRESS on Siteground – WordPress Setup Tutorial
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Installing WORDPRESS on Siteground – WordPress Setup Tutorial

Installing WordPress on Siteground is super easy I’m going to show you step -by step how you can get WordPress
installed by the end of this video you’ll have your website live and on the
Internet and don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit the bell icon so you don’t miss any videos on making your website if you just purchased your domain
name and hosting from Siteground then you are going to see this page here
go ahead and click proceed to customer area and then it’s going to give you a
couple options to choose from to set up your website don’t worry about anything
you’ll just want to click the don’t need help now button because I’m going to
show you how to set up WordPress on your website. Okay and then go ahead and
scroll to the bottom and click confirm and then on this page here you don’t
have to worry about any of this just go ahead and click this box and then
complete setup and this is going to take you to your Siteground dashboard area
where we will be installing WordPress if you don’t see that page don’t worry I’m
going to show you how to access your customer dashboard on Siteground. So what you’re going to want to do is go to and then click login and
then here you’ll want to enter your username and password that you created
when purchasing your hosting and then click Sign In so either way you choose
to get to your Siteground user area is fine it doesn’t really matter we just
need to get to the Siteground user area where we can install WordPress when you log
into your Siteground user area it will look similar to this one so we’ll go
ahead and click my accounts tab and this is where you can manage your domain name
and your hosting so at the top you’ll see your domain name mine is and then under type you can see the hosting that you’re
signed up for I am signed up for the startup account and then it gives you
the option to renew or upgrade your hosting but I’ll show you how to do that
in a different video for today we’re gonna want to go to cPanel
because that’s where we can install WordPress so don’t worry about this
you’ll just click the proceed button and then this is the cPanel area of our
website then you’ll want to scroll down under auto installers and you’ll want to
choose WordPress so click on that and then go ahead and scroll down and choose
Install now and here under choose the protocol you’ll just keep that the same
if we had multiple websites they would be listed here but I only have one
website so I’m just gonna keep it on and under
directory this is if you wanted to install WordPress on somewhere other
than your root domain like if you wanted to have it on then you would enter it there but most people aren’t going to
want to do that so just leave that blank and then under site name just enter your
site name here I’m going to put Creating The Best Website but you can always
change your site name in your description later on in WordPress so
don’t worry about getting this perfect because you can always change it if you
change your mind and under site description I’m just going to put how to
make a website scroll down until you see admin account
area and this is where you’re going to make a username and password to log into
the WordPress area of your website so pick whatever you’d like for your
username and then for your password just make sure you choose a strong password
so that no one can guess it and log into your website but make sure you write
this down where you can remember you username and password because you’re
going to need it to log into your website each time you want to make
changes and under admin email you can either keep this as admin or you can
change it I’m gonna do amber and then scroll down and select your language I’m
going to keep it on English don’t worry about changing anything else and this
box just keep it checked and click install okay so it will show you the
progress of your WordPress install it does take about three to four minutes so
just make sure you be patient and just don’t click off the website until it’s
been installed all the way ok so it says congratulations the software was
installed successfully and then it shows your domain name and also your admin URL
which you’ll be using later on if you click your domain it will take you to
your actual website which is live and on the Internet
which is super exciting but it’s not very pretty yet so we’re gonna have to
make changes later on and I’ll make more videos and show you exactly how you can
make your website look just how you want it to but it’s pretty exciting but we
have an actual website up on the internet so click out of that and this
here is your admin URL which takes you to the backend of your website so you
can copy this and save it some more if you’d like this is where you’re gonna
login every time that you want to make changes to your website so if we go
ahead and click on that it will take us right to the admin area and the first
time will already be logged in since we just did our install but
every other time that you go to the admin area you’ll actually have to use
your username and password that you created to log into your website okay it
might take a few minutes but then it will look like this the first time you
log in just go ahead and click start now and don’t worry about all this I’m going
to show you how we’re going to get templates and make your website later so
click continue and click continue again and just go ahead and click exit okay so
this is your back-end area of your website this is your dashboard in
WordPress where we’re going to make changes and make your website look
perfect one thing that I forgot to cover in the last video is how to verify your
domain through Siteground you’ll want to make sure you do this because if not
they’ll suspend your domain name and take down your website so as soon as you
purchase your domain Siteground will send you an email and that email will have a
link that you’ll click to verify your domain you’ll have 14 days to do this so
don’t make sure you don’t forget I’m gonna show you what the email looks like
so this is what the email looks like and it will have your domain name and then
it will have a link so you’ll just want to go ahead and click on that link to
verify your domain after I purchased I got
busy making videos and doing other stuff and I forgot to go in and click the
verification link and then the next time that I logged in to my Siteground user
area this is the message I saw so what I did is I went to my website and I
already actually been taken down and so what I had to do was go back into my
email and click that verification link and wait a couple hours and my website
was back up but I don’t want you guys to have to go through all that trouble so
just make sure that you verify your website from the beginning if you
installed WordPress and your website’s live and on the internet leave me a
comment below with your domain name and please feel free to let me know if you
have any questions at all we know that your website’s not looking pretty so far
so the next thing that we’re going to need to do is learn to login to
WordPress and start making changes thank you so much for watching and make
you watch this video to see how to log in to the backend area of your WordPress


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