Installing Windows Server 2019 vs 2016
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Installing Windows Server 2019 vs 2016

Hello guys, Today I’m going to show you
the basic difference between Windows Server 2019 and 2016 step-by-step how
to install it and if additional settings have been added vs the previous version during instalation and who is faster? To mention that will not
talk about new future that were added about the last release that makes huge headway by including an entire subsystem optimized for the operation of Linux
systems on Windows server So, I already prepared two virtual machine with for the 2019 and 2016 version on VMware Workstation player, the machine have the
same settings: 2 Gb of RAM 2 vCPU and 60 GB of hard disk so, will be started at the same time with a delay of my click maybe 2 seconds So, if you look closely right from the start the interface are the same
so we can go ahead with the installation default settings for language so I will choose the same architecture
the same version of operating system with desktop experience, next we have user License Agreement Preparing the custom installation for partition where will be installed operating system you can see a little difference between
recovery partition the size for 2019 is 500 megabytes and for 2016 is 450 Mb so and from this moment I will measure
with time with stopwatch and we can see who is faster next, next ok see you later okay guys I am back you have seen
yourself who is faster the 2019 version have a better speed of finishing up and
no difference between the steps of installing both of the version so we should
check out of the ready to use time finishing up for 2016 version password for administrator As you can see guys the
2019 version is ready to be used and finally guys all the servers are
ready to be used I hope you find this information useful and thanks for watching see you next time


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