• Brian J Hoskins

    Thank you very much for this comprehensive walk-through.

    I have been paying monthly for a small server for a number of years (for personal use, serves wordpress & a number of other services) but I've decided to have a go at doing everything myself from home. I was pleasantly surprised at the cost of used servers! I got myself a Proliant G8 with quite a nice dual CPU system, 96GB RAM for not too much money.

    I've now installed Ubuntu server and although I reckon I'd have made all the right choices anyway, there were a couple of stages where I wasn't absolutely sure so I got some confidence seeing you choose the same things as me while I was going through it.

    Regarding gitlab, I also had some trouble with this service. I wanted to install it on a subdomain so I could do gitlab.brianhoskins.uk but despite setting this up (or thinking that I had) gitlab took over the entire apache service so that my root domain at brianhoskins.uk would no longer serve my website. I ended up uninstalling, but fortunately for me I didn't break anything else 🙂

    I have lots of work to do now as some automatic updates on WordPress have pretty much broken my child-theme so need to re-write everything.

    Thanks again!

  • Abe S.

    I got a Proliant 330 G6 server from ebay, it came with windows 2008 but not passw. I tried installing Linux Mint and now it wont boot. Any advice ?

  • Sammy West

    The problem with ubuntu server that i'm having is im unable to resolve the dchp connection which i have a static ip, gate way, and name server information rolling on even on a bridged connection in 18.04, and i've tried the new version, but it doesn't want to pick up my either net card, or my built in hardware. Please email me on some ideas on how to resolve this when you get a chance. thanks!

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