Installing multiple WordPress  instances using same database
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Installing multiple WordPress instances using same database

hi friends welcome to this video a lot of users have asked me this question that if they want to install two WordPress (instances) on same database how can they do it so in this video I can I will show you how to install two or maybe more WordPress you can say instances using the same MySQL database so I have a WordPress was already installed in this directly test and if I go to this folder I will open two tabs in this folder like WP config I will just show you that I have installed WordPress and I’m using the database test one so I will be installing this second WordPress which is in the directory test two using the same database just one and I will be seeing my WC username and password but I will be changing the table prefix so if you can see here the table prefix used is WP I will be using a different table click table prefix that would be suppose t WP and I will just submit and on the in stock so in this way I can just install the second workplace in this test folder and use it so if you can see the database while the wordpress is being installed I can check it here that now you will have to split fixes and tables with two typographic TSA’s that would be TWP which i am using for the test tube and one will be the default WP prefix which i can use for her only first type of WordPress so in this way you can install more work less instances using the same MySQL database hope the concept is clear and hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching this have a great day


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