Installation of NovaStor DataCenter (Command Server)
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Installation of NovaStor DataCenter (Command Server)

Hello and welcome to NovaStor. Today we will be performing a walkthrough on how to install the Command Server. It is
quite a simple process and easy to setup, so let’s go ahead and get started. You
should have already received a download link provided from our team. After you
successfully downloaded the file we will need to go to the directory with the
release version of the DataCenter. Extract the contents to anywhere of your
choice and then select the proper executable for the install. Here we need
to select the command server with the 64-bit version. The other versions that
are in this folder are the client versions, as well as the
GUI. The client versions are for the other backup servers that will be
attached to your command server and the GUI installer is mainly for monitoring
and managing the command server from a client or workstation location. So let’s go ahead and install. From here we just need to follow the
steps of the DataCenter command server installation file. Once the installation has finished we
can go ahead and start the DataCenter management console. Go ahead and type in any of your
information needed for the data center console. And from first time use a configuration
wizard should prompt you just like the screen for any type of walkthrough that
you need for it to get started. We’re just going to say do not ask again
and say no thank you because we can recall that configuration
again doing this a little wand (menu) up here. If you were given a license for DataCenter we can simply go up to this gear cog (menu) now we can go to the license tab and we can insert our information and since it’s different from the previous
versions you can just go and enter the license key and activate online.
Otherwise there’s also an offline instruction here the trial version does
give you a full access to every part of the program after the trial expired
please contact us and we’ll get we can help you with your any issues that you
have. After entering the license information
needed for your command server we can then go to the nodes management page
and here we have listed the command server as well as the OS version and the
architecture as well as the information of the machine. Here we need to find out –
we can see the latest version of the command server it is installed and here
we have 7.2 installed as well as the high-back
version. This concludes the installation of the
command server. If you need more information we do have information on
our website as well as having technical support readily available to you.
If you have any issues please connect with us through a ticket and we can get
back to you as soon as possible. If you like our videos please “like” and “subscribe”
as well as leave any of your comments and we thank you for participating in this
video, and you have a wonderful day. Thank you!

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