Install WordPress on Addon Domain 2017 – Godaddy
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Install WordPress on Addon Domain 2017 – Godaddy

hello internet people let me show you how to set up WordPress on the additional domain in.. alright so i just want to show you hear that i have setup page but it there’s nothing on it. WordPress is not working currently, so if i type in here WP admin.. it’s not gonna do anything it’s going to give an error if you are looking to set up a new domain i have a video for that you can click the link in the description or the little info box should appear now on the screen otherwise let’s get it on with the wordpress installation Now login to your godaddy account and find your cPanel if you don’t know how to do it just check out the description there’s a video that i made before now at the top of the page you should see wordpress and installed applications to hit down on and you will land on the installation page. I just switched the tab to application browser and search for wordpress and once it pops up just hit the installed application and now you’re on the page where all the magic happens select from the drop-down the domain you want to associate this wordpress with for directory I would leave it out just to raise it otherwise the wordpress gets installed on my own slash blog so leave it out if your whole side is on wordpress and add something to it if you want to have your wordpress only in certain part of your website for example for the blog page and if you keep scrolling down the only useful field here is automatic updates so you could set it that it won’t update your your template your WordPress until you give permission on this case I’ll just leave it at default settings and then hit install and once wordpress is installed it’s ready to go so it will give you a default template you can now go to your domain and check it out here it works now I can log into WP ad mean where I’ll control later all the work press settings and when you open up wordpress for first time will show you a quick startup i’m gonna skip it go with the default here you’ll see that I wordpress landing page so from here I can control anything I want on the site i hope this video was useful, hit the like if it helped you and on that bombshell have a nice day


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