Install Wamp Server 3 and Fix Problem Complete Tutorial – 2016
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Install Wamp Server 3 and Fix Problem Complete Tutorial – 2016

How to install the latest version of wamp server and solving any error you might
face first off to avoid any installation error, you must download visual c++ redistributable for visual studio 2015 click on download download the setup file that is suited for your system type to know what is your system type right click on Computer icon select properties my system type is 64 bit so, I have to download the setup file for 64 bit click on next open the setup file you just download it check the box, I agree to the license terms and conditions and click on Install the installation is finished, close this window now, let’s download wamp server package search for wamp navigate to click on Download there are 2 setup files according to your system type since, my system type is 64 bit so, I download this package click on download directly it’s very important to run the setup file for wamp as administrator click on ok Next check the radio button,I accept the agreement and click next next next next Install By default internet explorer will be used as browser by wampserver I’ll change that by clicking on yes I’ll choose chrome web browser notepad will be used as Text editor by wampserver since, I don’t have any other editors on my system I’ll click on no, click on next the installation of wampserver is finished click finish to close this window let’s run wampserver it’s very important to run it as administrator the normal startup for wampserver is indicating by three colors red then orange then green but, in here it stayed at orange that’s mean either apache or mysql
is not installed, or not running properly!? let’s check them I’ll check mysql by going to mysql console the default password for mysql is none just hit enter mysql servie is running without any error so, the error with the apache service, check the port usage of 80 by clicking on test port 80 As I expected port 80 is actually used by
microsoft server with the new version of wamp, they make it easy to change the port
by clicking on use a port other that 80 and select the port 8080 click on OK the indicator is change to green that’s mean all serivces running well go to the localhost as you can see microsoft server homescreen appeared
and not wamp homescreen that’s because the default port used by browser is 80 if you type it or not and 80 is used by microsoft server but, wamp uses port 8080 so, i have to type after localhost colon 8080 that’s all
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