Install Secondary Domain Controller To An Existing Domain With Windows Server
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Install Secondary Domain Controller To An Existing Domain With Windows Server

hey welcome back to the sysadmin channel
in this video I’m going to show you how
to add another domain controller to your domain they always say friends don’t let
friends drink and drive well friends also don’t let friends have only one
domain controller so in this video I’m going to show you how to add another
domain controller so you have that redundancy so prior to recording this
video I’ve already renamed the computer to PAC-DC02 – I’ve already set the IP
statically to and I’ve already joined the machine to
the domain so we got all that covered so now with that out of the way we’re going to go ahead and go into the server manager
we’re going to click on add roles and features alright so we’re gonna click
Next role-based features that installation we’re gonna select this DC
from the pool and then we’re going to want to install Active Directory domain
services so we’ll go ahead and click check that go ahead and add the features
and then we’ll click Next we won’t be installing any features here so we’ll
click Next to that next one more time
and finally we’ll install all right so now that finished
installing we’ll go ahead and close this window and then we’ll click on the
little triangle on top and promote this
server to a domain controller since we’re adding this domain sorry this
one’s writing this domain controller to an existing domain we’re going to select
add domain controller to existing domain the domain has already preset in there
so we’ll click Next and then here we’re going to enter in our DSRM password
this should be the same password that you use when you initially set up the
environment I’m gonna go ahead and put
in mine we’ll click Next to the DNS delegation options and here since we
only have only one other DC in our
environment we’re gonna select any domain controller if we click on the
drop-down you see that there’s only one other available so any domain controller
is fine next and here we’ll leave the default installation default path that’s
fine we’ll go ahead and look it over our options that all looks fine if you
wanted to export this script we can do that let’s go and click on the view
script and then copy this powershell command if you’re doing multiple
multiple DC’s all at once and you’d want to use a script just to scale it and
automate it but for now we’re gonna go ahead and click Next
for now we’re not gonna be using that alright we’re going through our prereqs everything looks good we’ll go
and click the install and it looks like we’re about to reboot
right now so just go ahead and close
that all right so now I’ve rebooted and you can see that we’re back in the
server manager from here we’ll go ahead and open up the Active Directory users
and computers and as you can see right here when I click on change domain
controller you’ll now see two domain controllers in our environment so it
looks like everything’s successful and that’s pretty much it I hope you guys
enjoyed this video if you liked it go ahead and smash that like button it
helps me out a lot if you have any other ideas on what videos to make just let me
know and I will try to get on that for now that’s it thanks guys

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