Inside the Web Server
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Inside the Web Server

How would it feel to be for a moment
a part of the Internet infrastructure? To be inside a web server or rooter for example, dealing with thousands of data per second? Through cables, chips and electronic plates constantly moves millions of data. Web servers and other machines exactly knows, where request comes from and what to do with it. According to our command, data travel in
a moment thousands of kilometers away. They shoot like shadows throught
information “highways” and “streets”. In spite of incredible crush, every data know its exact destination. Data are in perpetual movement. But, when we look at an web server from outside, it is only a box with few cables and lights.
There is no trace of all turbulent movement inside information highways. Even if we see Internet as an service, as data, designed for the end users, we only see web sites – texts and pictures. The experience, what is happening
“inside” is missing. On Hevreka!05 organizer raised dark room, 3×4 meters large. There are 4 X-lams inside. They shine greeen, what reminds us
on early computer screens. X-lams are placed in the corners,
between them are loudspeakers. As files, parts of Spillers
projects leaves web server on four points of the compass,
loudspekers pronounce their names. X-lams shows images of those files.
As visitor moves after sounds, his look moves over X-lams, what causes antitipations of images. It feels like being inside a web infrastructure.

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