• Jon Burns

    The police officer claimed there weren't pagers or computers around the start of his career 30 years ago. Pager's have been widely used by doctor's since the late 50's/60's and personal computer's first started showing up in the 70's. Did he never walk by a radioshack, sears, or local radio shop? Seriously.

  • Corrupt Cop God

    Vote Andrew Yang 2020 people if you want to stay alive after the robots take over. Watch his Joe Rogan interview here on YouTube. This is our future now and we need a leader that understands this.

  • Saarthak Khanna

    94 percent of the cars accidents are due to human error, thanks sherlock. I don't if this is true but 99.999999% of cars in the world are driven by humans

  • Abhishek Vasist

    A waymo praising Tesla bashing 13min advertisement?
    I like competition it makes goods and services cheaper for the consumer, but these vehicles are not capable of driving more than a few sq km and say it's better than what tesla has whose cars have driven 100s if not thousands of kms around the world.

  • geoneorod

    People shouldn’t have to pay for using the service now. Since these vehicles are still in experimental status. Wake up people! These people are paying for part of the experiment. These people willing to ride in these vehicles during the experimental phase should receive benefits or incentives once the full operation is launched.

  • Frank Cantrelle

    Dan albert aka bald guy must be a huge TeslaQ fan and short. He literally put words in Elons mouth that were made up.

  • Clayton Root

    8:23 This is just plain and simple B.S.
    You can't "Geo Map" the entire continent and Waymo depends on Geo Mapping.
    Tesla is so far ahead of any other company with their approach of Mega Data collected from everywhere their vehicles have traveled, coupled with their powerful dedicated Autonomous Driving Computer Chips, that it is isn't even funny anymore.
    Everybody just keeps betting against Elon Musk and he just keeps proving them wrong, albeit with timelines which are often delayed somewhat from earlier projections.

  • Dat Sik

    This technology has many uses. And I’m excited for the future of it. But I never want any car to do the driving for me. I love driving.

  • jake black

    I don't see a future for Waymo. They are using lidar which is incredibly expensive and prone to failure. Tesla is in the lead. EVERY SINGLE Tesla is sending data back during every disengagement. Tesla also only uses regular cameras which are far cheaper and more reliable than lidar.
    Look at Waymo. They have the most talented AI experts in the world yet only have cars that can drive in a perfectly mapped area in a region of the country with perfect driving condition. Arizona has not ice, they have limited rain, and they have almost no potholes that occur from seasonal weather cycling. Finally, Arizona is a younger state and as such was build in a manner that is more efficient. Try driving on Boston roads. The experience will be much more intense.

  • mnguyea

    The concept of driver-less cars is something we see is so cool in sci-fi movies but I think as humans we still need someone is the driver's seat just as an reassurance like in Fifth Element. I guess generations who grow up to this will seem like a normal thing but for the rest of us who always had someone behind the wheel is something fascinating but terrifying at the same time.

  • Phuong Hua

    automated taxis, highway patrol, garbage pick up, lawnmowers, helicopters, airplanes, dog walkers, drones, mail delivery, package delivery, and truck driver. trains buses

  • dan110024

    I'd like to know how autonomous cars will deal with turning across very busy roads. Google navigation sometimes wants me to turn across main arterial roads which is not going to happen. It always makes me wonder how long an autonomous car would sit there waiting for a break in the traffic.

  • Go MGTOW

    JohnnyCab = From the movie "Total Recall" Here is the video clip of that part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWgrvNHjKkY

  • Jesse Norwalt

    Waymo: we have 600 full vehicles that have autonomous technology, we are truly innovative and are worth 40 billion dollars
    Tesla: we have a million self driving cars on the road which right now are 6 times safer than the average driver and plan to triple production in the next couple years and are worth 40 billion 😂

  • Kyle Dirks

    I'm ok with self-driving cars, as long as the state doesn't come for my license just because a self-driving car is safer.

    I'm a car guy, I enjoy driving, I enjoy my commute, etc. I always will.

    Also as long as these cars move over when a faster vehicle is approaching, that will be great.

  • inspiration is you

    The only way to make it safe ..the have to build robot
    Who have save data about the world road map…and he doesn't connect to any server…he has developed like human to take decision base on critical situation no one can modify road and dats has saved in…self learning about roads and modification….as as long the system is connected to some server its not safe…

  • JakeDafox94

    i hate this new tec its ONLY going to take away jobs and give few way overly payed jobs to tec guys that only press a key …

  • George Stiller

    But what happens when a self-driving car interacts with other self-driving cars made by other developers? Put 30 self-driving cars made by several different manufacturers in an intersection, and in dangerous crash potentials like an interstate highway accident like a plane crash on a highway where multiple cars from multiple directions take avoidance action, and see what happens when competing computers reprogram like my GPS device does when I miss a turn. Does each computer reprogram multiple times based on the chaos and can such repetitive action overheat the computer and make it fail? In other words, put them in the worst possible situation to see what happens.

  • vajleexi

    Yes! No more road rage! No more violent vehicle confrontation! No more encountering crazy people! I'm liking this driverless vehicles.

  • TwinTails

    Driver assist systems don't enable sleeping during commutes, watching entertainment, working, being driving home if you're too drunk to drive etc. Full Self Driving is far more freeing.

  • Armando Anderson

    Elated to hear Waymo's self-driving deep-learning algorithms are focused on specific areas in the city instead of attempting to train a generic system that handles all locations/cities/states/countries. The more generic these systems become in their training, the less they can distinguish the subtle nuances and fine distinctions of each location. It's why Tesla will always have crashes until they have dedicated training to each location. So hearing Tesla claiming millions of miles of training is more alarming than comforting because it says their systems have become dangerously too generic.

  • Andrew

    So they only operate in a small area and you think these are getting more data than Tesla who is all over the world? Tesla is testing out a lot more different roads, conditions etc…

  • NocturnalSniper

    They haven't touched on the biggest part 5G will increase self driving car safety 10 fold because of faster access to information. The Faster the car can get real-time information the faster the Self Driving car can react.

  • Lotso The Bear

    Self driving vehicles will significantly improve traffic safety in the US. Annually, tens of thousands of people needlessly die or are injured because of human errors. Autonomous vehicles will bring down insurance costs.

  • Logan

    One of my worries is when I'm too old to drive, who will take me to the doctor's office, this concern is solved. My next wish is robotic care giver so I can stay in my home instead of going to assistant living apartment.

  • Logan

    If anyone knows the answers to these question, please help. Do customers have to have a driver's license to ride in these self-driving cars? Are there age restrictions? For example, can parents put a 10-year-old child to have this self-driving car take her to her grandmother's house?

  • Dustin Vasko

    I can see people getting mad being on a 2-way highway road 55 mph zone doing 54.9 mph stuck behind a Waymo car. Speed limits are artificially set lower so that people drive at a reasonable speed but no one does 55 in a 55, you're at least doing 5 to 10 over! Actually driving the speed limit on a highway/interstate is like something 90 year old's do and we all know how annoying that is. Just sayin.

  • Cesar Sojo

    are you kidding me. Tesla has literally more than billion miles of data from all around the world with endless variables and weather conditions. Waymo's can't even map a single city. Do you pretend them to map out the entire world let alone the US. Lidar Technology is definitely nice but not enough for real world driving

  • Matt Gamcsik

    So, if one of these Waymo minivans gets involved in an accident and it was the Waymo's fault, do you file a compliant with Waymo? Just curious if that were to happen.

  • Juwar1974

    I can see self driving being good for the elderly and disabled, but able-bodied folks I'm not sure. Especially guys. The thrill of a vehicle is the feeling of control (to be the driver, not a mere passenger). However, it would be good if you want to sleep for long trips, but I just don't trust a robot while I sleep. Major accidents can still occur while you are asleep. And self-driving cars also need more testing for different weather conditions. Arizona is generally a dry place…no snow or rain. But what about where I live where in winter there's 9 inches of snow and rains for days in April and May?

  • Robert Hansen

    Definitely like to see these come to Chicago. I would use it I would still also use the buses and trains just like I always would. It would certainly open up a lot more possibilities especially going to areas where there is real bad bus service and I just don't feel like using it.

  • Tony The Driver

    I like driving a car, i like driving for advance auto parts. I like owning a car, i don't want to give up that freedom

  • Nicolas Berney

    What's the problem with the meal delivery by a human? It's way safer to transport the human AND the meal on an autonomous car! Great jobs for teenagers. It's about time to think out of the box and imagine all the new possibilities.

  • GamerbyDesign

    Yeah Waymo weathered killing somebody because the state is backing it and it probably killed some homeless person.

  • Mark NC

    I believe these will decrease the number of passenger vehicles needed by maybe 60+%.
    I believe these will reduce the amount of land and decks needed for parking by maybe 70+%.
    I believe this will reduce the amount of capacity needed for our public roadway systems by 60+%.

  • ruthlessluder

    Gosh these cars are so annoying. They drive like a robot. They make lane change like a robot. They only go the speed limit. I hate getting stuck behind one of these.

  • SkyGamer

    imagine some guy use the hack found in watchdogs2 after robbing a bank and the selfdriving cop cars just stop and show a lovely BSoD, stating the system is disabled due to a hacker …

  • Bailey Henderson

    Don't think it will happen sears and it's parts are coming back together and kmart will make the nation respect them

  • Jack

    Like truck driving, driving for Uber/Lyft will have short term high demand for drivers, but maybe in a decade or less I'm betting employed drivers will decrease drastically across the board…Many mentions about Andrew Yang and his UBI policies and talk about the 4th industrial revolution. Before you discount his ideas offhand, please do some research and look at the objective data about UBI and how it works, and how it's paid for. His book, "The War on Normal People" is a good read, plus other authors who researched about UBI. Look up Scott Santens on Twitter, who knows UBI research in and out. We can't stop this tech future, but we can learn to adapt and more importantly, benefit from these innovations.

  • Warren Armstrong

    Meals on Wheels needs human drivers because for some people that may be their only regular human interaction. What is a driverless car gonna do if the customer is in some distress and can't get to the door? Will it sit there and honk its horn?

  • Elias Bell

    Sure take more jobs from people…how about spending money on something that matters like..curing cancer, helping this homeless crisis, you lazy people don’t even want to drive yourself anymore and wonder why America has a weight problem it’s dumb technology…

  • Scott

    This report doesn't talk about the potential criminal element. If someone wanted to deliver contraband, is this a tool that could help them? What about the insurance industry? How will this impact insurance and liability laws? Could this tech help terrorists?

  • Avalanche2

    I feel bad for the Tesla owners who have paid 5..6… even 8 thousand dollars for "FSD" that may never get to use it unless they keep their car for a decade or more.

  • CrackerJacksAeg

    Stepping into something of this variety begs the question: "since this isn't my property, is anyone listening (recording) what I say?"

  • myles adams

    This is all well and good but what about 20 years from now when human don't remember how to drive. What fun will be left for racers motor heads and tuners. It just seems like a boring milk toast future. I hope I'm long dead by then.

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