InMotion Hosting Review: Price, Performance & Backend In-Depth [2019]
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InMotion Hosting Review: Price, Performance & Backend In-Depth [2019]

InMotion Hosting Review. InMotion has been offering web hosting services
since 2001. Being one of the oldest web hosting providers
you would assume they’re among the best, right? Well, I don’t want to assume anything. So, I just bought a new InMotion hosting plan and tested their performance, loading speed, features, customer support and overall how much value are you getting for the amount that you’re spending. Stay tuned for the results There’s no denying that
InMotion plans are more expensive than their competitors. The cheapest InMotion plan costs $6.39 / month. However, I do have some coupons in the description
that brings this price down to $3.99 / month. Still,if we would compare that to something
like Bluehost which charges only $2,95 / month for their cheapest plan InMotion seems like
it’s priced way to high. However, that’s not the case at all. Because even the cheapest InMotion hosting
plan offers much more features than other providers. You get A domain name. So, you do not need to buy that separately. An SSL certificate is also included. An SSL certificate will add a green lock next
to your domain and increase your security through encryption. You also get to host 2 websites, not just
1. You get an unlimited amount of business emails
to use. And you get unmetered storage and bandwidth. Meaning you are much less likely to need a
plan upgrade in the near future. InMotion is an all-inclusive web hosting company. Meaning you get absolutely everything you need to start a website with all of their plans. But they don’t push any extra overpriced BS. And I respect that, I like web hosting companies that respect me as a user. And don’t try to upsell me at every single corner. Like GoDaddy does Let’s see how well InMotion hosting
actually performs. When testing performance I look at 2 things
– Loading Speed & Stability.To test the speed I’ve created an empty WordPress website
and analyzed it with GTMetrix. The result I’m always looking for is below
1s or as close to 1s as possible. InMotion performed extremely well in terms
of Loading speed. On par with A2hosting, the previous fastest
service I’ve tested. But this is to be expected, after all you
are paying more. InMotion hosting loaded my website in just
0.7s, this is pretty much as fast as you can get with an empty website. If you do decide to use InMotion hosting you can be
sure that even with the cheapest plan your websites will be fast. However, speed doesn’t mean anything if your website is offline So, for my next test I did some stability tests by using a
service called UptimeRobot. I was able to see how often my website went
offline in the span of 1 week. The results were quite impressive. During the whole week my website was offline
for just 1 minute. And most importantly, the response times were
consistently low. I really can’t say anything bad about the
performance of InMotion Hosting. Their servers seem to be stable and fast. If you would like to try InMotion hosting
for yourself I have some discount links and I’ll leave them in the description down below. You’ll get a 50% discount. I always leave various coupons to the description
of my videos for multiple web hosting providers. So if you’re on the market for some web hosting. Make sure to grab yourself a discount! I would also like to inform you that If you use the links below when making your
purchases I make a commission. these commissions are what allows me to keep my reviews honest and free without needing sponsorships or advertisements and by the way you get the best possible deal when using these links. Because they’re usually heavily discounted. So, it’s a win-win for both of us. Thank you for supporting the channel. Use the links down below. And let’s get back to this review. Let’s take a look inside of the InMotion
hosting control panel. And see what kind of features you can expect. InMotion uses the standard cPanel and you
will have no problems navigating their system. If you used cPanel before. I personally like custom control panels like
the one that Bluehost or Hostinger has. But this is all up to preference. You also have the standard 1 click WordPress
installation. So, you wouldn’t need to install WordPress
manually very handy if you’re just starting out. You’re able to create professional looking
email accounts. By professional I mean the ones that end with
your website name and not Keep in mind, that even the cheapest plan
with InMotion allows you to host 2 websites not just one. If you only need 1 website InMotion might
not be the best choice for you. I would actually recommend you check out Bluehost. I’ll leave a full review of bluehost right here. The reason why I recommend them is that for about half the price You would get simillar level of performance. Of course you will only be able to host one website with the cheapest bluehost plan Moving on, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to InMotion
support agents twice. Both times they’ve answered immediately
and solved my issues for me. So, basically I didn’t have to do anything
just tell them what’s wrong and they’ve fixed it. And this is what you want want if you’re looking for great support. If you have to do everything yourself what’s the point of even asking for support? To summarize, I do recommend InMotion hosting. But not to beginners. Even with their cheapest and least feature rich plans. You will get so many features you’ll never even come close to using that
much. As I’ve mentioned before, you’re better
off using Bluehost if you just need 1 website. However, if you’re looking to start a serious
project. One that you think will grow and develop rapidly. InMotion is an excellent choice. Because their plans are so feature rich. So, you wouldn’t actually
need to upgrade as often InMotion hosting has everything that you’re looking for in a web hosting provider. In my opinion, they’re probably amongst the top 10 best web hosting providers that are out there right now. It’s just that their prices are a bit high. Remember you can get a discount if you redeem
the coupon codes in the description below. My name is Emit with the hosting review team
and as always good luck making your websites.


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