IN SEOUL Web Drama EP.1
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IN SEOUL Web Drama EP.1

Oh, my. – I’m so tired of living like this.
– Hey. – That’s what I want to say.
– I will go to a college in Seoul and move out! If you can, try! Hello, I’m Dami. Subscribers, do you have
a quarrel with your mom frequently? I think I have one
almost every day. Today, I really wanted
to move out and live alone. From the early morning… [This morning] Hey, Kang Dami. Wake up. Kang Dami! Wake up! It’s too early to clean the house… Hey. I told you not to leave
a phone next to your head. It may affect your brain,
I told you so! Don’t you wake up?
Get up! Get up! Get up! I am awake.
Please turn it down. Your room is so messy.
Why can’t you do better? One is messing up,
and the other is cleaning up. Oh, my.
Right! Oh, no. I can’t use this. Beef bone soup again?
You must have a fountain of it. Stop watching video clips
early in the morning. That’s why you’re so tired everyday. I can’t see them in person,
so I have to watch video clips. Other 12th graders don’t do like you. What? Lee Harim is worse than me. She’s doing well at school. This is the only way for me to see them,
because we live out of Seoul. Why can’t we live in Seoul? – If you’re not happy about it,
go to your dad and live with him. – Again? I’m sick and tired of this.
I don’t want to have this soup. It will run out tomorrow.
Don’t worry. – Did you finish?
– I’m on a diet. I’m forced to be on a diet,
because of this soup! You can’t skip a meal.
Eat fried eggs, then. – I’m okay. See you.
– You will regret when you’re starved. Hey, Lee Harim. It came out yesterday.
Why do you watch this now? – Surprised.
– Why do you watch this now? Hey, I watch it over and over again.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Right, if you like it,
you would do so. I want to see them at a concert. It’s hard for us to go to a concert..
We’re living out of Seoul. Why? You went to a fan
sign event before. I wasn’t in the 12th grade then.
Would your mother allow it? If I tell her, she would say,
“Hey, are you out of mind?” “You’re in the 12th grade!
You can’t go to a concert”. When did we seek
permission from our mother? We have to buy a ticket today,
but we have to attend afterschool classes. Hey, your elder brother
is good at using computers. Please ask him. He will scold me
because I’m in the 12th grade. Everyone talks about it.
12th grade, 12th grade. 12th graders are human beings, too. You’re dozing off now, 12th graders?
Wake up! [D-184]
It’s May now. May, huh? You have 6 months to go.
What’s wrong with you? Everyone, it’s May already. Korean SAT date will come soon,
in the twinkle of your eyes. – Wake up.
– What’s the point? He said it’s May. Anyways, I’m going to counsel
for the college entrance exams from today. Come to see me
at the teacher’s office. Whom should I start? Okay, Seonghyun.
Come to see me in the office. – Yes.
– Everyone, stay sharp. Oh, my. I didn’t tell my mom
when he traveled with his girlfriend. Why? He said no? – I begged so kindly…
– Let me see. [Elder brother]
– Lee Sangrim. – Yup. – Ticket, plz.
– Get off. Why do you think it’s kind? I didn’t curse at him.
Very kind. I wish this pig would die. No way! If he passes away,
we can’t get a ticket. Please cajole him. [High School Life Report] You’re not doing well
at school but you got a higher grade
in the first mock test, weirdly. I bet I will have a better result
from the 2nd mock test. I don’t study hard
but I’m smart. Kang Dami, have you heard
“Su Mi Jab?” – Sorry? – It’s pointless,
if you don’t do well at the KSAT. Even though you did well
at the 1st or 2nd mock tests, it’s not the KSAT. Let’s apply to colleges
based on this test result. – Then, Yanghan University
and Kookkeon University? – Sorry? – Don’t you want me to apply
to schools in Seoul? – Nope. Let’s not take a risk.
Apply to flagship colleges out of Seoul. – No way! I will apply to
colleges in Seoul. – Hey. – If I study hard for 6 months,
I may enter them. – What? You said that in the 10th grade. In the 10th grade? [In the 10th grade – Kang Dami]
Seoul National University? That’s… Korea’s best university. If I study hard for 3 years,
I think I can enter the university. And you said that again in the 11th grade. [11th grade – Kang Dami] You can’t apply to
Seoul National University. – I changed my goal.
Universities in Seoul. – In Seoul? Yes, universities in Seoul
are called Seoul Universities. I will study hard from now on. You said that, too. – Are you out of mind?
– I’m not. Anyways, I will enter
a college in Seoul. Wake up.
You’re in the 12th grade now. Let’s decide later after the mock test
result comes out in June. – Clear?
– Yes. – How did it go?
– HR teacher… doesn’t say that
he feels nervous about you, right? He says that to me, too. – Even to you?
– Yes. – What makes him feel nervous?
– Between a college of medicine
or a college of pharmacy. Wow, that’s another class. Good for you.
You and Harim excel in study. But what does he know? – He discriminates students
according to grades. – Right. – That’s why he can’t marry.
– Right. Don’t keep saying so. But it helps you feel better, right? Right. Let’s go. I heard today’s menu
is a special meal. You think I’m such a simple girl who becomes happy for a special meal. – No?
– Right. – Let’s go. Oh, my. – What did he say?
– Why did my mom give a birth to him… – He won’t do that for us?
– “No concert for 12th graders”. “Get off and study hard”. It’s 7 PM already. Let’s give up. Giving up? I’ve given up on so many things
since I became the 12th grader. It’s not like drinking
alcoholic beverages. It’s not about getting a tattoo. I just want to buy a concert ticket. Is it such a bad thing to do? What should we do? I will do that. I will skip this afterschool class. I can hear your loud
chit-chat sound at the office. Focus on your book. – Teacher.
– Want to skip a class again? After I talked with you, I thought about this all day. I think I should study
for one more year. Dami, Dami, Kang Dami. – Study for another year?
It’s not something to decide lightly. – Nope. Since I heard from you, I guess it’s hard to enter
a college in Seoul. So, what do you want to do? I want to go home early tonight and think about my future. I see. I see. – Go home now.
– I will think about it. Thank you, teacher. Don’t try to study for another
year to enter a college. Thank you. – See you tomorrow.
– It’s a big trouble. She got more excuses now… [May 16, 2018
19:59:08] [20:00:00] [Reserve a ticket] – Mom!
– Why did you come home early? – What about you?
– I had no customers so I closed early. – You didn’t attend the after-school class?
– Oh. HR teacher let me go home early. – Really?
– Yes. Hey, please. I beg you. Please take your laundry
to the laundry room. – I see.
– Your room smells bad because of… But where did you get this? That’s the our class T-shirt
from last year’s sports day. I haven’t seen it this… – And a class T-shirt is a
fleece hoodie? – Yes. Oh, well. Stop shaking your leg.
You will lose your luck. I see. I see. Stop doing such weird things. [Please type the letters] [Finished selecting seats] Did you have dinner? I’m not going there. – Harim asked me to buy one.
– Oh. So, are these all Harim’s? What did you say
when you bought this? If it causes any trouble
to your study, you will throw them away. You bought these
instead of going to a concert.
You said that. But mom, listen to me. The student who got a perfect score
in last year’s KSAT was a loyal fan. – She went to a concert…
– Do you think you’re the same as that one? You want to go to a
college in Seoul but you can’t give up on
being a fan girl for this boy band. Do just one,
one at a time! Throw them away. I didn’t go to a concert yet.
Why should I throw them away? – You broke the promise and your grades are
going down. – Not that fallen dramatically. – So, you can’t throw them away?
– These are worth a lot. I can’t. If you can’t, I will. Please look at the second
mock test result in June! If I have better grades then,
you don’t need to throw them away. If your grades fall down,
what would you do? I will quit being a fan. – Done?
– Will you quit being a fan? I will study only,
not paying attention to others. If you don’t do that,
I will really… Oh, my. I’m sick and tired of living like this. That’s what I want to say. I can’t live with you any more. I will move out,
after entering a college in Seoul. If you can, try! The only way for me to move out is to enter a college in Seoul. I will study hard for 6 months, and enter a college in Seoul. I will give you your scorecard.
Bring it during your career counselling. Mom and HR teacher, – Kang Dami.
– I will prove it to them. Yes. I can achieve anything,
if I want. [In Seoul] Take yours.

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