Improve Your WordPress Blog in 3 Steps
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Improve Your WordPress Blog in 3 Steps

Hi, this is Jessica with Tiny Frog
Technologies and today I’d like to talk a little bit about blogging on your
website and how to improve your blog. So blogging is a really great tool and a
great way to engage visitors on your site. You can share different resources,
you can present your company as an expert in your industry and you can
really engage visitors who may not be ready to contact you about your services
but just want to learn more about your expertise. Now if you have a blog, there’s
a couple ways you can kind of improve the set up. One way is to add categories.
We have categories on our blog and we actually keep building upon them as we
keep posting new and new articles. And categories just make it an easier way
for someone to navigate and look for topics that they’re interested in. And
then you can also take a look at adding a search field. When we build a site, we
actually have the option to add a search field in the top navigation where
someone can search the entire site but if you have an informational site, there
may not be a need for someone to search through the whole site. What can work
better is in your blog area, set up a search field where someone can just type
in a keyword and search for blog posts on that topic. And then lastly, if you’re
doing a lot of blog articles, take a look at installing an SEO plugin like Yoast
or All-in-One SEO. An SEO plugin can actually guide you in the WordPress
dashboard when you’re writing the blog post and give you different prompts to
help you optimize the post for a certain keyword. So even if you’re not an SEO
expert, these tools are really, really helpful and can just make sure your blog
posts are optimized for certain keywords and a good length and really great for
readability and for the search engines. So if you have any questions about your
blog setup or your website, feel free to reach out to our team.

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