Impractical Jokers – “A Bad Case of the Runs” Ep. 716 (Web Chat) | truTV
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Impractical Jokers – “A Bad Case of the Runs” Ep. 716 (Web Chat) | truTV

Some of you sitting there
watching this right now, thinking about, you know,
how great your wedding day was and how beautiful it was and then found out that
he or she was cheating on you. You know what I mean. So let’s get ready to laugh. ♪♪ Ahella asks, “In this episode, we were figuring out other –” Oh! “In this episode, you’re figuring out
other people’s ancestry…” We offer two methods
of DNA collection. Uh, the hard way
and the fun way. The hard way
and the fun way. Let’s go the fun way. The fun way. Q:
Okay, take the glove off. Okay. [ Laughter ] “…but what’s your ancestry?” That is a great question. I’m from Staten Island, which means I can be
only one of two things — Irish or Italian. Um, my mother was born in Italy. She came over on a boat. Did I ever tell you that?
On a steam — Like on a steam ship. My mother came here
when she was two years old. She didn’t speak English until she was like five or six
or something like that. Um, so that’s what it is. And then Irish
because my father’s side… The name Quinn
comes from my father’s side — Mostly Italian, but a little bit
of Irish in me. [ Clears throat ] So there you go. Neal asks, “Have you ever
not ‘been into work’ because a bad case
of the shits?” [ Laughter ] Are you tired already? Yeah. I have a bad case today… of the shits. [ Laughter ] Firehouse, you can call out
sick. That’s the thing. With the fire department,
I can call up and be like, “I got the shits” and they’re
like, “Oh, all right. Well, stay home.” You know, you get sick days like
any other job. You got to go to the medical
office and the doctor looks. You can’t just call — That’s the thing
with the fire department. You can’t just be like,
“I want a day off,” you call in sick,
’cause when you call in sick, you got to go
to the medical office and get checked out
by the doctor. So if you’re claiming
you have the shits, you better be able to produce. Um, but you do get a day off. With “Impractical Jokers,” as far as I can tell,
you don’t get a day off. Um, you just don’t. And if you think
you’re getting a day off, they’re getting you in here. I filmed two episodes
of the show, um, the day after
I had a stroke. We shot two bits and did it.
No days off. No days off. Ghost, “You all look genuinely
crazy in those bathrobes You should wear those
every episode.” I agree. Ghost, I’m with you. Murray, whoa.
-[ Laughs ] -Sal’s got one sock on.
-[ Laughs ] Look at this guy!
Look at this guy! Robes are my thing. Uh, at home,
I have three robes. I have a ratty one that
I’ve had for years and years that I call Vance.
That robe’s name is Vance. It’s a blue,
standard terrycloth robe that my friend Bryan
bought me years ago. Vance. Then I have a silk robe
that I bought because Danny McBride wore it
in “Eastbound and Down,” and I saw his robe and I was
like, “That’s pretty cool.” I bought that for myself. I wear that in the “Impractical
Jokers” movie at one point. And then my other robe — Oh, it’s just a Superman robe
that I bought for myself, has the symbol on the back. I like robes.
I agree with you. Michelle asks,
“How did the children respond to the egg punishment after
they were told it was a joke? They looked like
they wanted to murder you.” Joe: Go! [ Children shouting ] Go! Go! Are you serious?! Michelle, I was nowhere near
those children. The second
I got out of that room, I had to find the shower
and shower, and the smell of egg —
the stench of egg — stuck around me for two days —
very soft, supple skin. But I didn’t see anybody
after that. I went right into a car, to a shower that we film at
on Staten Island, so I went to my own shower,
showered up. Didn’t see no kids. And that’s it. Watch new episodes
of “Impractical Jokers” every Thursday at 10:00 PM followed by “After Party” hosted
by the one and only Joey Fatone. Uh, download the new “Impractical Jokers”
Wheel of Doom game, which I have yet to play
as of this, but I watched the guys play it
the other day. They said it was pretty fun. Um…visit the “Impractical
Jokers” Homecoming exhibit at the Staten Island Museum
through March. And I would throw in,
go get a hot cherry pepper pie on Staten Island. That’s the Brian Quinn
at Ambrosino’s Pizza. What’s up?
-What’s going on? Come in here.
This is Shay. You guys remember Shay, of course. What the…? I’m answering questions. ♪♪ What’s your ancestry? What’s my ancestry? Where are
your people from? Um…I mean, I’m black. What?! ♪♪


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