If You’re Hosting an Event, Consider Instant Polling SWD05

Just back from the Mortgage
Collaborative in Nashville— great event, great people. I highly recommend that
group. What they’re doing with their open and very transparent collaborative
discussions and roundtables that we had. One of the points I wanted to call
out that they had a great instant polling of the audience as different
keynotes were happening and they would take surveys and snapshots of the
general mood of how things are going. One of the main surveys I thought was
was very interesting was that 90% are having a better year this year
than last year. Very exciting to see that; some related to lower loan processing
costs but I think in the main it’s just the increased volume…it was very
exciting to see those results. Very impressed with how they engaged with the
audience and I highly recommend that instant polling so you can see on the
screen the results as different members of the audience texted in their
answer, so you could watch the polls move, and then they would lock it and see a
percentage. Very engaging & I highly recommend that to any event planner
that’s trying to get a pulse of the room and very exciting for the audience
to watch as well.

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