If There was Only ONE Server in Minecraft

What a nice day! Oh, hello sir! Are you also enjoying this nice day? Watch out for that hole! Are those people up ahead? Hello everyone! Sir, are you a spy? Should I call you Mr. Spy? Oh, it seems that you have been noticed! DID YOU JUST- Sigh what? Oh, that group left. For a second, I thought you caused them to perish! Are you going to go through ALL the servers to find them? Wait, you may know them as friends and are going to find them. Or, you are a spy with a secret site you use to track people! Hello, desert! Hello, village! Oh, sorry I didn’t notice you, Mr. Spy! I could help you, but I am just fixated on your character since I am the caption creator. A snowball fight in a desert? What an odd sight! Or, are they sandballs? It looks like fun, though! May we join? Hoi! Wait, what? That wasn’t very nice! Sorry, Mr. Spy. Those guys are meanies! Maybe, we can find you better friends! Yeah! I support that! Who turned off the lights? If There was Only One Server in Minecraft
Made by Orepros
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Captions by Scazzzer (Who apparently is STILL bad at comedy, and tends to act as if they are part of the videos which they kind of are). We need to call the electric company. What a nice house! Hello, sir! Woohoo! TV time! Breaking News: Since the dramatic change of Minecraft that limits all players into one server, refunds are rapidly increasing! (Looks like I have to do “regular” captioning.) Also, land has now been reduced 5 x 5 blocks for each player, and yeah it’s not very comfortable. Look at all that chaos! That’s it for today’s news. Help us. That’s some news. At the morning time… Ah yes, the country side. Nice green land as always. What a nice white house in the background! Oh wait, we are still in the same place. Hello, again, Mr. Farmer! Then, how do you get a working television? Maybe they’ll come soon… Told you! Welp… Don’t forget me! It’s quite the noise! What are you going to do, Mr. Farmer? Be gone! Out of this house! I think we need better light bulbs. Ah, the forest. I didn’t know I got into a movie! This is fun! That’s some costume. I hope I am not in the way… Action! Don’t you say “And rolling” instead of “go”? Steady? Now! That’s a big tree. Hello, sir! Seems quite open to me, to be honest. Out! Yeah! K? No, it’s OK. Well, that was easy. Continue! Do they place back the wood or go for another tree? Steady? Again! Come on! Why? You guys should put up a sign. Don’t back talk! Well… True. Correct. You guys didn’t know!? Where are you guys going? Guys? Hello? Oh golly! “Factions” is fun! So is “Skyblock”! Spawn is nice. They come on rarely. I like trains. Crazy, am I right? Do what? WOAH. I’m traumatized. Hello, everyone! Oh, there you are Mr. Spy! You are still looking for those guys? It doesn’t look like it… Did you find them? Good job! That sounds kind of scary when you say it, though. If there are no other servers, there are no games. No? You need servers for games! And they leave again. You tried, Mr. Spy. I’m sorry. Wise words of the day: These comments helped make this video possible. Oh, let’s not forget Orepros either! Enjoyed the video? Leave a like, subscribe and/or comment to see more videos!

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