‘If She Gets Anywhere Near You, Slam Her Ass’ Rage Cage Challenge | Battle of the Fittest Couples
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‘If She Gets Anywhere Near You, Slam Her Ass’ Rage Cage Challenge | Battle of the Fittest Couples

(dramatic music playing) – (Jordan) Couples,
welcome to the rage cage. As you know, this is the
place where it all goes down. Do you want to stay in
the hunt for that 100K? You better win right here, right now! – (JoJo) and Luther, Christine
and Andy, this may be your last chance to prove
you’re strong enough to stay in the competition. – Kathy and Luther, do you
guys feel like your performance yesterday was a good representation
of you as competitors? – We fought as hard as we
could and did the best we could in that competition. It just wasn’t exactly our cup of tea. – Gonna use that as a little motivation? – Absolutely. – All right guys, tonight’s
rage cage is called keep it greasy. On my go, one member from each
team will race from opposing starting lines to the ball
in the middle of the cage. Your goal: take the ball
across your opponent’s finish line. But, there’s a little bit of a catch. – I knew it. – We heard some of you
guys like to grease it up before competitions? We brought in over 50
gallons of pure liquid grease to the cage tonight. – That’s right. You, from head to toe,
will be covered in grease. – We have to put lube on our whole body? Are you serious? – Tonight’s game is gonna
be a best two out of three. Teams, get greased up. Ladies, you’re up first. – Woo! (hand clapping) – Everybody else, clear the cage. – Wooooooo! Come on! – Let’s go ladies. – Let’s go Chris. – Let’s go Chris. – You’ve got this! – Let’s go Chris! – If she gets anywhere
near you, you slam her ass. Cause you’re way stronger,
and you gotta do what you gotta do. (cheering) – (Christina) I did mud
wrestling once before. It was a lot of fun and this
looks like a piece of cake. – Kathy, are you ready? Christina, are you ready? – Ready. – Ready, go! – Come on, come on, come on. Let’s go, go, go, go. – Way to go. (crowd cheering) – All right, reset. You have to possess it over the line. – Come on girls. (crowd cheering) – Oh Kathy, out the gate. – Come on girls. Let’s go! (buzzer beeping) – All right, reset. It is really hard to grab. (crowd cheering) Go! – Let’s go, go, go, go, go. – Way to go! – The ball is as slippery as I am. It is impossible to hold on to it. – Everybody is rethinking
strategy here because that ball is not easy to hold on to. Ready, go! (horn blowing) – Come on girls! Come on! – Again, it’s not always the
first to the ball that has been the best. – Come on baby. – Get the ball. – Now it’s a wrestling match. (crowd cheering) – Go, go, go, go. – Whoa, whoa. – Kathy’s gonna run with it. – Go, go. – Kathy’s in. – Oh. – Kathy’s in. – Around the outside, and
that’s the first score of the game. (crowd clapping) – Yeah, get that [Beep]. – Good job Kathy! – One point for Kathy and Luther. – Yes, yes, a success, a win. You’ve got it. I’m hype! I’m hype! – All right guys, your turn. Take your marks. Oh, not so easy, huh? – Oh baby, you better
believe I’m gonna be physical in this match, cause as
long as I can grab that boy, I am going to slam that boy. – Luther, are you ready? Andy, are you ready? – I think I’m the underdog,
but ya’ll know the story of David and Goliath. We all kinda know how that
one ended up, don’t we? – Ready? Go! (crowd cheering) – You got this, Luther! Who’s gonna be first? Andy, first to the ball
with the bat and that one is over. Ooo, that was some good
wrestling going there baby. This is a battle. Ready. Go. – Come on, come on, come on. – Oh Andy to the ball. Oh my gosh, the hurdle, and he might. (buzzer beeping) Oh. (beep) Didn’t have a hold on it as
he was crossing the line. That was impressive, but
didn’t have the ball, so we’re gonna reset. It is absolutely like greasy football. Ready. Go. (horn blaring) (crowd cheering) – Let’s go Andy. – Oh, and a swat. (horn buzzing) (beep) – Ahhhh. – Ready. Go. – Faster, faster, faster. (crowd cheering) – Hit the ball. There you go. Go, go, go, go. – Yeah. (bell dings) – Oh, and that is a point. That is a point for Andy and Christina. – I never want to touch lube ever again. – I’m feeling really great about this. I just need to score
one point and it’s over. – Christina and Kathy, it
all comes down to this. We’re in a tied game. It’s a match point sudden death. Loser is eliminated. – Come on girls. Come on. – Kathy, are you ready? Christina, are you ready? Go. (crowd cheering) – Thanks for watching and don’t
forget to subscribe to the Paramount Network YouTube channel for more Battle of the Fittest Couples.


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