If my web host has a lot of spammy clients, will that influence my site’s ranking?
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If my web host has a lot of spammy clients, will that influence my site’s ranking?

Today’s question comes
from Bogdan Suvar. Bogdan asks, can the hosting
company’s reputation (having lots of spammy sites) influence
my site’s ranking in search results? I’m going to give the answer,
typically not. And so let me tell you
how that works. So typically, a hosting company
has a lot of different stuff on it. Some of it will be good. Some of it will be bad. There will be some spam. But just because you happen to
be on an IP address or using a hosting company that also hosts
some spam, that doesn’t mean that you should
be affected. So that’s why the answer
is, typically not. Now, why not just a hard no? Well, there have been a
very few situations– I remember, several years
ago, there was a really bad hosting company. I’m not even sure whether you
would call them hosting company, since it was something
like 27,000 sites of porn spam and two legit sites
on one IP address. They were– and so if you were one of those
two legit sites, in order to catch the 27,000 porn
sites, that was something where we were like, well, OK. That’s really pretty
excessive. So in most situations, we
haven’t looked at the IP address in a long, long time in
those sort of terms, like gathering sites by IP address
in that particular way. And in most situations,
you shouldn’t need to worry about it at all. The only reason why I add that
slight disclaimer is because sometimes you do see a site,
or even a free host, for example, that claims to be a
legit free host, but in fact, it’s actually a front
for a spammer. And almost every single or every
single one of the actual free host accounts is actually
spam itself. So if you happen to get lured in
and maybe the spammer does offer free hosting services, but
pretty much 99.9% of all of that free host is spam, then
we might take action on the entire free host. And even if it’s a little
bit lower than 99.9%. But if it’s overwhelmingly the
vast majority of it is spam. So typically, just because a
hosting company might have some low quality stuff, that
should not affect your reputation. Don’t take my disclaimers as
something to worry about. Those are really rare
corner cases. So it’s not the sort of thing
that you would normally typically encounter.


  • Brandon Hann

    That's good to know. The only real problem with shared hosting seems to be performance…especially when running SQL databases for things like WordPress and whatnot.


    Hi Brandon… Indeed it is often a problem, but only in cases where the host is blatently overselling. Offering unlimited this/that/the other for peanuts, or hundreds of GB's for a few pounds/dollars is a giveaway.

    Well managed and not oversold shared hosting however, doesn't have this problem 🙂

  • Brandon Hann

    True…there are levels of service issues that are affected by this type of selling, but when it comes to SQL databases, it's not so much that they are oversold…it's just you never know when your site (or another shared site) will start getting spikes of queries. I would always opt to get my databases on my own server even if it costs a bit more.


    Depends greatly on the type of neighbours your host is attracting.

    Budget hosts attract a lot of "script kiddies" who don't know what they are doing and all they care about is the price.

    A premium host will generally only attract those who are serious, know what they are doing and are fed up with all the budget hosts and the problems that go with sharing with the kiddies..

    Spikes in usage cause no problems at all with highly undersold servers, you totally wouldn't notice.

  • Massy Biagio

    Dear Matt, I love Your vids, and friendly language but.. not all users are americans, plese can You speak more slow?
    a little bit..

  • Spook SEO

    I've hosted plenty of sites on SEO hosting, where there is a lot of junk sites, and never had a single one penalized.


    Indeed, anytime your sharing something with others, it can be a gamble, but if its well managed and has things in place to prevent anybody spiking an entire server, then that just doesnt happen.

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