If Autocorrect was Added to Minecraft
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If Autocorrect was Added to Minecraft

*happy music starts playing* good morning class today ill be teaching you how to spell michael (michael p confirmed) try spelling the word apple pen pineapple apple pen bruh can you find his mistake, george? off corse Association for Practical and Professional Ethics hurb you missed the L anyways, next word let’s try spelling something related to the game spell the word mining try doing it, michael (p) maining Surgical Instrument Group Holdings oh teacher i know his mistake finally a good student could you tell us why his answer was wrong? its easy its spelled with a double a! dots T H E W O R D M I N I N G D O E S N ‘ T H A V E A N A ! I ‘ M S O D O N E W H Y C A N ‘ T M I N E C R A F T H A V E A N A U T O C O R R E C T S Y S T E M ! ? T H E R E W O U L D B E N O S P E L L I N G M I S T A K E S ! if autocorrect was in minecraft you, the people will now decide who will be the next mayor of happy town? presenting our first candidate (probably donald trump) mr sternpolitician7 our town needs a strong leader i can do everything it needs i can make it happy and safe for everyone im the best (said toad) clapping (they can’t clap) now introducing the other candidate presenting mr xxxnoob1337xxx *loud nigra scream* greeting fellow citizens of happy town its a detriment to the prosperity of our society that monsters still terrorize our kin i have committed countless hours into comprehensive plans of controlling these nuisances along with the former, my commitment to education and social security supersede my opponent leaps and bounds vote for a mayor who looks into special interests of not the corporations im looking out for the proletarian majority dots *crowd going wild* *pep* laugh out loud out loud scrubs that was so easy hey do you see that girl over there whats her name oh thats victoria Other Half she’s really pretty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) why don’t you date her? i cant just ask her in person maybe i can write her a love note good idea i can pass it to her if you like *pep* what’d you tell her in the note that she gives me a reason to live that she just makes me happy Massive Assault Network thats deep looks like you’ve got a secret admirer you love me through treason tulips you’re cake is napping later hoi dont worry about these tulips in my hair they’re not here to betray you oh ok sorry i didnt realize that we’d meet so soon u wanna go get somethin’ to eat i would but my cake is taking a break *puts her cake to sleep* dots im so converse fused *pep* im so confused* *cake is sleeping* alright class today we have a spelling test you should all pass with flying colors *passes out the tests* you have 15 minutes to complete the test good luck later ring alrighty class is over lets see how they did on the test dots *pep* dots how did they spell electrocution as electromagnetism they didnt even misspell electromagentism thats just a completely different word and how did they spell 5 as herobrine NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE boom MORAL: this wood net turn outhouse. AKA: this wouldnt turn out well


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