Icann Domain Name Registration – How To Register A Domain Name, Domain Name Registration
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Icann Domain Name Registration – How To Register A Domain Name, Domain Name Registration

hello guys my name is chef and welcome
to video number two how to register your domain name using domain icons the world
lead in domain name registration company and like that being said let’s get
started yeah first you you will have to go to domain
icon . com once you get there it will look like
this for those who don’t watch video number
one we show you how to register your domain so if you want to register your domain
name all you have to do just search the
particular keyword in this search box right here and check out for your name
is available if your name is not available then you just have to search
like adding more words to your search phrases are decreased words from your
from your search wave surfer instant I say my name shelf and search and it said my name is chef has been
taken I can add more words to the phrases say chef chef roof and it search and now with that Chevron is available
see that’s that slow easy it is and then you can select it select it right here and go continue to
cart one co domain name is away always make sure you take privacy
protection that protect your information on line so no one can knock us I’m you are
trying to get your personal information this is what protection always make sure
you get privacy protection and my suggestion is using oaks thing because
ghosts in allow you to install WordPress which is google love so you can get more search engine
visibility so i suggest this one if you are kinda customized person like you trying to use Weebly I something we
please our website build so this is the same thing as with you can customize the
look and feel of your website but i don’t want that i need hosting so i can
in for work so I can save my time focusing on content selection rank in
the search engine so i can make more saying and my website is more you are search engine friendly so I i read it to
use hosting ok and if you wanna had emailed to your
domain totally up to you are once you do all
that you just continue the card and it will be taking you to this page as you
can see right here you get your domain name for free you say 999 only because he just because
you choose the 12 months austin package if you change it to one month see the
price decrease change right in front of your eyes my suggestion for you is to take the 12
months because the speed is one time fee and that’s it for here that’s what I always that’s what I
always take this one 12 months package and then like that being said I’m not
gonna register in a domain name because i already did I did that in the last
video but for those who never see the last video I’m just giving
a quick run to it with rika then proceed to checkout will take you to this page
right here if you are a return customer then enter your human your customer are
you your username our customer I the side and then your password if you
are a new customer then you’re going to click this over here said you are a new
customer and then all you have to do just feel this whole entire farm and
then once you do that you’ll find information on to put all the personal
information in you will be taken to your account alright so now i’m going to log into my
account so you can see inside ok guys so once you log into your house
called this is the way your account settings going to look your domain is in
your domain folder and your host in is this one all you have to do is go over here and
it managed once you hit manage you’ve been taken to
a page like this so all you have to do look for your
domain name click for you it’s going to be a little bit different
by the time you get in ok so it would be something like this
you will see a page like this and then it’s going to say change your your
account primary domain all you have to do just look for your
domain name right here for you it’s going to be one to just put the one in
it in in this box and it changed domain once you do that once you do that alright once you do that so you hit manage and then you’ve been
taken to this page once you take into this page it had domains right here and then you
put your domain name in this box right here several instant my domain was with ebook
i’m going to put e-book k.com and you see me show you the sticky right there
and then once you click off it automatically add seasoning and then you
just push add a domain right here for me I already I already did it so it’s going to say I’m exist for me ok once you do that you
come up here and push our application once you push our application scroll down right here TC wordpress till he texts you hit that
once you click that you’re going to see some information right here just never mind these is just telling
you to version of WordPress you get in and so on so forth there’s some information about the work
west coast in package so come over here and it install at the
top right there install application you’ve been taken to
this page ok all you have to do just add the
domain name here for you it’s going to be totally different I have a lot of domain and so I given and i’m going to be seen
a lot of domain but you you you might just have only
have one domain you know you just choose your domain and and then
once you choose a domain name this directory option right here make sure black so make sure it’s empty nothing is inside ok because if if you
put like blood for instance it’s going to be one to
install the WordPress it’s going to say the website name and then it’s going to
say slot is going to put that – and then his / and then it’s going to say blog you don’t want that ok so that’s
why leave that out here eric is a donor is a blog that’s how
it’s going to look it’s going to say call the domain name / with a blog right
there you don’t need that ok so you ways that
you only want this to be show up in the search engine ok so this is what you’re going to be
given to your question and this is the version of the word for some going install right down here you need to put
some basic information in you need to choose admin email large as for me i’m going to
change it later so your password that you want to login and your username that you want to login
difference and my name is chef so she’ll 1580 truck that’s my username and i’m going to use the same thing for
the password yeah ok and then he said a ministry to email address you can put that in and this
right here this is your site name so it’s going to be a website type all right so your title is your website
meaning and then once i do all that i scroll down to the bottom and it install
writer and then what wordpress going to do is install my sight see the session
once i scroll down that so much domain so no installed in this one so he’s it is and then once it finish I can just click
that and i will shape into my control , so now I can start making my website so I’m gonna for this option if you want
to you can but i’m not going to do this option I’m just going to say no tanks and hit
OK alright so once we reach this is the
wordpress dashboard right here this is where you going to make all the
adjustments to the side so if i go right here this is all my site look right now but
first thing I’m going to do is show you how to install a team so I go back into
my dashboard go appearances and then I heat teams once i hit teams to show you some things
I I click the plus button that for add a
new teens right then it gave me a hot bunch of teens that i can choose is
dependent on your side please keep in mind that try to install a team that much your
site so if your site is about book and just try to go for teens with book ok so i hit popular teams so I get our team attentions from so for instance i want to refine my
search and then I come to the search box right there and
then Iraq book become my site is about book and then I get some teams that
related to book the book life and I joining start any one of these but book
light look look good for me highlight book
like so I’m just going to start button right there there and then i’m going to activate I here – I’m going to hit active and then once I
view my fight this is all my friend look first but I just active that teams know when I
get refreshed look what happen see change right in front of my house awesome right and no i can make content so what are you going to do to make
content on your side is from right here to put


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